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  1. Miguel Simao

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    ****ing pathetic
  2. Is it safe to laugh at Dundee now?
  3. Just give it to Williams! ETA Pity abut his finishing
  4. Miguel Simao

    Dundee v Saints

    We haven't scored in two minutes, Tommy out.
  5. Miguel Simao

    Dundee v Saints

  6. Miguel Simao

    Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Will take that! Hopefully a decent crowd on Saturday and everyone gets right behind the team for a huge game against county
  7. Miguel Simao


  8. Miguel Simao

    Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Still 6th and the top team in Tayside Keep the faith
  9. Miguel Simao

    Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    And he's a shite manager with a shite squad.
  10. Miguel Simao

    Player Contracts + Transfers

  11. Miguel Simao

    Kilmarnock (A) - Premiership - 05/08/17

    Saints: Mannus, Alston, Shaughnessy, Anderson, Davidson, Wotherspoon, Paton, Foster, Scougall, Easton, Cummins Captain Ando!
  12. Miguel Simao


    Monaco would struggle in League 1, Plymouth get better crowds than them.