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  1. If Saints had gone through they would have been playing there in the next round.
  2. Sorry, I messed up the quote function. My comment looked like it was part of yours. Don't know how I managed it
  3. To be honest I haven't yet used either southend airport or its train station, which only opened fairly recently, but I've heard very good things about the airport. Just had a look on the train line for london liverpool street to southend airport - seems like there are 3 trains an hour during the week, takes about 53 minutes (direct) If you're going through the town centre the Fenchurch street line to southend central is I would think quicker and more convenient. In any case, Southend is spoiled by having two train links to London. What's more, it's only a short walk between Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street stations, should anyone be taking the Stansted - London - Southend route. Although I haven't lived in Southend for a long time, I go there fairly often and maybe can and try and answer any questions anyone has. Good on yer Essexsaint - it's good to know that there are Saints fans round the Southend area!
  4. Worth bearing in mind that southend airport has its own train station, although that's on the Liverpool st line. Never thought I'd be reading a thread on here about how to get to southend, my hometown
  5. I don't so I'd be looking to pay by paypal or bank transfer. Failing that money in an envelope I suppose... I don't really mind which of the suggested options we go for, just happy to make a small contribution to the club. £20 would be fine by me.
  6. Yeah screw them, they're not even based in Wales...
  7. Playing in Europe is addictive, definitely feeling some withdrawal symptoms today... Still, it was good while it lasted, and overall I prefer to go out on penalties than be outplayed in normal time. A good performance against Kilmarnock will be the best way to get the bad taste out of our mouth (cause, yeah, we should have won).
  8. Wasn't very optimistic when he came on, but he definitely made a difference once he did. Will be interesting to see what he can do this season.