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  1. Dave Ferg

    Euro Memories

    I've been fortunate to make a few trips having been too skint to go to Monaco and bitterly regretting not going ever since. Many people I've spoken to that did go were equally as skint as me but went nevertheless! 1. The main memory of Trondheim was my cousin saying to me at the end "Fergie, the only thing that could top this would be winning the Scottish Cup". Little did we know how prophetic that would be! The night in the piano bar after was magical and something I'll never forget. 2. The night with the San Marino team in the bar in Yerevan was bizarre to say the least. Seeing some of their guys in Saints' tops is a special memory. 3. Crossing the bridge in Lucerne and looking back at the beautiful city we were in was up there too. Hopefully it won't be long before more special memories are being made!
  2. Young Comrie on target for the Pars (along with a treble from former target Kevin Nesbit).
  3. I think there was a judgement call there when the tackles were perhaps more meaty than expected? How many points do ICT get for that win haha?
  4. More positives than negatives despite the meaningless score. Duffy looks like a find and could be good cover at cb as Ando looks to be struggling a bit...... Craig's pass to McMillan when he could probably have scored was very telling for me. We need a striker desperately.
  5. I should be there Cristo. First visit to Clach Park despite being up here since 1986
  6. How did young Millar in the Morton midfield play?
  7. 1884 posts Ginger! Liking your style. Excellent shout re FCU.
  8. Paul Hartley confirmed in at Cove Rangers this week replacing his father in law.
  9. Friendly at Clach Park on Friday 12/7/19 at 7.30pm.
  10. The ludicrous offside decision given against Scotland was inexcusable at any level of football. It's a great shame that some of the officiating has been so poor given that the standard of play has generally been excellent.
  11. Just checked the squads out hoping for some St Johnstone connection (as there often is in the Junior Cup Final) but alas there appears to be none whatsoever. Looking at the websites Talbot must be nailed on certs for this?
  12. Stevie Banks on the telly box as part of Tranmere's victorious play off set up.
  13. Yes its excellent and who knew his initials are SJFC?
  14. Scone loon and Montrose player Andrew Steeves has left his coaching role at Saints to join Dundee United's Academy (as an employee as opposed to being a volunteer). United made an enquiry about another coach in a similar capacity who is hopefully staying. Interesting United are beefing up their youth set up ahead of their make or break fixtures vs St Mirren.