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  1. Hibernian v St. Johnstone - Easter Rd - 18th November 2017

    Liam headed the ball back across goal for Muzz .
  2. Hibernian v St. Johnstone - Easter Rd - 18th November 2017

    Great day out , Committed team performance and Tanser now starting to look player . Thought Liam, Muzz and Pates gave everything . Some scenes at both goals , why we all love football.
  3. Time for Tommy to go?

    We are St Johnstone not the F####n old firm . I have heard it all today .internet full o moaning gits that need to get a reality check . Moaning about the poor support but watching it on tv. Maybe if you turned up it would help to finance and attract better players. A bad run , the team and management team need the fans to get behind them . Hibs away then Killie at home Coys. I remember years stuck in the first division.
  4. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    Poor again . Gift from Mannus and after that Dundee were better. They looked stronger won all the 50/50 balls . Glad to get in just 1 down . 2nd half they were better till the crazy last 20. Anderson disallowed goal would like to see that again . Mikey well marked and then injured . Johnstone not overly effective, Cummins was better when he came on . Striker position is a worry,Macca sadly needs a runner to play off him . Johnstone and Cummins don,t look likely to score many for us . Hendry be worth a game and offers a different option . Good to see midge on the bench
  5. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    I think Alston has something to offer if played in the correct position , we used to stick midge out on the wing . Our midfield is decent plenty options ,sadly offer nothing in front o them . Cummins did not lift his head just thrashed it as hard as he could in a forward direction . Kane is not the answer . Macca sadly is about done. Transfer window will be use ?
  6. MOTM Kilmarnock 1 - Saints 2 - 05/08/17

    2 great goals . Spoony was excellent today. Mikey can,t get near the Rangers first team , they must have some players to pick from.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Scougall our big signing to replace Swanson , Tanser looks a bomb scare at the moment to replace Scobbie . Scobbie who could play right across the back 4 . Young midfielder and forward question being will they , are they good enough for 1st team . O'halloran could we, would he come back ? . We need someone with pace that Scougall could link with and make runs for him . The budget - surely there is enough left for a quality front man ?
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What is happening with Scobbie and Mannus ? Thought me might have got a idea at the end today . Both went straight up the tunnel . Replacement for Danny required someone who can make something happen see a pass. Another striker but who ???
  9. MOTM Hamilton 1 - Saints 0 - 01/04/17

    Cummins for effort 2nd half .
  10. Accies away!

    After what had been a poor first half , then the fight . Nine players giving there all and unlucky not to take a point . The nine players showing what St Johnstone are all about. Fight, Togetherness , 100% team effort . The reason we are where we are . Pates looked gutted at the end . Cummins Put in a shift , young lad from Preston looked decent. Swanson big player when he wants. Foster far better than most fans had expected . Think the club will terminate both players contracts.
  11. MOTM Saints 1 - Sevco 1 - 28/12/16

    Easton put in a shift tonight . Wee midge class and macca leads by example.
  12. MOTM Saints 3 - Aberdeen 0 - 22/04/16

    First class team performance, closing down every ball , hard to pick but thought midge was Catania fantastic and back to his best
  13. MOTM Saints 1 - ICT 0 - 09/03/16

    Spoony for me , away from the pen our most creative player
  14. MOTM Saints 2 - Dundee United 1 - 26/09/15

    Graham Cummins for me ,hard to pick as man for man guts fight and 100% team effort. Big Zander looks a unit few years at Queens have done him well. Joe the throw is turning in to a first pick on the team sheet. Super sub King of Spain unlucky not to start
  15. Saints V Alashkert Europa League Q1 2Nd Leg Thurs 9Th July 2015

    Joke outside before getting in , no order at all , why no ticket and separate cash gates , typical saints tho. We struggled to put 3 passes together . Non existent midfield and MoH looking our only hope. Going to be a long hard season on the back o that. Brown and scobbie needed someone who could put a foot on the ball and see a pass . Midge be fit soon