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  1. Still a test post Shankland. Much tougher than Morton.
  2. Laird of Muirton before Sir Willie. Fine manager of a decent team. RIP
  3. From what I read Killie were not too disappointed about her departure and, at the same time, also confirmed that it had nothing to do with the defeat by those giants of Welsh football.
  4. Fatty McCoist, on Question of Sport as part of Tuffers team, and they got a series of questions, one being the attendance on his debut for Saints against Raith which was 1275! No real change there then! They got no points although, to be fair to Fatty, Tuffers couldn't understand his accent!
  5. Phil Parkinson, at Sunderland, on a tight rope.
  6. No longer have the worst goal difference. That Ross County defence is imploding.
  7. Little Josh Falkingham scored the 4th for Harrogate.
  8. il-Milied it-Tajjeb from Malta
  9. Perhaps a wee loan spell would be right for him.