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  1. Whilst Raith lost 2 goals to Elgin City and arguably should have conceded a first half penalty.
  2. Former Saint Gerry Crawley, now president of Queens Park, announces The Spiders will turn professional to help secure their long term survival.
  3. I was there for the 90, how many times?
  4. How often did he do that on Wednesday? I must have missed them.
  5. Murray was excellent, really dominated the midfield.
  6. Great win and special mention for Murray who was clear MotM and young Wallace Duffy who put in a terrific shift. Very pleasant drive up the A9 for a change.
  7. When he came out for the second half in the pre-season game in Inverness and played cb you could see that is his natural position. Steven Anderson Mark 2?
  8. My sentiments entirely. Wallace did very well and, for me, is more of a cb than a rb.
  9. Wee word for Wallace Duffy yesterday, I thought he was excellent. There's a centre back in there for sure.
  10. Personally I'd give Tommy Wright a clear ultimatum, a five year deal on the basis the next five must be as successful as the last five. Be careful what you wish for.
  11. Interesting comment regarding the watering of the pitch, it looked very wet in areas and a few lost their footing most notably Holt for the ridiculous hand ball decision.
  12. At last a "home" game! The Fergs will be there.