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  1. not going to say he's back to his best, but today he hit another level from earlier performances
  2. thats a nice goal.... MOH assist and nice fast flow
  3. Hopefully hes getting back to his best!
  4. All true exiles should never be able to attend...we are exiled with impossible access to our homeland and taxmen waiting for us at the arrival gates
  5. Zander at his best today...couple of top saves... even game
  6. ok saints, lets get into this with passion! Would love to see Mikey get back to some kind of form, rip them up with matty
  7. matty kennedy.... started decent, but getting better and better ...gets my vote
  8. Looking forward to this one live. Hopefully entertaining and I'm on a beach in FL, out of crappy Cleveland weather
  9. Live TV didnt work last 15mins....saints score wrong end, volleyball for 2nd, emotional manager/'subgate'.....#partofashiteclub
  10. Decent game until stupid hand ball, ach well...hopefully we can find the net early 2nd half
  11. Sitting in dfw airport, watching game on tablet, coffee and nursing hangover - magic --- #partofabigclub
  12. well thats me done.... off to fish steelhead and forget this crap
  13. what a shit show this game ... fuk me