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  1. Football in glorious sunshine is the absolute one. For all the moaning at our season, we are currently the top team in Tayside by 26 (twenty six) points. I want us to go at them, they’re mince, we’ve got nothing to play for, let’s go for the jugular. Clark Foster Shaugnessy Gordon Tanser Callaghan Davidson O’Halloran Swanson Kennedy Kane Release the hounds.
  2. While this might be true, (although I’d argue that someone posting WATP on a St Johnstone forum doesn’t deserve too much respect), it’s also a very (subconsciously) biased perspective. Essentially calling one of our coaches a bully on a public forum is a big accusation and I’d be extremely wary about how much that opinion is clouded by the decisions made at the club in regards to releasing players.
  3. Not entirely convinced that taking advice from a Rangers* fan on what to demand from our club is a great idea tbh.
  4. Muzz played against Motherwell, Livi, st Mirren, Hamilton, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock in that great run. He only missed the Hibs game during that spell.
  5. Saints were fantastic today. Willock looks a great addition, Kane looks twice the player we let go in august and Muzz is a monster. We outplayed hearts today and were extremely unlucky not to win the game. The reason the forum, @HertsAgain, has been happy clapper central the last few years is because we've won a Scottish cup and finished fourth three years running. What an utterly bizarre criticism to make.
  6. Utter, utter scenes. Designated driver today, just had a very lively journey back via Cowie and Inverkeithing. What a day, what supporting our diddy team is all about. The amount of days like today TW and his teams have given us is incredible. What a beautiful man.
  7. Get on to @Radford 72 about that one, anti St Johnstone bias on there has led to an unjust banning!
  8. By everyone else you mean Random guy? While nobody would come out and say we should finish top 4 every year, judging by the expectations and reactions of some of our fans whenever we go through a bad spell, it makes you wonder what their expectations actually are. A slightly hyperbolic post, but the fact there are genuine calls for TW head while we sit seventh, only three points from sixth place shows that there is a completely unrealistic level of expectation from some of our fans. And before anybody starts, that's not based on 'bad days at Berwick, know our place,', it's based on economics, bigger budgets = better chance of getting better results. OF, Edinburgh teams and Aberdeen all blow us out of the water and I'd expect out of the seven teams in our general vicinity budgets wise, we'd be lower than most of them.
  9. Obviously MOH can't play, two up top instead? Cummins and Macca. Clark Foster Ando Joe Tanser spoony Millar davidson Scougz Macca Cummins
  10. Anybody going to this tomorrow? A Rangers side that's won 4 in a row and looking like they've turned a corner against a Saints side that has looked out of ideas for a while now. Of course, Rangers are still firnly in the banter years and St Johnstone constantly defy the odds. Clark Foster Ando Joe Tanser Millar Davidson Spoony MOH Scougz Macca 2-1 to the good guys, Perth pubs to be full of upset mutants come 5pm.
  11. When we have a performance like that where there are very few positives, you need to start reaching for something to vote on. So my vote, although extremely tempted to give it to Millar, goes to Cummins. He won plenty in the air early on and was always a willing runner. As Redford says, we look much better with Millar in the middle, him and Davidson should be our starting two whenever possible, if that means some people need to swallow their pride then so be it.
  12. Getting the train up for this. Would like to see Mannus Comrie Ando Joe Easton Muzz Midge/Paton Spoony Scougall O'Halloran Cummins/Macca. Stevie May is a Saints legend, I'm sure he'll get a good response. Who put the ball in the dandies net? Away win.
  13. Poor first half but great character and a much improved performance in the second means three points was probably about right. Hugely important save from Mannus from Bingham in the second half, last week aside I feel he's been much improved this year, the competition has helped him no end. Tanser for the first time showed he may offer us a decent option, his crossing was spectacularly good. Paton was good defensively and Murray was everywhere but not convinced they work that well together. Scougall was man of the match for me, looked like he could make things happen when he was on the ball, looking to get the ball forward whenever he could. Macleans goal was spectacularly good, much more difficult than I first thought, he really is some boy. Cummins, as usual, was effective. I appreciate he continues to miss chance after chance (although his volley after Macca's miss was barely a 'chance,' and verging on ridiculous to use that against him) but we do look a better team with him in it for me. Got to ge pleased with the three points and the second second half performance. Was a huge result with three difficult games coming up.
  14. it's blatantly obvious there's something going on here. Posts from both him and his wife on social media do not point to it being a fitness issue. The problem with the clubs silence on the matter is it fuels speculation, and what might be a minor issue within the club grows arms and legs. The club should be explaining to the fans why one of our best and most liked players, that has been with us through a promotion, a cup win and five European campaigns has been completely frozen out, if that is indeed the case.
  15. It's worth noting that Saints have by far the best family deal in the league, a very good social media team and have become much more visible in Perth and the surrounding areas over the last few years. One of my friends text me on Friday saying he was going to take his twins to McD yesterday and hopes to take them along a lot because the family deal makes it much more affordable. There has been a great push to attract the younger demographic (helped in no small part by the excellent FCU adding colour, noise and fun to games.) I don't see what more Saints can do on or off the pitch, if folk would rather follow clubs they have no affinity to, in cities they have no connection to then there's not much you can do to stop that.
  16. RG is a condescending man with dirty nails and a dodgy barnet, but that's completely out of order. You shouldn't be going to Saints games worried that some boy who still thinks it's the 80's is going to come and confront you. We're all Saints fans here (except for Smarmy and the other Dundonion minks,) try and argue your point without resorting to threats. There's only one keyboard warrior here and it's not RG.
  17. It looks to me Cummins has been clipped and that's caused his stride pattern to go. The complete lack of arguments from the Motherwell players speaks volumes in my opinion. I'm not a fan of all the hate for him either, yes his finishing is appalling, but he's a hard worker who offers plenty in terms of linking play and as an outball. See goal 3 on Saturday. He's not someone I want to see starting every week, especially not at home, but some of the comments about him are unfair for me.
  18. Stokes is Irish'd out his eyeballs, as well as the fact Hibs can pay substantially more than we can manage, he will undoubtably have a closer connection to their club and fans. Surely a non starter. Would be delighted with Ciftci. @Kyle is it Ciftci?
  19. Never said that there were. Just find it baffling that people could be anything but excited by this if they'd saw how he played for us. He's pacy, direct and exciting, i'd much rather we have him until January than another club in the league, as should anyone who saw him play in 2015.
  20. People evidently forgetting just how good MOH was for us. As @Radford 72 alluded to, signing him means we don't HAVE to sign a striker as well now. The variety in the roles he can play means it's not as important as it otherwise may have been. I can only assume those who aren't happy with this were out of the country for the entirety of 2015.
  21. Cowdenbeath m9's. Saints going down this year, sell Macca sack Tommy.
  22. That is absolutely brutal, well done to you and your group though. Was drinking there for the majority of the afternoon, would like to think whoever did that did that out of drunken forgetfulness rather than malice, and judging by the state (for want of a better word, not judging, wasn't sober myself) of several fans at that bar on the Thursday that's entirely possible.
  23. What a shambles our crowd were last night by the way. Some amount of absolute roasters. We needed to score early, we didn't. The team was almost what I'd have chose so can't really argue, as @Broon said, we aren't good at breaking down teams when the onus is on us.
  24. Sore heads all round. What a night.