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  1. One issue with the lock down in Wuhan province was that virtually all movement there is by public transport. Close that down and there is an effective lockdown. In the UK a lot of us move via motor vehicles, very difficult to shut down without a lot of police presence. 
    anyway, the UK gov had a straight choice between protecting the people or keeping the economy ticking over.....no real need to guess which one these Tory parasites chose! 


  2. Given that there looks to be a fairly long break I suggests that the powers that be should be planning ahead for next season and the season after that. It occurs to me we could finish this season whenever the break is over and from there, perhaps it could be September, plan a shortened season that finishes at the usual time. Perhaps playing each other only twice, home and away. 
    there would be no legal ramifications of a ‘cancelled’ or ‘as of now’ season and given the situation is similar across Europe, something could be sorted for the euro competitions etc.

  3. On 3/13/2020 at 3:21 PM, garydavidson said:

    Was there any need for Kirsten Robertson's comments on this statement?


    Not sure why but it annoys me to see the club saying they are 'disappointed' fairly echoing the Jim Traynor line from Ibrox.

    I, like others, see nothing wrong with being disappointed, and why take umbrage just because another club have said the same?

  4. 16 minutes ago, bluesaint said:

    The BBC report has to be the most one sided report I’ve read in a long time - utter nonsense....   

    the bombardment continued 

    hmmmm green tinted specs 

    The BBC, biased in sport, biased in politics, it should stick to nature programmes.

  5. According to the bbc report celtic pummelled the hosts. What fricking game was this guy at!

    so Tanser is the scapegoat of the moment......why does there have to be one? Fwiw I thought he played well today, and there was no chance he was offside in the first half. I was in line with the celtic last man and the east stand linesman was behind the play. 
    my MoM was Drey Wright. Looks to me a better right back than Ralston.

  6. I think Zander is getting some unfair stick for today’s performance. He made some important saves at important points in the game, a couple of them were really outstanding. 
    what is it with saints fans, why are we hyper critical of our own players? We should be bigging them up like fans at other clubs do. Doing so among our mates at school, work etc may even generate sufficient excitement to get more bums on seats at home games. Saints now have a collection of very good young talent this year. That was a young squad out there today and were not overrun by the second best team in Scotland. ok, mini rant over......

  7. 59 minutes ago, south inch said:

    I thought people just bought the Sun to look at the pictures.

    Judging by the recent elections I think folk also believe the political propaganda from the Sun too. Just compare results in Liverpool, where the Sun is still banned, and elsewhere. 
    back on topic, any news on new players coming in?

  8. A worrying aspect to this is the number of folk who believe what they read in the Sun. As for signing record, is it really honking? Cagey has already mentioned Drey and Matty. Getting players in is always a risk and every club signs players that just do not ‘fit’, for various reasons.

    as for Swanson, remember he had mental health issues not so long ago and this could be ongoing. I realise this does not fit with the fallout with boss narrative of some you....

  9. 17 minutes ago, Cagey said:

    A major change at the club such as an appointment of a CEO SHOULD be communicated to the fans. It might even have got a column in the press.

    The new CEO is not included on the club website board and staff pages yet, nor made it as a news item.

  10. 4 hours ago, blueheaven said:


    I can't find the rest of the line-up for that day but there's a Daily Record report here: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/daily-record/20070825/282793532019681

    Those were the days when I could afford to go to away games. I was there and had successfully obliterated this from my memory so thanks for that BH.......

    I seem to recall Martin Hardie telling one of our fans (ghosting I believe) to go away and procreate at the second away fixture at Clyde that season!