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  1. I understand, i know our place .... but despite the whisky enabled rant last night, dont we have the money in the bank to keep someone like matty? He be worth 2 places in the league for all we know, worth bums in seats for the long term as he was entertaining to watch.... At some point, caretaking versus any kind of aspiration gets to a tipping point and we will fall a division, and/or bounce off bottom of spfl with lower and lower crowds. I guess i just worry in where the end game is for saints....and as someone moving back in next 5 years or so, i have selfish motivation.
  2. well this is shit news.... sad to see we will lose matty, he had my poty vote last year... enjoyable to watch and on the ball you always felt he would make things happen. I know i shouldnt be surprised in the order of things and knowing our place on the spfl pecking order .... and broons the great caretaker of mediocrity..... 2 million in the bank and 1 fan in each stand, go figure where this story ends. .... and for any dons scanning our forum for intel, go fuk yourselves
  3. I know its separate, but out of interest, how wealthy are the Broons / GS Construction? Is that public.
  4. I agree, well put, we have a classic saints team right now. a) Few up and commer/youngun's who we will sell or lose due to wages b) some past players back, as they know we have a good system and they will get to play c) a bunch of squad players that generally operate well at our level, but not higher. Depending on the rub of the green, we can come 5th/6th or bounce near the bottom. Wright generally is doing a good job with a scarcity of resources across the board. Broons won't take the club any higher than this....its who we are right now.
  5. no finishers... kennedy missed a couple of sitters but also nearly scored a goal of the season. Will be kicking ourselves if we don't win this, count are as gash as hearts
  6. i know some on here thinks he's done, but I think the games crying out for a May supersub, spark of creativity here and there and can score. We dominated this first half and didnt look close to scoring
  7. Will saints TV make it today, or did the they eat too many mince pies...
  8. key win, no idea if game was decent or not, live TV = partial audio + pie eating
  9. pies paying off... key 10 minutes to hold on