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  1. I presume the idea is so they have a rough idea of numbers attending a game via the electronic data, with an analyst they can then predict crowds and look at trends of when people are and aren’t attending games etc... also allows them to order stocks of food more stringently
  2. Zander Ralston Kerr Duffy. Tanser McCann. Craig Wright. Swanson. Kennedy May 3-0
  3. Celtic Rangers Hibs Aberdeen Hearts St Johnstone Kilmarnock Motherwell Hamilton Dundee St Mirren Livingston
  4. Hasn’t allowed me to renew the league so... here’s the new code - 1973505-475813
  5. Would more be prize money for qualifying from previous round and potential money received from this round
  6. Saints 5-0 East Fife David McMillan 1450
  7. Think perhaps whilst we are looking at young players as looking to develop them, Tommy may see them as capable squad players on very low wages. Rather than loaning them out and bringing it slightly better more experienced players on 3x the wage he’d rather keep them for a few years as capable back ups
  8. Dorley is on loan with a fee of 135k being paid at the end of the season. Transfer wages can be used as comparisons to roughly presume what wages they’d be on. I’d imagine no more than that of Maclean or Scougall
  9. Interesting to note that Maksimov and Dorley both left Trakai for a combined 180k, perhaps some of their players aren’t so out of reach for us
  10. McMillans injury was located between groin and tendon thus making it very hard to treat! He’ll be back
  11. Think we need to clear this up, the group aren’t banned by Saints, a few members of the group have football banning orders by the police but it is indeed the choice of these lads not to attend. They can attend if they want