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  1. 2 hours ago, Smarmy Arab said:

    Every team outside the cheeks will go through a period like this, Saints are just early! Hopefully Tommy will rally the team for a while and pull clear....that said I suspect it could be a bunfight between 5/6 teams for the drop this year.

    Welcome back Smarmy. I agree with you, but could be as many as 8 teams in bunfight for play off spot.

  2. 53 minutes ago, Kyle said:

    Totally agree.

    I think when we do get players as good as Kennedy, Wright (and O'Halloran and May) we can only really enjoy them while they're here. If they extend their stays then brilliant but I don't think we can realistically just expect them to do that. They know their value and it's a short career at the end of the day - if they get offered a massive pay rise to go elsewhere, then it's only natural they'll take it into serious consideration even without agents pushing them out the door.

    A possible upside of this is that other players will see us as a stepping stone to potentially something bigger and be more more willing to come here than to another similar club.

  3. I’m not sure what effect it will have but I completed the fan survey today and made sure to highlight the lack of action on sectarianism etc by the Scottish authorities, contrasting it with eufa. If we all do this just maybe it will prompt the SFA to do something.

  4. According to a celtic supporting pal Lennon has them playing a longer game, not the playing out from the back as per previous manager. He also said that the opposition in the week worked out that pressing the three midfield playmakers, giving them no room, nullified their attacking threat. Not quite sure how he worked that out given they won 2 nothing but I gather one goal was a own goal.

    anyway, I told him Swanson is due another belter......

  5. 18 minutes ago, blueheaven said:

    I agree Saints need to say something at some point but really wouldn't expect them to come out with anything while this is all potentially still ongoing.

    Seems to me that maybe we're all just a little too eager to believe those who claim to be "in the know". Wasn't that long ago we were being told he's definitely off to Dundee as there was no chance of Saints doing a permanent deal. Then we were told he's definitely coming to Saints. Now we're being told the Saints deal's definitely off. I think I might just wait until the guy's actually signed for someone and we know for sure what's going on before chucking a wobbler about him, or his agent, or Steve Brown, or anyone else.

    Far too sensible bh.........

  6. For some reason my season ticket was rejected by the scanner so I had to toddle along to the ticket office. Got complementary ticket for today and Wednesday but no mention on what they are going to do about my season ticket. I missed the first couple of minutes but did get to sit in a cushioned seat.......

  7. Got to agree with your third memory. Everyone in Eskisehir was pleased to see us, not just the footie fans. A highlight of that trip was a walk up to the old town with Babychunder (you still on here mate?). A stunning place with a fantastic museum and shop selling hand carved stuff (I don’t remember what the stone was), plus invited for a cup of Turkish tea with a squad of policemen. I don’t know why they were up in the old town and not at the football but it was fun listening to BC trying to speak the bit of Turkish he remembered.

  8. 7 hours ago, andrew said:

    Anyone else get an error when clicking next unread topic on iPhone? It never gave an option to go to unread topics before - it knew you had finished.

    Thus can be moved but I’ll put it here for now.

    I do too on an iPad. I get a no more messages error and forum continues showing as message unread.

  9. On 6/13/2019 at 8:14 AM, RandomGuy said:

    Nah, £3m is obviously a lot of money, but it's not his value. Stuart Armstrong moved for £7.5m and never once had a season like Turnbulls just had.

    Until small clubs hold themselves to the same standard as bigger teams in the same league, theyll continue to undersell their assets.

    It looks as though Turnbull’s turned down celtic offer.

  10. You are correct Cristo. ESES have won 3 and drawn one in their last 4 matches. That’s promotion material, shame they could not do it all season. The team they beat today have lost 5 out of 5.