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  1. Used to play darts for them in the late 60's Ushers pub - Norseman lager was disgusting.
  2. No, just off Mercer Terrace, half way down on the left - Kinloch Place or Terrace late 60's early 70's
  3. auld reekie saint- you are correct bit late he worked there when my dad was Station Master at Perth. Derek Robertson was a brilliant keeper and should have had a Scotland cap but hey- ho play for Saints - nae chance!
  4. Sorry Andy, none of us can make it - my twin grandsons first birthday party that day so jelly on the menu Pass on my regards to all. Will see you at the semi final - COYS OB
  5. Cheers Stu, Accom sorted - In the Rosli and from reading the forum we will be with other fellow Saints fans also booked there Roll On COYS
  6. Tractor Boy's dad and I have flights booked. Now looking for hotel(etc) accom. in Lucerne - Ibis etc all sold out. Any suggestions most welcome COYS
  7. Well done Stu Don't get stressed - you have done a tremendous job! Just hope the 49 seater can be filled
  8. Don't quite know what happened with my last post. Don't get cut up about it stu - it is my fault entirely. We will be there one way or another Grant
  9. Hi Stu<br /><br />My fault - not paying enough attention to the forum. I really hope you can get enough for the third bus - we are still a<br />defo 11 places if so.<br />Have you tried Duddingston Private Hire, (07904 399 768) I know the owner (Derek) well and am sure if he has a bus available he<br />will give a decent price. Tell him you know me or I will contact him direct if you wish.<br />If that is not possible can you let me know what social club you are going to and if we have to 'train it' we can hopefully meet<br />up there<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />
  10. Stu Put me down for another 4 seats please cheers
  11. Hi Stu so far I would be looking for at least 6 seats. may well rise
  12. Thanks Chips, Superb photos of Perth station. My dad was Station Master at Perth many years ago so brought back lots of memories. Sad to see the demise of the place now with most of the surrounding railway infractcure gone. Have you any photos of the engine sheds which were at Craigie or the 'New Yard' which was near Hillyland Cheers
  13. St D. two seats please - myself & tractor boys old man. Ormond Boy
  14. Can you put me down for two seats please Thanks Ormond boy
  15. my dad was in charge here in late 60's early 70's. His office was behind the double windows to the left of the main door. He was also Station Master at Perth for many years with an office on platform 4 close to what used to be the porters howf. - the longest domestic passenger platform on the UK rail network. Nice photo chips Have you any of the old Fechney Buildings on the Glasgow Road / Spens Crescent.