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  1. You are correct Cristo. ESES have won 3 and drawn one in their last 4 matches. That’s promotion material, shame they could not do it all season. The team they beat today have lost 5 out of 5.
  2. Our friends in Turkey have a big game coming up against Afjet Afyonspor who are below them in one of the relegation spots. If they win I think they will be safe from relegation from the second tier. Lose and there are a couple of tough games to come.
  3. League one looks crazy too. The clubs 3rd from bottom could make the playoffs for promotion or be relegated outright.
  4. Tom English has got it spot on https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47697708
  5. I look in most days. I gave up pie and bovril when I was diagnosed coeliac. Also gave up pie and bovril the site about the same time, through lack of time mostly.
  6. Scottish clubs voted against introducing strict liability back in 2013, claiming it was a step too far (docking points, closing stands etc). Time to have another vote I reckon.
  7. Regarding nicking the match ball, that was not the only ball taken. You watch the shooting practice before the game at both ends and see how many balls are returned when shots are skyed into the stand. Sevco fans are just as bad.
  8. Is it snowing in Perth? Really heavy near Dunblane.
  9. Great stuff. Tight league now with only 10 points separating top 8.
  10. I was watching the Scottish trad music awards on the telly last night and they had a section listing the folk who have died this last year and one of them was a Bruce Marnoch. Any relation? incidentally, the awards ceremony was in Perth.
  11. ...and after Celtic only drawing we are only 3 points off the top of the league.....: )
  12. I was just as sad and did the exact same. I don’t think there were 110 by the end of the game : )
  13. We could always offer Usain Bolt training facilities now he has left the mariners. Would certainly raise the profile of the club.
  14. Re Bertha Park, perhaps the club sending a one game family ticket to every new house would encourage attendance?
  15. I think a part of the problem for smaller clubs like saints is that there is far too much footie now, what with the expanded European cups and internationals as examples. Plus we have epl games on the telly. Add in the incompetent league management up here with the likes of ignoring the ‘wrongs’ of a couple of the big clubs and as a result folk have got jaded/bored/fed up/angry. Given the number of game rearrangements our league now has I don’t bother putting fixtures in my calendar anymore. And as for international breaks.....just give Saturday footie every week
  16. Very satisfying that after all these years we can still rely on old dependable.
  17. dunblanemike

    Car Park

    Well I managed to egress out of the A9 exit quite sharpish, so thanks saints.
  18. dunblanemike

    Car Park

    Thank you dave and Dave.
  19. dunblanemike

    Car Park

    The club have put something on the OS advising of arrangements for away fans, which is great. The gate at the north end will be opened to let away fans in. There is also mention of how fans egress (what a great word) but no details. The assumption seems to be that all home fans live locally and do not want to use the away exit (wherever that is) and will exit onto Crieff road. It would be great if I could exit onto A9.
  20. A very entertaining game, from both sides. That should get the Punters back.
  21. I’m bringing 3 Hibs fans along with me, and last time I did that we got well humped. Anyone know if the exit direct to A9 has been sorted yet?
  22. Can we have this guy on loan? LMAO https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45147692
  23. I have Ingerland in my works thingy, and it pays out for the winners and for the team that come second so a get a payout if ingerland win their semi. A wee bet on Croatia means a win-win for me......
  24. all too quiet on this game so bumping this up to get some chatter going....... who's going?