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  1. Motherwell (H) Premiership - 12 August 2017

    It looks to me Cummins has been clipped and that's caused his stride pattern to go. The complete lack of arguments from the Motherwell players speaks volumes in my opinion. I'm not a fan of all the hate for him either, yes his finishing is appalling, but he's a hard worker who offers plenty in terms of linking play and as an outball. See goal 3 on Saturday. He's not someone I want to see starting every week, especially not at home, but some of the comments about him are unfair for me.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Stokes is Irish'd out his eyeballs, as well as the fact Hibs can pay substantially more than we can manage, he will undoubtably have a closer connection to their club and fans. Surely a non starter. Would be delighted with Ciftci. @Kyle is it Ciftci?
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Never said that there were. Just find it baffling that people could be anything but excited by this if they'd saw how he played for us. He's pacy, direct and exciting, i'd much rather we have him until January than another club in the league, as should anyone who saw him play in 2015.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    People evidently forgetting just how good MOH was for us. As @Radford 72 alluded to, signing him means we don't HAVE to sign a striker as well now. The variety in the roles he can play means it's not as important as it otherwise may have been. I can only assume those who aren't happy with this were out of the country for the entirety of 2015.
  5. Cowdenbeath m9's. Saints going down this year, sell Macca sack Tommy.
  6. That is absolutely brutal, well done to you and your group though. Was drinking there for the majority of the afternoon, would like to think whoever did that did that out of drunken forgetfulness rather than malice, and judging by the state (for want of a better word, not judging, wasn't sober myself) of several fans at that bar on the Thursday that's entirely possible.
  7. What a shambles our crowd were last night by the way. Some amount of absolute roasters. We needed to score early, we didn't. The team was almost what I'd have chose so can't really argue, as @Broon said, we aren't good at breaking down teams when the onus is on us.
  8. European travel

    Sore heads all round. What a night.
  9. European travel

    Stop bragging. Sat in Amsterdam drinking a pint, just bumped in to Nigel Farage enjoying his free data and freedom of movement, doesn't quite compare to a stunning Greek girl tbf.
  10. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    While I get your point, we shouldn't get rewarded for clapping a black player off the pitch and neither would I want to be.
  11. Wasn't in Luzern type post.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Stevie May is a Saints legend. Always will be. Thank you.
  13. Huge task awaits us, one that we are capable of managing. Got to play ball players though, their defence appeared shaky at best, having Millar recycling possession to keep the pressure on them will be key, as will providing some creativity in the shape of Scougall. Big question mark remains for me on who is partnering Joe, hopefully Gordon is fit. I'd line up Clark Foster Joe Gordon Easton Millar Muzz Alston #scougZ Spoony Kane Muzz being fit would be a huge boost. Stuck in from the start and a positive (slightly drunken) atmosphere from the stands. Choo choo braw.
  14. FK Trakai (H) - Europa League Round 1 - 29/06/17

    Highlights absolve Zander of all blame. Thought at the time he should have done better, but he had no chance. He also made a good block later on, so he can move to splendid isolation in the passmarks column.