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  1. Round 11, Brechin (h)

    so a good week all round, but a few regular posters were missing this week - make sure you get your predictions in nie and early for the next game - st mirren!!

    a family hospital emergency meant I'm one of those :cry:

    I missed the game too. Still, a full recovery is on the cards and saints won!

  2. PPS. That Dunblane Mike person is on the Hey, Diddle Diddle. I don't know how he's doing it, but he is.

    Smudge 8) (I'm going to put my people on this).

    mapleleaf, i'd much rather be on whatever you're on!

    i'm not on the fiddle ('though I do play one) and just wish i had the spare cash to get my predictions on at the bookies. Also wish I could predict the saints Lotto numbers - 21 grand last week!

    PS - i trust your people have worked out by now where I live. I've not heard from them yet.

  3. I feel compelled to elaborate.

    I parked the car in the drive. Faither got oot and attempted to stagger round to the back door (with a little assistance fae oor 10 year old son, Blair). Faither lost his balance and stumbled into the fence, sliding down to the ground. Whilst lying flat out on the ground Blair stood over him pointing at him and started a chorus of "You fell over! You fell over!" This was at 3.20am this morning. Absolutely priceless! :lol:

    I think an ASBO is in order!! :lol::D:)

  4. I think pezza has hit the nail on the head. we should be able to play whatever formation is best suited to the opposition and the players we have at our disposal at the time. Just as important is the ability to change formation during the game when things are not working out. Adapt or die.

  5. That was Winter's third time refereeing Saints, and the it was the third penalty he's given us! One against Cowdenbeath and one against Queens too.

    he's pretty poor though I reckon. Had a good laugh at the Jacko offside with the free kick taken about 10 yds INSIDE our half. The ref did not even notice.

  6. Aye, the team line would help. If he's playing Henry and Sheerin i wouldnt bother going.

    lmao, Henry probably had one his best games for saints and Sheerin at least had the bottle to take the penalty. He is now our second top scorer in the league and has been named MOM by some in this game.

    Did you bother going?? :lol::oops:

  7. GP, you are having a right old attack on Mr Brown. Is there something you're not telling us? Has he sacked you or something? Is that why you are selling up?

    On to the new houses in Perth - surely an increasing population in and around Perth must be a good thing for St Johnstone. Some of these new people will surely end up seeing the light!

  8. Put it this way how many first time buyers can afford to buy a house in Perth, Geoff Brown has built more than three qaurters of the new houses in Perth over the last twenty years, as a house owner i know i paid too much for my house and i look at younger people now trying to buy their first, its impossible. Unfortunately Geoff can hide behind a great public perception of him beacause of what he has done for saints (ie never won a major trophy). Finishing third and being in Europe i would swop just to win the League cup or scottish cup. Maybe i am dreaming and yes gambling on Saints' future may not be the right way but its just my opinion.

    true, first time buyers do find it difficult to buy houses in the Perth area but this problem is NOT confined to just Perth - it is a national problem. To blame one individual is naive in the extreme.

    House prices reflect the market - it is the very people like yourself who push up the prices of houses - those that are prepared to pay over the top prices. I do have to ask though - if you think your house was over-priced, why did you buy it?

  9. ...and why an experienced scottish coach? I'd bet my last buck that you'd all be wanting a young coach with fresh ideas if we were in the position now but with an older guy in place. My goodness some of you guys and gals have worked yourselves into a wee frenzy this last few days. There are too many knee-jerk reactions in life - I don't want to see them at saints.

    As another of our members keeps saying - keep the faith.

  10. when i originally asked this question we were to still to have a purple patch this season whereas we'd had it last season throughout december. Even in that good patch last season we did not look convincing. Most games were scrappy wins. So in that respect I guess we have improved, even if only a wee bit but had hoped that we would look more of a unit this season. Perhaps play well but with things not going our way the excuse for being where we are.

    Having said that, I think we have improved. There are spells in games this season when we play very well and these spells last more of the 90 minutes than they did last year (frankly we had very short spells last yr!). An edgy home support does not help if these good spells do not result in a 3 goal lead and the team loses confidence. Our performances away from home do seem slightly better (with one or two exceptions) which perhaps reflects the more upbeat supporters who make the away trips.

    Given this slight improvement has occurred in a period when we've horrendous injury problems, I suppose one should look to the possibility of much better performances once our strongest team is playing regularly. Here's hoping!!