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  1. No just mean win ugly, get wins out of nowhere. Accies have a habit of doing it at the tail end of every season. Although I'm pretty confident Dundee and County will be the bottom two...but I'd rather be well away from that come the split.
  2. Alston's challenge is never a red card. As it wasn't a dangerous tackle it was no different to him pulling someone down by the shirt. Cheating, yes. Cynical, most definitely. Frustrating for the opposition, of course. But change the challenge to a clear pull on the shirt and you'd look like a total clown greetin' for a red card. Happy with 1-1. The way our season has panned out I will take any points we get, regardless of how we end up getting them. Essentially we need to become Hamilton until the end of the season.
  3. Dundee v Saints

    I really want to know what Mannus was shouting at the end, seemed desperate to get up the stairs and get involved. Also the state of Muzz's strip as he's walking off must have put some shift in. Also agree, someone thinking today was t-shirt weather should have been given a wide bearth when looking for a square go.
  4. Winter shut down

    A top notch idea. Can't think of any downsides other than potential for injury....but that's always there. The Bbc or stv could surely televise it and while there at it they could bring back Kick Start.
  5. Saints v Dundee

    Foster got sent off because he'd been in a rage since the goal (where he pretty much stood by and let Haber take a shot) Needs to be dropped or given anger management therapy as with 11 on the park I believe we would easily gotten at least a draw. 2nd half the 9 men put in a real shift, plenty of positives, tactics were obviously to play on the deck and it did create opportunities. I'd like to see more of that in the new year. Quick note on Denny, I think he showed enough today to suggest he's got something to give to the team, like his attitude but he'd need a decent strike partner as he's a 6 yard box striker. Finally, not to bothered if we loose MOH as I think we can get better value and he's really gone off the boil since his injury.
  6. Fixtures over festive period

    Hearts at home on 23rd Dec Ross County away on 27th Dec Dundee at home on 30th Dec And no games in January till 24th Certainly more appealing than Killie/Hamilton away. http://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/fixtures
  7. MOTM Saints 1 - Patrick Thistle 0 - 19/08/17

    Went for Paton. He seemed to be everywhere today, his style of play is just what is sometimes needed in midfield. Muzz also had a great game with his typically "subtle" style of play. With those 2 charging round and bulldozing everything I thought it allowef some great play from MOH, Scougall and Spoony. The latter seems to be in great form atvtye moment, seems to have an extra yard of pace this year. Still the odd mistake but surely nobody can claim we're hoofball, some great play today.
  8. FK Trakai (A) - Europa League Round 1 - 06/07/17

    Not convinced this tie is over. They have some players that are technically better and at times their one touch passing was fantastic. But let's not forget their keeper cannie kick the ball, their right back cannie take a throw in and when put under pressure their midfield played some utterly horrific passes. They may set up to defend their lead at home but their defence isn't that great. If the Saints team are out of holiday mode we'll be in their faces and I think we'll get plenty of chances to score.
  9. The Motherwell away thread.

    Technically might be the same manager as Steve Robinson was interviewed this week.
  10. Feeling The Strain

    Like I said his judgement (and that of Scobbie's) was ill informed and that was his mistake but the point of the article is that because this situation can arise the responsibility for such a judgement should be taken away from the ref. If a medic has a concern they should be allowed to overrule the referee and step onto the field. There should also be greater protection in the game for medical staff so they are free to make the correct choices and not feel the pressure of a or ambitious chairman. While there is a benefit to having club medical staff who know each player is there an argument that medical staff are supplied buy the SFA in a similar manner to referees in an effort to remove pressure from a football club as an employer (thinking of Mourinho here)? Although that said the SFA would probably end up employing Andrew Wakefield.
  11. Feeling The Strain

    To be fair to Collum I don't think he did anything wrong other than making a judgement that he himself didn't deem the injury worthy of treatment. Pretty sure he can either instruct the medical staff on based on his judgement or can do so on behalf of the player who requests treatment. He clearly asks Scobbie if he wants treatment and makes a clear instruction to the bench that Scobbie is ok. Both made what could be argued was an ill informed decision in this case. But what the physio is calling for is for both the player and the ref to be taken out of the equation and let the medical staff make the call on who is OK and who is not by being allowed on the pitch during an injury stoppage to avoid this sort of thing Seems to make sense. Really good article.
  12. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    http://perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/news/post/pre-match-skill-challenges-all-weather-pitch Pre-match skills challenge before the match. My kid will love this and I dare say I'll be having a go at the crossbar challenge. As for the match a win of any fashion will be greatly received. Me and my lad have only been to home games this season so have had our fair share of poor performances but I'll take a scrappy 1-0 win. Think we'll need to play Haber out of the game or he'll cause us problems.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    He's still a youngster that is played quite often though. I think Tommy plays players who are good enough no matter what their age. But I'd agree our youth system hasn't yet given us the returns that some other clubs see. That said who knows how our level of investment compares with others, we may be getting a decent return for what we invest.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    If we're using Zander and Kane as a measure then Shaughnessy also counts as a youth. Perhaps they are the only 3 that are good enough at the moment.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    My first thought was Peter Pawlett
  16. MOTM Saints 1 - Sevco 1 - 28/12/16

    Paton, Easton and MacLean were excellent. Went for Paton as some timely interventions. He's maybe not quite Muzz but can't fault his effort and despite my reservationson I can now see why he was signed. Cummins needs a goal but can't see him scoring with his current form, still getting in positions to score though.
  17. I'm getting my 2 oldest boys their first Saints strip for xmas but I've quite literally no idea on where to take their strips to get their name and preferred number printed on the back, anyone got any recommendations? Ideally I'd be looking at a place local to Perth or Dundee but would travel further afield if needed. Cheers.
  18. Recommended Number/Name Shirt Printing Services

    Thanks will give them a call too.
  19. Recommended Number/Name Shirt Printing Services

    Cheers, will PM tonight
  20. Recommended Number/Name Shirt Printing Services

    Luckily my boys are now called "A" and "H"
  21. MOTM Saints 1 - Partick Thistle 2 - 29/10/16

    I'd agree with that. Solid in defence and made an effort getting forward. Not surprised he wasn'the too keen on putting the ball in tge box...don't think we won a header in their box all afternoon. Paton also did well. as agricultural as he looks when on the ball cannot fault his effort today and as well as his passing being accurate he made some timely interventions.
  22. The Rangers v Saints. Wed 26/10/16

    Twitter feed saying Muzz has been replaced by Millar. Former must be injured as not put on the bench.
  23. The Rangers v Saints. Wed 26/10/16

    Anderson isn't a bad bet. They're not the best at defending set pieces at the moment.
  24. Aberdeen v Saints. LC Quarter-final 22/9/16

    No denying there's an argument against the decision but he does bend down towards the ball which probably swayed the ref. The rule is very much open to the interpretation of the ref. One ref's kick in the puss may be another's "preventing an otherwise legal play of the ball by putting oneself in danger to prevent play of said ball". Can'the think of any other reason for a foul against Saints that wasn't contested by any player. Must be an exception for keepers who by definition of their role have to get their head pretty close to onrushing feet.
  25. Aberdeen v Saints. LC Quarter-final 22/9/16

    Don't shoot it down just because it's never been used....