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  1. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Stevie May thread for this pish
  2. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    There is no place for sentiment. He is an employee of the club and if they don't want him working on this season's project, then he has to either find another job, or get on with whatever they have told him to do. The club don't need to say a thing. They will continue to pay his wages regardless.
  3. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Your badge has been verified by emperor Jiangsu Sainty - please proceed
  4. Zander Clark

    Everybody knows goalkeeper coaches are superfluous, which if you had your football badges you'd know got yours scanned in?
  5. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Send them to Professor Jiangsu Sainty
  6. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Post your coaching badges mofo
  7. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    I'd like to see folk post their coaching badges ..... then tell us how you'd pick the team.
  8. Zander Clark

    And if you read the millwall forums you'll read that he is utter gash.
  9. Other games on the go

    Rosenborg are playing Ajax in the Europa league..... can anyone tell me how they managed to go from champions league quals to europa league???
  10. Problems on the Forum

  11. Happy to sort it out for anyone - no profit etc. or PM me and I'll send the guy's email/
  12. St Johnstone Shirts - ** Clearance Sale 2016 **

    That time of year again.......few tops going - St Johnstone Shirts - ** Clearance Sale 2017 ** There are a few home tops in mostly kids sizes available this year for clearance, the link is here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ST JOHNSTONE KITS ON SALE >>>>
  13. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    aye, I'm alright jack.....
  14. Jeanfield Swifts JFC V St Johnstone U20's

    If you get a paypal address I'll buy a ticket..... won't be going but 500 appearances... WOW!
  15. Vilnius

    71 kegs were sold to saintees on weds night..... so i doubt many were capable of getting a gallop on.