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  1. Yas...I'd pay good money to watch that!
  2. Great to see some fight and passion from the boys. Getting Gordon back will steady the defence for sure. Whens Wright due back?
  3. The lack of direction here is worrying.Cant blame Tommy when he has been given FA funds.
  4. The home crowds will be even lower this season.False economy
  5. Is there not a conflict of interests here though.Would Kane and Kane up front together not cause utter confusion among the Saints squad?
  6. Sorry I thought it was obligatory to come on here and chat pish.Its a football forum after all
  7. He scored 4 in one game just last week though in the Championship .Surely current form is more of an indication
  8. Maybe that's because they haven't played at that level,which I know is your point but you know what I mean.
  9. I'd rather go for a striker on the up not on the way down.Would have been happier with a Shankland or Meggison type.Strikers that have a scoring track record and not ones that have forgotten where the back of the net is.
  10. Well that was a given on the coupon,Celtic win to nil
  11. Dont think Stevie May could be classed as a quality striker,surely they score goals?