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  1. down again..... didnt deserve that, but there it is.
  2. defended well when we've needed to and no long hoofs, playing everything through and on the ground... shape of the team feels good. Need that spark though, not really threatened.
  3. ok, balls to the walls boys....lets get at 'em
  4. i think wrights kept us disciplined over the years.... davidson's always one bad lunge from a red, hendry's was dumb, but i thought harsh, more the ref getting to grips on a game that was quickly bubbling over. Ref may have created issues by not addressing aberdeens niggling bullshit
  5. disappointed on the sending offs, felt we had a real lift after the kennedy goal and my blue bood boiled optimistically for a few minutes.... shout out to clark, some top saves last 15
  6. commentators doing my head in... biased pricks
  7. i may be the sole voice on this forum, (especially if they lose this), but I thought saints fought hard second half, got back in it until the wheels came off with bad tackles. I also thought aberdeen were pretty dirty all game and the ref gave them a pass... elbows, holding, shoving and we got nothing.
  8. ooft - Davidson off - tough last 15 here
  9. poor goal to give away, too much space and I feel clark should have done better
  10. Dare I say decent early defensive error, but not punished. May very up for it, a goal from him on dons would be fukin huge. Keep it tight saints.