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  1. Aberdeen v Saints 27/2/16

    Can't seem to get the online commentary working, but have managed to get online commentary on Aberdeen's Red Tv instead
  2. Aberdeen v Saints 27/2/16

    How do you listen to the live commentary online?
  3. David Wotherspoon

    Now our second top scorer behind Macca with 7 goals- deserves praise for his goal scoring contribution this season. We all said he needed to add goals and he has, so deserves credit for that. Hope his improved tally will give him some much needed confidence
  4. MOTM Saints 0 - Hearts 0 - 19/12/2015

    Toss up between Muzz, Craig and Macca for me. Macca should have given the ball to someone else while Muzz missed too many chances so I gave it to Liam. I thought Wotherspoon was ok but given the space he had was hoping he would provide a spark but he never seemed to have the confidence to try something.
  5. Round 21 - Ross County (A), 5/12/15

    0-1 Liam Craig 3002
  6. Round 20 - Dundee (H), 27/11/15

    1-1 Loy 4687
  7. Round 19 - Dundee Utd (A), 21/11/15

    Dundee United 1 Saints 3 Wotherspoon 6406
  8. Round 19 - Dundee Utd (A), 21/11/15

    Dundee United 0-2 Saints Muzz 5408
  9. Round 18 - Kilmarnock (H), 07/11/15

    Saints 3-1 Kilmarnock Macca 3001
  10. Hamilton v Saints. Sat. 31st Oct.

    We scored two more while I was researching how many goals Brian Graham scored last year Make that 22 goals scored by strikers this season!
  11. Hamilton v Saints. Sat. 31st Oct.

    Our strikers have 21 goals between them already this season, and its not even November yet... For comparison Graham, Maclean, O'Halloran, Kane and *shudders* Morgan managed just 3 more over the course of the whole of last season season.
  12. Round 17 - Hamilton (A), 31/10/15

    Hamilton 1-2 Saints Cummins 2222
  13. Round 15 - Inverness (A), 24/10/15

    Inverness 2-3 Saints Fisher 3333
  14. Round 14 - Partick (H), 17/10/15

    Saints 5-0 Thistle Cummins 3001
  15. Tommy Wright

    I think one of Tommy's biggest achievements as a Saints manager may well be his signing of Graham Cummins. While its still early, given our struggle for goals last year and the fact that his previous signed strikers have been at best underwhelming (see Fallon, Iwelumo and Morgan) I'm not sure too many Saints fans were all that confident in Wright's ability to sign a striker who could find the net regularly. Cummins has been superb though, and four goals early doors is a decent total but his role in the revival of Sir Steven Maclean cant be understated. O'Halloran has also had a superb season and has set up 4 goals for other players but Cummins actually matches that total with 3 of his 4 assists this season also having been for Maclean goals. In addition to this he runs around the pitch like the village idiot he seemingly is but he completely unsettles defenders and he was crucial to our success against Dundee United last weekend. Certainly one of the best all round strikers we've had since our promotion and right up there with Sandaza and not too far behind May and Maclean, with his partnership with the latter being reminiscent of the one the former had. Great find from Tommy.