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  1. Great day out and a team fighting for each other . Bullet header and sweet finish from Alston. Looked a def pen to me . Tanser has turned in to some player. And a bench full o quality fighting to play .
  2. Brutal game to watch and no better feeling than a last minute winner. Motherwell put it about with the likes of bowman in there squad. Dray Wright our best player on the ball again . Muzz likes a battle and big Liam Gordan stood out for me
  3. Not to be tonight . Paid my money and as always supported my team. Spoon for me had a good game tonight as did Alston . Backs to the wall with no out ball first half . Tony watt is not suitable for the lone striker role . Penalty box forward in my opinion. Second half had hoped we might have opened up and had a wee bit more o a go at them . Typical goal down then chuck on the additional striker. Tynecastle Saturday why not .
  4. Poor performance , Watt got no service and we never looked like scoring . Comrie was on a hiding to nothing and got a hiding. 5 4 1 why did we not stick with 2 up and have a good go. We so need a aggressive box to box midfielder who can put a foot on the ball. Not easy next week but we can't play much worse.
  5. Dominated from start to finish. Need to see the penalty , poss red card incident on tv. Thought we got lucky there. Great team performance. Kano and Alston (away from some early slack passes) were stand outs for energy and aggression. Brilliant celebrations from the players after 3rd goal. More o the same needed for Friday night.
  6. No heart no fight no leadership . Tommy decided to go one up top . First goal another mistake. Every time Hearts came forward , where was our player to step forward and challenge and make them make a decision. No back track stand off and make it easy. Then to sub midge . The only player we have that is composed on the ball and a leader driving his teammates on. Sorry joe is not a captain. He is as bad as a do at the mo . Punt another high ball in to open space. Second half should have been 4 could easily have be 5 . Tommy is like a broken record in his interviews.McMillan and the Wales lad will have to be some players to save us .Ando,Joe ,Tanser, Denny sadly just not good enough.
  7. Fantastic day out , Midge was class on and off the ball. Always shouting and driving everyone on , midfield leader . Scougall was full o energy in his best position behind the front man , great shift . Big Denny ,Alston , Pates and Craig worked hard . 3 good goals after a mare o a start where we could have crumbled. Man for man playing for the jersey. Hearts at home next . Same starting line up next week. Cummins great strike
  8. Rank rotten sadly Aberdeen streets ahead of us . 3 easy points given away again. gifted goals and not looking like scoring . 10 mins before half time only bit fight and challenge put in. 2nd half was like a meaningless pre season game. Tommy please play midge we need someone who can keep the ball and pass. Scougall our best player again. Mikey will we miss him when he returns to the Rangers ? Not giving enough for me Defence is everywhere. God I wish we still had Scobbie.
  9. Did Mikey want to play ??? turning up late thinking , will just be watching now. How many times of late have we questioned Mikey and his commitment level. Prob knows he is going to have to return to the Rangers and wants to return fit . Transfer window is going to have to be used well !!
  10. Targets for January in our budget ? Swanson on loan after Mikey returns to the Rangers, maybe not everyone's favourite,but can be a match winner something we are sadly missing. Would he be available on loan is the question , not happening at Hibs - going a mistake on his part. Some unknown from England on loan , we all hope can do a job will prob be what we get . Denny Johnstone back down the road . Replaced by Kane and hopefully McMillan . Will he - won't he sign?
  11. Great day out , Committed team performance and Tanser now starting to look player . Thought Liam, Muzz and Pates gave everything . Some scenes at both goals , why we all love football.
  12. We are St Johnstone not the F####n old firm . I have heard it all today .internet full o moaning gits that need to get a reality check . Moaning about the poor support but watching it on tv. Maybe if you turned up it would help to finance and attract better players. A bad run , the team and management team need the fans to get behind them . Hibs away then Killie at home Coys. I remember years stuck in the first division.
  13. Poor again . Gift from Mannus and after that Dundee were better. They looked stronger won all the 50/50 balls . Glad to get in just 1 down . 2nd half they were better till the crazy last 20. Anderson disallowed goal would like to see that again . Mikey well marked and then injured . Johnstone not overly effective, Cummins was better when he came on . Striker position is a worry,Macca sadly needs a runner to play off him . Johnstone and Cummins don,t look likely to score many for us . Hendry be worth a game and offers a different option . Good to see midge on the bench
  14. I think Alston has something to offer if played in the correct position , we used to stick midge out on the wing . Our midfield is decent plenty options ,sadly offer nothing in front o them . Cummins did not lift his head just thrashed it as hard as he could in a forward direction . Kane is not the answer . Macca sadly is about done. Transfer window will be use ?