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  1. You are aware that the club offered that exact plan - tickets for a TENNER. £10. Less than half price. And the uptake was appalling.
  2. Jamie_Beatson


    Just to reply to this since I've only seen it this morning - our ad partner asks us to try new things from time to time - the Sportz ticker being one of them. I have to say, on my laptop it isn't too intrusive, but appreciate it may be different on different devices etc. It should be gone now - we were asked to use it in the run up to Sunday's game because they had a specific promotion for it. I'm not a fan of the ones that are massively intrusive, and I do my best to get rid of anything that's an annoying pop up or an auto-redirect (which shouldn't be happening at all now). At the end of the day we need to fund the ever-rising costs of keeping the site running. The ads are a reliable method of doing that. Fundraising is more time-consuming than it is worth. Sponsorship is the same. Neither are likely to bring in quite as much as is required to keep paying the fees and keep the software up to date. Ideally what I'd like to do is extend the content of the site beyond the forum - something we looked at some time ago but couldn't make stick - and that way raise the ad revenue from somewhere other than just the forum, which would hopefully allow us to make the forum ads a bit less intrusive. Hope that explains things.
  3. Hi guys, Very quick one - appealing to WAP's wide and diverse membership for a minute of your time to help a very worthy cause in Perth. Fairview School, which caters for kids with severe and complex needs from across Perthshire, is trying to secure funding through the Aviva Community Fund for a very worthwhile project within their school. They don't need your money - just a minute of your time to vote for them. Click here - http://bit.do/FairviewSchool - register (you won't get any spam or anything) and give them your 10 votes. Takes about a minute and will be very much appreciated! Thanks Jamie
  4. You can't take a free kick inside the six yard box. Any foul committed inside the six yard box results in an indirect free kick on the six yard line adjacent to where the foul was committed.
  5. Not really sure what happened but we didn't run out of bandwidth, the site didn't kick up any errors and I haven't done anything to fix it but it seems we're back!
  6. I'd like to see it again, but I don't think there's really any way Mannus can come for that in front of Scobbie - it is whipped in with pace and not at any particular height. Scobbie isn't too far inside the front post and takes it no higher than waist height. Mannus has little opportunity to move towards it in the time it takes for the ball to get there. And in any event it looked to me like there wasn't really anyone there to get on the end of it and I'd assume Mannus's intention was to take it on the bounce under little or no pressure just beyond Scobbie. Impossible to tell if Scobbie got a shout but if he doesn't stick a leg out Mannus almost certainly picks it up with little difficulty and the game goes on from there.
  7. I had the pop ups on my phone until a couple of days ago but they seem to have disappeared now - and I've never had one I couldn't get rid of. I'm not getting any popups on my laptop at all. Can people confirm if they're still getting stuff that's overly intrusive? As we've said many times we could go down the donations route but we've decided against it before for umpteen reasons. I'm in dialogue with the ad providers about making it less instrusive but the way it works is that they serve the ads centrally and it changes the way it displays them of its own accord, and usually takes 2-3 days from me complaining at them to rectify.
  8. As far as I'm aware there is a current police investigation ongoing relating to conduct both before and during the dundee game on Hogmanay relating to a) behaviour in the city centre pre-match and b ) pyro at the game itself. None have yet been at court. As far as I can tell it's not the guys you see st the games making the noise that we're taking about, but some people who have become hangers on at away games such as at Dundee who have caused bother. Some of that bother in Dundee before the game was out of order and if anyone ends up banned due to that they've only got themselves to blame. And I'd expect if anyone is caught for the pyro at Dens they'll be dealt with similarly. You can argue until you're blue in the face about the merits or otherwise of smoke bombs etc but the people who set them off did so in the full knowledge they're outlawed and what would happen to them. Every time I've spoken to people at the club about the FCU they've been very supportive of what they've done in their section at McD. But equally they can't condone some of the stuff that has happened away from there.
  9. This is basically a free hit. Avoid injuries/suspensions and avoid bursting our goal difference and that'll do fine. Anything more than that is a huge bonus.
  10. Cummins was excellent. Used his physical attributes very wel which helped relieve pressure on the back line several times by using his strength to force defenders to foul him when he had little chance of actually taking the ball in and keeping possession. Needs a goal badly though.
  11. I haven't seen the replays yet but from my view I don't blame Clark at all for their goal. It looked a well struck shot from Garner and any attempt to catch it would most likely have led to a tapnin for McKay. He appeared to attempt to shovel the ball as wide as possible. Shaughnessy-who was otherwise excellent-didn't react quickly too it and appeared to slip allowing McKay to get the shot in far too easily to score.
  12. You know Craig is the ginger one, right?! Aside from a five minute spell after the goal his pass completion must have been below 40%. He punted several straight out the park and several times found an ict shirt.
  13. Probably, yes. Do what's best for you though! the dominos one should be gone now.
  14. I don't think you can count the Spoony one as shoulder to shoulder. Shoulder to shoulder is when you're running together and you use your strength to ease an opponent away. The defender in this instance made it his only mission to knock over Wotherspoon and at no point were they running alongside each other. He was treading very thin ice. The foster one looked absolutely clear cut.
  15. The issue is i don't control that ad popping up. It's served centrally through an ad server and for whatever reason we're getting that one constantly just now. I've asked for it to be taken off our rotation so hopefully it'll be gone asap.