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  1. #perthfarmersmobilising End of days for broon
  2. Very rusty performance, so many poor passes and lost balls. 2nd half marginally better. Defense perhaps a bit nervous after the Celtic game? Worst referee I've seen in a long time. All over the map. Livingston looked dirty and got away with a lot of shit. Saints TV commentary was lack luster. A bit of enthusiasm would be nice, barely spoke for long spells. I think MOH will be a terror this season. Squad needs to be beefed up, as everyone has already referenced.
  3. Fukin great firewall of china.... lets WAP through but not saints TV go figure
  4. Do we have an active, voting board or is it more of an advisory board? Anyone on it with football/ marketing /promotional experience that helps the club today?
  5. Flight to Shanghai diverted to Beijing due to weather, so I'm popping up to stay by the Great Wall of China tonight....then will watch the saints - Livingston game over dinner.
  6. "The Perth club looked in pole position to sign him but only wanted him on loan, so have missed out."
  7. Tommy is a great manager, has his ups and downs, but far more ups. My view is 80% of our (any SPL) success is down to money, not the manager, such is the sorry state of this league. To compete, you need big-big investment, the Broons don't have or won't put in, and we don't generate cash. So this title should read Taxi for Broons if anything, and even thats a stretch, because who else would invest. One unpopular (?) opinion is that we would all be far happier in a lower division, we would be able to compete, be entertained and probably get better gates. Outside of the cup win, my fondest saints memories were the three seasons from 1980-83. SPFL in its current state is fukking pointless and has been for years. Tommy isn;t the issue.
  8. This is the key in all this, hes had a few great years of money, settled more financially I hope, he loves saints, he has confidence at saints and the passionate lad just wants to get back to banging in some goals and being a fukin hero. We dont have high expectations here, but cant wait to see his face when he nets his first though. He could have been pushing for closure, as much as anyone, to get out of Aberdeen and avoid the loan scenario. Just fantastic all round by the club, by Wright, Broon, Stevie and Mr Vine apparently. I hope they market the hell out of this.
  9. "....quietly slips Krugerrand stash back into vault".
  10. May's a confidence player though and I think he'd get that back here.... always had a sniff for a goal and we've missed that, even if 5/10 are glaring misses, we wouldn't complain as he takes those extra shots. Togs was not my main point, but getting a player back that the youngsters and us all loved would improve gates with decent money. You could even do a fun marketing job with it, return of cup winner etc.... c'est la vie, lets tell ourselves he's not what he once was, and take no risk.
  11. May would bring money into the club with upsides to gates/merchandise and general club energy, losing him to dundee would be a kick in the ballsack
  12. Connected a friend of mines daughter to saints, shes a goal scoring machine, currently with Sevilla, but looking to leave spain....
  13. not going to say he's back to his best, but today he hit another level from earlier performances
  14. thats a nice goal.... MOH assist and nice fast flow