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  1. So season tickets not valid for this then?
  2. I wonder if any prem league grounds are waterlogged and would have meant cancelled games had there been any this week?
  3. The new CEO is not included on the club website board and staff pages yet, nor made it as a news item.
  4. FWIW, I thought May was trying to lob the keeper at his one on one opportunity but mis-hit it. plus, I did not realise until I saw the highlights that the keeper touched Kennedy’s effort on to the crossbar.
  5. Oops silly me, yes you are quite right, but do prefer hangers, makes one think of vast empty spaces (unless you have a dirty mind!)...
  6. Can we change their names to Heltic and Hangers
  7. It looks as though Tommy made key substitutions again (according to beeb report). Another clean sheet plus the table looks oh so much better.....love it!
  8. Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku
  9. Those were the days when I could afford to go to away games. I was there and had successfully obliterated this from my memory so thanks for that BH....... I seem to recall Martin Hardie telling one of our fans (ghosting I believe) to go away and procreate at the second away fixture at Clyde that season!
  10. I have not seen these last two Clean sheets, has Liam Gordon made a big difference or were the opposition powder puff attack?
  11. The BBC report mentions Liam Gordon’s effort cleared off the line yet their online highlights do not show it!
  12. Bbc reckon Liam Craig was man of the match. We do seem better with him in the side.
  13. Things are not looking too good this season. Docked 9 points (6 for unpaid wages) and now bottom of the league.....oh dear.
  14. The only saving grace at the moment is that the bottom seven teams in the league are about as (insert word here) as each other. We are only 4 points off 6th!
  15. That 9% is repeated votes from Cagey..... insert smiley face image