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  1. Dundee United Are Shite!

    Think they are subject to a takeover bid and name change mooted to be: DOWNDEE UNITED
  2. New Kit launched

    i photoshopped it, but I have one of those shirts that i had done. The red top is one I like because it harks back to the Matchwinner era, Heddle, McVicar and the early years at McD under Totten. We had just left the umbro kit, which we had for years. As a kid I just wanted us to have a ground (like McD tbf) and a new Totten came in and th first thing he did was get us a new kit. Hence, my appreciation of the red top. If anyone wants one of these tops i could be persuaded!
  3. Jeanfield v Musselburgh - Saturday

    jeanie will do it, huge achievement. well done all!
  4. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Would have said this would be played at East Fife but they are having a 3G installed, so going to hazard a guess that it'll be at Stirling Albion !
  5. New Kit launched

  6. New Kit launched

    Just got one of these for £29.99 .......
  7. New Kit launched

    ****ing hell..... i think this might lead to a perth civil war.... BLUE SHORTS. Simmer doon ffs Ok, so we all kinda like the strip, but one thing WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET A RED AWAY KIT like 1988............MON WITH THE RED AWAY (like the one in the photo above of the TTL catalogue)
  8. New Kit launched

    Agree. Remove the collar, leave the colours solid and they would break sales records .......but it seems, like lots of commercial decisions, that saints don't like money p.s I like them..... but would love them if solid/no collar etc
  9. New Kit launched

    Think both kits looks good. Had I been in charge I'd have not had the collar and gone with a V neck. The Alan Storrar logo is still italic but they have improved it. The away kit is the same as we had for a home kit a few years back! I like that both kits have interchangeable shorts.....which will obviously boil the piss of some folk. it's a fairly cheap looking kit, but simple and will sell in droves !
  10. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    I'm doing a private list for Marnoch and me "Europa League - First Class Lounges" .#welcomeaboardsirturnleft
  11. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    One more thing B36 Torshavn are seeded, they are on that image above by mistake, so don't expect to meet them, save for redistribution in the draw....
  12. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Luxembourg is a good one, RyanAir though. The Welsh teams are all along the northern coastline, so poorly served by Trains. i went to Bala Town v AIK at Rhyl lasst year and opted for car because the trains take a while, stop early in the evening and Rhyl is a dump so i wanted home after the match.
  13. Europa League (Team/Transport/Hotels) etc

    Haha........Did it at 3am on a bender!!! Only London prices ..cos thats what suits me.
  14. Run in for Europe

    As you like....
  15. WE ARE IN EUROPA LEAGUE ...again!!! THIS IS A ROUGH GUIDE TO WHO WE MIGHT PLAY, AND THE COST OF GETTING THERE. Good to have half an idea of where/how much.... Have gone through the list of teams in QR1 from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, NI, Eire, Wales, Finland, FI, Luxembourg ... then split them based on coefficient. From those teams I've put together a list of flight prices (from London) and trains for Wales (from Perth). But If we're drawn to a Welsh team avoid the train! Barossa Buss or Car FTW. All Flights to FI go via Copenhagen. Here is the link: - might add more info for the hell of it (hotels, photo of the ground etc) - but anyone can edit this link... My guess is we'll end up in Wales or Lithuania. Cheapest flights are to Luxembourg. Countries Number of Teams (unseeded) Lithuania 3 Wales 3 Northern Ireland 2 Faroe Islands 2 Luxembourg 1 Finland 1 Iceland 1 Estonia 1 Latvia 1 Grand Total 15 FLIGHTS ETC (mistakes/omissions likely!)