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  1. I think the debate here is someones best isn't good enough, and the point of a forum is to discuss all such stuff with vinegar or sugar....
  2. May isn't proven yet in his new tenure with us, but he sure as hell proved in the past his ability to score and change the ****in history of the club, aka Aberdeen semi. How can you seriously compare these two players? To compare to this one match is not logical, I hate your argument here. And if you must do that, look at the goal May did score, his movement, positioning and clinical finish.
  3. I think for a few us, such us myself, I have always been positive on the lad and generally hate to rail on players. So for those who have finally seen enough, after having some patience, we are saying this for the first time.... need our voice heard man!
  4. Just too many misses mate, too often, nothing to do with liking or disliking the lad. A lot of us have hung in with him and got behind him a lot, yesterday was the straw that broke my back. We need better at this level.
  5. Just watched the Sun clip, that's a real classy lass...filming her husband undressing while talking shite. Its clear that hubby is super uncomfortable with the filming and her spouting subject, so that bodes well for their relationship....
  6. Watched highlights, May's finish exactly what we've been missing...such a huge goal for him and the club. He doesn't score, then its the penalty miss, questions post game etc, ... instead, its a big positive for us all. Him linking with Swanson could be nice partnership, both intelligent players as that goal showed.
  7. whenever I hear "kane has a glorious chance"..... I already know the result
  8. got to go for it, draw no good here in my view
  9. Just from the radio, sounds like Swanson's having a good game....
  10. ****in' beauty! And the Stevie May song is back!
  11. 60 mins of football , now we see what kind of fight is in this team....
  12. why the fuk did they have May take that....