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  1. Before starting, the new manager will have to put penne to paper.
  2. Give someone else a pizza the action.
  3. Trying to date this, late ‘50s perhaps soon after these shops opened? I think Kippens had the original newsagents at the far left, it seemed to move several times during the ‘60s. I think the lamppost heads were changed to the orange less sticking out type in the early 60s, Tweedsmuir and Firbank Roads had the same lampposts and kept the original heads for much longer. I remember the strangest things!
  4. I've rechecked the book, definitely says it was dismantled in 1980; I was at school with Jeremy and I'm sure he would have ensured his facts were accurate before publishing. As I understand it the business had been running down for some time and with changes in technology could have carried on afterwards without the need for a chimney.
  5. 1980. Source: "Lost Perth" by Jeremy Duncan, page 32.
  6. I remember that well and thought it was an opportunity lost. A crowd of 8000 would have been achievable back then considering folk would have travelled quite a distance to see Pele.
  7. Sounds like a suitably worded review on Trip Advisor is called for. If I ever find myself in Vilnius I won't be going there.
  8. I'm gutted not to be going, ages ago before it looked likely that Saints would get into Europe I agreed to come out of retirement to cover a successor's maternity leave and am committed to working Thursdays and Fridays for the next few months. I'll keep next year's diary clear no matter what. Best wishes to all who are going, have a great time and roar the team on to tricky though not impossible victory. COME ON YE SAINTS!!
  9. The word regionalisation is conspicuous by its absence. Prepare for another long journey folks.
  10. Oops, they phoned my mobile and it turns out to be my own energy supplier calling about smart meter installation which I had requested. Large slice of humble pie please.
  11. Had a few calls from a Newcastle number this week (0191.......). On answering you just hear the unobtainable tone. Appears to be an energy company. Now blocked.
  12. If this does for Perth as finding Richard III did for Leicester does this mean that Saints will win the league then reach the final stages of the European champions league?!!⚽️⚽️
  13. I'm sure it's George Street but wasn't McEwens in St John St?
  14. Many people said the same when they were planning the A9 upgrade to Inverness during the 70s, and look what's happening now! History may yet repeat itself.
  15. http://www.cbrd.co.uk/road-schemes/a90-dundee-northern-relief-road/ Apparently on the drawing board for years but no decision made yet.