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  1. supersaintee

    2018/2019 Fixtures announcement

    Even Cowdenbeath are more on the ball than us!
  2. supersaintee

    St Johnstone v Hamilton 03/03/18 3pm

    Any news on when this will be rescheduled? I'm away the first two weeks in April and really hoping it's just the Motherwell match that I miss - don't see any issue with us playing this on the weekend of 24th March and I would definitely advocate it
  3. supersaintee

    St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    If we can win this one and the game against Hamilton then I couldn't give a **** how we get on v Rangers. Although 3 home wins in a week would go a long way to making up for the garbage we've been watching since the last Hamilton home game...
  4. supersaintee

    Lack of Ambition or Direction

    Credit to Caulker for talking openly about his struggles at every club he's been at but he's not without risk, especially if they're throwing decent money at him. 18 months is a long time to pay big money if he doesn't turn his career around. He's likely to have ability and could be a real asset for them but I'm not sure that we would want to take the risk on signing him and potentially end up with him on the books in the Championship (as Dundee may well find).
  5. supersaintee

    Lack of Ambition or Direction

    My tuppence worth - too long? Don't read. I'm as frustrated with the current situation as everyone else on here seems to be but I don't think there's an easy answer. We don't have endless funds to plough into the team and I saw in the global sports salary analysis that our first team are on an average wage of less than £1k per week. It's hardly rock star stuff. Notably, Motherwell (who pumped us on Tuesday) and Hamilton are the only two teams in the top flight with lower wages. Given the state of attendances, not just this season but also during our recent "glory" years, we can't afford to go and splash the cash to "invest for the future" as a few people seem to be suggesting. Our average gate this season so far is higher than 2 years ago and only 500 less than when we'd just won the Scottish Cup and were on the way to a fourth place finish and another European spot. This is likely down to the fact that we have relatively successful Hearts, Hibs, TFOE, TFOD and Aberdeen teams visiting regularly again but that has the counter-effect of reducing our chances of competing, given their relative means. I don't feel that Tommy has helped himself this season with some of his outbursts in the media and the constant links to NI and The Rangers but I'm not sure that there really is a better man out there for the job. Yes, changing the manager can sometimes get you a bit of a bump in results but when we got rid of Totten for McClelland it was a spectacular failure that we took years to come back from. Similarly, dumping Sandy Clark for Billy Stark set us up for 3 years of painful football before Owen then Del brought us back to the top flight. Careful what you wish for. In terms of the Browns, who else has put themselves forward to back Saints over the last 30 years? Who wants to invest in a club that can only drum up 4.5k fans when they're having the best run in their history? They've kept us stable, not put the club at risk and have generally looked out for what's best for St Johnstone. There's little thanks for what Geoff and Steve have done but given where we are I don't really see too much to complain about. They have stuck steadfastly to keeping the club solvent, like you would a business. Do we want to model ourselves on Dundee, Dunfermline, Airdrie, Motherwell, Livingston, Gretna who tried to speculate to accumulate before crashing and burning in spectacular fashion? I love Saints. I've been going to games for over 30 years and had a season ticket for most of that time (except when I was a poor student in Edinburgh and even then I made at least 10 games a season). Yes, I want our results to improve. I agree that our football has been poor over the last few months. But I am still proud to be a Saintee and put faith in the guys who have brought us so much success over the last few years.
  6. supersaintee

    Top Six

    16th Feb 2014 - Hibs were a weekend win away from leap-frogging us into the top six and 9 points separated them from the play-off.., PlWDLFAGDPts1Celtic252230601248692Aberdeen251537362214483Motherwell24152738335474Dundee United251087433013385Inverness CT23115729218386St Johnstone24951031292327Hibernian2587102328-5318Kilmarnock2675143244-12269St Mirren2666142442-182410Ross County2564153045-152211Partick Thistle26410122543-182212Heart of Midlothian2656152244-226
  7. supersaintee

    Top Six

    I must admit that I'm worried about where our season is heading. I said from day one that I thought that survival would be a success this season but I really hoped that we'd be rebuilding rather than relying on the same, aging core of our team. Here's the table from this time last year. We were only 2 points better off with a game more played, but the big difference this year is that we're only 6 points above the play-off where we were 16 points clear at the same stage, albeit with an extra game played. PlWDLFAGDPts1Celtic241833481335572Aberdeen251735442123543Inverness CT251636372314514Dundee United241437483315455Hamilton Accies271251039354416Dundee2699838380367St Johnstone25104112227-5348Kilmarnock2595112632-6329Partick Thistle256712323202510St Mirren2653182143-221811Motherwell2553171849-311812Ross County2536162451-2715I agree with previous comments saying that Saturday is a must win for us - otherwise we could end up having to play Hibs 3 times this season!
  8. supersaintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm disappointed to see O'Halloran leave and £500k isn't a lot of money these days but the reality is that it is a lot of money to a club like Saints. My bigger concern is that we've had the nucleus of a great squad for a few years and I thought that the summer signalled the start of rebuilding, bringing in players like Brad McKay and Joe Shaugnessey to replace an ageing backline with guys like Liam Caddis and Scott Brown expected to be pushing for first team starts. Only Shaugnessey, and to a lesser extent Craig Thomson, has shown anything to suggest that he can be a first team regular. We started against Hibs with an average age of just over 30 with guys like Lappin, Ando, Cuptie, Midgey, MacLean and Mannus (less worried with him being the keeper) all the wrong side of 30. This squad needs to be refreshed and it's not going to be easy to replace all of those guys with the kind of playing budget we have. Our most viable option is to invest in youth, but that carries its own risks. I believe we'll stay up this season but I do worry about our longer term future as the core of our team ages without a clear policy for replacing the stalwarts who are going to be less able to cope with the demand of Premier League football over the next 2-3 years.
  9. supersaintee

    Ando Testimonial Match

    So is it definitely £12? Seems a real shame for Ando because neither team is likely to have any of their best players out so may not draw much of a crowd as a result, especially sandwiched between two European home games.
  10. supersaintee

    Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

    Great job on the buses today gents. What a fantastic result - still can hardly believe it! Thanks for the effort organising the day out.
  11. supersaintee

    Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

    Halbeath park and ride is fine for me and my group of four. See you then. Thanks.
  12. supersaintee

    Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

    Not heard but keen to know too. Any word?
  13. supersaintee

    Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

    Did we ever get a confirmed pick up location? Still got a fortnight but the tickets arrived yesterday and cannae wait!!!
  14. supersaintee

    Cup Final Dunfermline / Livingston Deer Park Bus

    Happy to go with the majority as we'll be getting dropped off. I wondered whether the leisure park might have been an option tho since there's plenty parking and buses there.
  15. supersaintee

    Scottish Cup Final... Bus...

    Yes, thanks. Not sure how practical it is for a bus pick-up but the leisure park in Dunfermline is just off the motorway and plenty parking spaces for cars - might be an option depending on the view of the bus company.