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  1. On the bench today. Was this tactical?
  2. Saintdunc

    Wage Bill

    St Johnstone have "over-egged" their spending on players and are unable to sustain what is a top-six wage bill, admits chairman Steve Brown. The Scottish Premiership club have been criticised for giving Old Firm fans three stands at McDiarmid Park. However, Brown says heavy losses have forced the hand of the Perth outfit. "We're in danger of being hypocrites because we have been outspoken in living within your means," he told BBC Scotland before the draw with Rangers. "This year we're not going to do that, which is disappointing to say the least. I think our wage bill is the sixth in the league, which is far too high. We can't sustain that. "We went for it at the start of the season - we thought we could get into the top six and have a cup run but we just haven't performed and that leaves a huge financial gap and concerns. "We have got reserves, so unfortunately this year we will be hitting them in a big way and posting heavy losses, which is not good." St Johnstone's form has picked up in recent weeks, having lost just once in their last seven league games to move them clear of relegation trouble and to within five points of the top six with a game in hand. In January, manager Tommy Wright was outspoken about a lack of signings and had to quell claims of a "divide" between himself, Brown and new head of football operations Kirsten Robertson. "I still get on with Tommy. Tommy's Tommy," Brown said. "He just gets frustrated. I spoke to him on the Sunday and he was a completely different guy. "Kirsten got a bit of stick, which was a bit unfair. Her remit was to reduce the wage bill so she is just doing her job. "The manager wants more and more players in but he is not all that concerned about getting players out. That's just football at the end of the day."
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    Wage Bill

    Check out the headline in bold, Indicator. It is linked from the match report on BBC Football site.
  4. Saintdunc

    Wage Bill

    Headline BBC Football news. Chairman Steve Brown says club 'can't sustain' wage bill Apparently Kirsten has been brought in to slash the wage bill and, despite cash reserves, we are heading for a big loss.
  5. Tony Watt gets on the scoresheet and misses a pen in the shootout. Out go his new team!
  6. A gem we let go! Scored for fun at The Posh now progressing in his football scholarship. How we could do with him now.
  7. Critically ill and in intensive care in Hull after collapsing. I am sure that we will ALL wish him well for a full recovery.
  8. Gordon on bench! Surely, with concussion rules he should not be able to play?
  9. Best keep the ball on the ground and play some silky football. Apart from Zander who might score from a howf down the park.
  10. Tam, I think the critical part of your post was "keep saying"!
  11. McFadyen was indeed 'a special one' south inch.
  12. Preferred Willie Coburn and a senior moment has meant I cannot recall the other full back!
  13. Prefer a back 2 with 3 in midfield and five forwards but that's history for you!
  14. Surely he is being nursed back to fitness by us as his parent club.
  15. Also so annoying when they misspell the surname of another legend, Sir Jon Connelli!
  16. Then, after he left he disappeared into the nether regions of English football. Yes, he did ok for us, and others clamoured for his return, but he has almost disappeared without a trace. I can see the value of this laddie playing a covering role if we get a few injuries.
  17. A midfielder with non league experience but been at Bournemouth for a while without playing in the EPL. Excuse me but I am rather underwhelmed but in Tommy we have trust, that he has picked up a gem.
  18. It is all so Amateurish for a club who have embedded themselves in the upper echelons of Scottish football. Even the website is crap compared to "lesser" clubs. Pathetic, but they are my team at the end of the day.
  19. "Disillusioned with football" Joe Gormley, seems to be in love with the beautiful game again at Cliftonville.
  20. Still a test post Shankland. Much tougher than Morton.