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    Supported Saints all my life. Get to as many games as i can.
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    Kinloss, Morayshire
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  1. Come on saints!! Make this pish drive down the A9 in the wine chariot worth it!!! Lets get right in tae these cunts!!!!!
  2. No kids allowed in blackfriars! Totally dog shit place
  3. A few of us in the Innes bar now! Where is everyone else having per match scoops?
  4. Here we ****ing go again!!! Get a grip saints ffs!!!
  5. It will be if it comes in! Or could just be another wasted tenner!!
  6. 2-0 saints, vine to score first! 45/1!!! Mon then!!!!
  7. 2-1 up against 10 men!! Shut the ****ing door!! FFS!
  8. I was at this side of the stand with my 2 kids! What you are saying is utter pish! There was a little bit of banter with the stewards and constant singing! That is all! Get a grip! It's a ****ing football match! Go ice skating or something next week ya tool!!!
  9. Hahahahahaa!!! That is on the cards pal!! Whats that sprog? Your English! You are now driving the men to Dundee hahaha
  10. That sounds superb mate, I might be able to jack up a minibus for the the Dundee game, would just be a case of chipping in to pay a driver! I will keep you posted.