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  1. Cannae Wright trying to get a fee for him now, rather than nothing in a few months. We'd take the money..... always another player to be got along the line. The mistake we made was to to sign Watt, MOH and May. Three players I could tell were gash, and I know nothing about coaching or scouting football .....Watt / May same thing: busted flush. Strikers who can't score, but can "hold the ball up"....which means they are shite and can't score!!!
  2. Look forward to receiving the best of Robertson, then like a football manager, we get another one. Only difference is: if she is a success we can't get a transfer fee for her....
  3. Launch a membership scheme......ah wait, ma next door neighbour is a zombie. The problem is: these weirdos are everywhere. Let them have three stands. In fact, fill in the corners with their money, and sell them those seats too.
  4. If you have a season ticket and are funny about moving seat.............can I ask: WHAT DO YOU DO AT AWAY MATCHES! just move, let the club milk these zombies and tinks for all they can get....... give us yer foooking money ya radgy fks.
  5. Guy who lived upstairs from us, born and bred in Perth.....a massive bellend and bigot
  6. SJFC have never let me down IN MY LIFE!
  7. To all you Saintees near and far, have a good one folks ....
  8. Thinking to drive through from Perth to the game tonight, anyone need a lift (in the car.....rather than cheering up)
  9. We've been in this position before. The bottom of the table is still tight. for now........
  10. Thanks for that, guess I owe you another MON THE SAINTS #FreeMuzz
  11. Murray literally did not touch the player, his foot was on the ground, it was not reckless or out of control, it was merely a moment late. The game is turning into something where almost all tackles are bookings. Ferguson for dons is a fully fledged wankstain.