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  1. Off the bottom with Well leading The Fakes.
  2. According to the BBC we have had 5 shots and 2 corners whilst Killie have had none of anything but they have had 67% of possession! How does that work then? Can't be long before the sucker punch!
  3. Did Gordon not play for the stiffs in a cup match earlier this week, thus rendering him unlikely to be anything other than on the bench?
  4. Saw Chris Iwelumo on Pointless the other day. Now if he could be tempted to come out of retirement to link up with Macca and May we could score goals for fun!!!!
  5. Ross County imploding. Whilst Celtic are scoring for fun our goal difference doesn't look too bad!
  6. Headers from ******* set pieces! FFS what a defence!
  7. Cannot see the rank and file being too unhappy.
  8. The Board will be looking quickly to file down a short list to replace Emery.
  9. Gooners were getting board with Emery!
  10. F***! That was to be my first game of the season as well. Hope the Christmas Market is on.
  11. ........................and they get Paul Lambert