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  1. MySpazz

    Scotland's shame

    He mentions Alex Dyer, who I was kitman for at his job before classy classy guy. He mentions his kids in England. I have had the luxury of avoiding sectarianism, and whenever I hear it I am kinda fascinated by the people, how they ACTUALLY believe it. I look and listen to it, like Clarke says, like i would a racist, with sympathy for the dead head that's operating the mouth. Scotland to have any hope of success in sport or as a nation needs rid of that garbage. As someone above posted, I too vote for getting the OF to fk out of the league, let them go to England. Without the OF so much sectarianism would evaporate.
  2. MySpazz

    Saints Tv

    It's now charged for media because in previous years there was no Pay TV available. They already give away the content free to BBC, to radio interviews, newspapers and so on. All those media outlets receive some funding, either via licence or you have paid for it - Why not pay Saints for their content too? It costs to produce, it's in short supply, and where other clubs can do training ground reports and all that, Saints do not have the staff so the most direct, easiest and most watched is the interview: therefore charge for it. It's like saying: "I want to watch the game..." why are they charging for that? The game is content The interview is content =:)
  3. MySpazz

    Saints Tv

    Why? It's premium content You can go to BBC and read 7 lines from TW free of charge.
  4. MySpazz

    St Johnstone Womens FC

    Am I right in thinking the St Johnstone Women team is started out as Jeanfield Swifts? I say this, because I see Jeanfield has a women's team? What's the history?
  5. MySpazz

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

  6. MySpazz

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    Why was Bell starting? Zander injured?
  7. MySpazz

    Murray Davidson

    Muzz is a warrior Heart and Passion. He'd never wear jeans, loafers and nae socks, or shave his baws - proper ****ing mentalist. Head injury, nae bother....just carries on. #legend
  8. MySpazz

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Who cares. Seriously. It's a joke. To take the OF games seriously is to think they are in the same league. They are not. One has 100M turnover v Saints 5m, and the other is bankrupt x 2, relying on dirty money in loans to sustain a ridiculous position in the league. Our team, our manager, our fans, our club are the real ****ing deal...................... MON THE SAINTS
  9. MySpazz

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Lay off the crack pipe. Tommy is the man.
  10. MySpazz

    Hamilton Away

    Two years ago I was kitman at the club where the Hamilton scorer was struggling to get in the team! Oh and Watt is gash #saysitall
  11. MySpazz

    Hamilton Away

    try this (make sure you have an adblocker tho)
  12. MySpazz

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Players get a pair of socks, cut the bottom off them, next week they come in, take another pair, cut the bottom off them. before long there are no socks with shoe part on them, just hoses left. Nightmare for the kitman
  13. At this time of year Scandinavians visit UK on Football Weekends (their leagues are either finished or on hiatus) , and go to as many games as they can over the weekend ...... hope someone got them tickets
  14. MySpazz

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    There is literally 100s of players to be kitted out. The club gets X amount free, then they are charged. It may be that BLK are charging too much, and the club don't see an issue with players having Joma stuff so they save money. But the real reason, and I'd be surprised if this is not the answer is: It's cold, the joma jackets are good and the PLAYERS had them at home and got them out for the cold snap. You'd be surprised how much kit a player can "steal" over the course of a season - ST JOHNSTONE KIT SALE - Here's what i have on ebay for sale <-- click