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  1. Players

    Sorry spelling of the names not correct, having an off day I am off to weatherspoons haha.
  2. Players

    It is terrible everyday you read this team and that team are signing players and not a peep from saints. Mr B please sell the club to someone who will invest in the team , the likes of McLean Cummings Weatherspoon are simply not good enough . The support saints get reflects the quality of players on the park and what we have are not up to scratch.
  3. Saints v Hearts.19/12/15. 3pm K-O

    Tommy Wright is an excellent manager but it is beggars belief he still lets Steven McLean take penalties. McKay, Easton, Murray, Craig would be on the list before him , in many ways we should have won this game on determination alone, but having a penalty and missing it is beyond a joke. I also thought spoons needs to go to spec savers I don't know how many times Easton was free on the wing going forward and he choose to send the ball into an area filled with maroon shirts..This sums up the day ' Now McLean just sought to impress with the spot kick he thought he'd address it sailed high and wide causing fans to deride his incompetence and lack of finesse ! '
  4. Went to the game yesterday first one for ages maybe the last one unless things change, Players not getting any back up from Lomas in dug out and it looked as if he does not care . New Manager now please