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  1. MySpazz


    Was desperate for it to be abandoned....given the whole Rugby Hurricane Haggis debacle...
  2. Top bins...................and good to hear you in fine fettle. Long may it continue.
  3. VPN is not illegal Bootlegging is.
  4. Very good post, and I agree that the club does very little around membership, other than junior saints and it has been superceeded by local clubs doing saturday "soccer" clubs. The club leave loads of money sloshing around other places that could be theirs. For instance, just start one of these membership schemes for exiles. Sure Saints TV is a scheme.....but it's not the same COST OF WATCHING SAINTS? Emotional cost is huge
  5. Personally I am a fan of NOT sacking the manager, so of course, the hope is he turns it around....but the evidence of the past 30....40 matches is not favourable given how the industry works. Just saying...not hoping!
  6. This is how it works...... we have some terrible results atm - many manager and agents will have already contacted the chairman, pro-offering their services/clients/suggestions. WHEN the chairman has someone in mind / lined up - TW will walk the plank. TW is not leaving .....he is getting sacked. That's how it will work.,
  7. When a managerial post becomes available the number of applicants can be over 50....60 more even. I'd not be too worried about finding a manager, especially if the ship is sinking with captain unable to alter course....... Not ideal, but might be time.
  8. Need four points from next two games. Failing that - new manager. new era needed.
  9. Tommy in.......but brexit might change that! (no idea how though )
  10. Football loves, embraces and capitalizes on's when they start bring the army and wars into it that I get a bit annoyed (leave the vicious business of killing out!)
  11. But for a great save from MOH the complexion of the game could have been o'so different. It turned out as per usual, worn down, outplayed and tough to get a goal when the luck always seems to favour the ugly ones..... No complaints - this is how it is, we are against a gulf in finances and quality.
  12. Good shout! thanks, i will be around to watch it for a change
  13. We have Spoony Estonian Matt K McCann All on the go With May Muzz Kerr Zander Who else?? all having tasted International set up
  14. MySpazz

    Free week

    Like Saints back in the day? Didn't we have those?