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  1. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    The police disco? WTH is that? You lot are killing me now................... junior disco up the community centre, aye.....but party with the rozzers?!
  2. Alan Storrar Cars

    Someone did a mock up of an away shirt they'd like to see. Can only say I'd buy this shirt it if came out. Looks amazing. EVEN BETTER WHEN COMPARED TO THE DUNDEE TOP.......
  3. Last game of the season

    Mail the SLO ......................................
  4. Swanson and fosters money

    Bit of a unique situation for saints to handle, and free bus travel is doss..... but i'd have taken their wages and subsidized a home match.....rather than give it away to Celtic/Aberdeen..... Maybe the McD buses could pick up at Barossa?
  5. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    Warm tributes have been paid to former Perth football referee Bill Young, who has died at the age of 87. After leaving Balhousie Boys’ School, Bill – known as Willie – embarked on farm work before taking up a post with Dewar’s Whisky in Perth. He stayed with the firm until ‘retiring’ at the age of 58. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads After a short period without working, Bill began a seasonal job as a leisure assistant at Dewars Rink. He remained in that position until the age of 80 when ill-health forced him to give it up. Away from work, Bill was a hugely popular figure in local and national football circles. The beautiful game was his passion and he was the man in the middle in the Perth area from the 1960s until the 1980s, mostly taking charge of juvenile games. He refereed a number of juvenile cup finals including the East of Scotland Cup final of 1974/75, a Scottish Under 18s Cup final, Under 13 Shield final in 1986/87, PJFL League Cup final in 1982/83, PAFA Cup final 1986/87, Juvenile Association Scottish Cup final 1973/74, SJFA Under 14s final 1980/81, Scottish Juvenile Cup 1970/71 and PJFA Cup final in 1975/76. There was also a fourth official appearance at a Scotland versus Wales Under 15 match on April 4, 1987. After handing over his cards for a final time in his sixties, Bill began bowling and played at Darnhall, Bridge of Earn and Needless Road, where he won a number of triples trophies. Former work colleague Dougie Yeats said he would always be grateful to Bill for igniting his own passion for refereeing. Dougie said: “He was a stickler for discipline and cracked down hard on players who showed dissent or threatened his authority by questioning his competency of decision-making.” “He was a Glasgow Rangers supporter, but never broadcast it and one of his proudest moments was when he was a linesman at a match at Simpson Park which involved Jeanfield Swifts and a Rangers Select. “And while he was reluctant to referee unofficial football matches, he decided to accept an invitation to referee a game involving Dewar’s who played in the DCL League. “Obviously the Dewar’s players, most of whom were workmates, were expecting a few favours from Bill, but none were forthcoming. “This led to a few players voicing an opinion with eventually two players being dismissed. Bill was never asked back!” Bill is survived by wife Lena, daughter Carolyn, son-in-law James and granddaughter Rachel. The funeral will be held at 2pm on Tuesday, April 18, at Perth Crematorium.
  6. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    The SLO is an independent position which reports directly to the CEO and is not affiliated to any single Department within Celtic Park, this means that fans have an independent representative putting their views forward. The SLO should therefore be chosen from among the supporters. The SLO must be present among them. The SLO must know them and be known and accepted by them. Only then can they assess the mood among supporters. The supporter liaison role is effectively covered by a number of people within the Club covering the key areas of ticketing, operations, match day experience and communications. One person is nominated as Supporter Liaison Co-ordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that all SLO communications and feedback are dealt with by the correct department and that the necessary actions are delivered. . The SLO has to be an advocate of both sides, to be impartial, and to represent the views of both club and fans fairly, unbiased and without prejudice. Neither club nor fans may be seen to be favoured by the SLOs. There's four views from four clubs, feel free to read the other 100 that are listed here
  7. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    Saints are not exactly a paradigm of cutting edge (which is cool in some ways). SO I love this thing where people say "Oh it's not the 1970s". It's the lamest come back ever......
  8. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    I don't pretend they were anything other than young lads. But with so many people who say they know how to behave, how comes the club never worked out how to work with them, retain their business, and the atmosphere. Two major criticisms "no fans, no atmosphere" they were part of a solution, but they were also outside of what the club knows what to do with; because they are a closed shop who do things in one or two ways. Like i said, an SLO from within the FCU (or elsewhere outside of the inner sanctum of the club) might have been a good start. The club can have 100 SLOs if they wanted. But that might mean humility. As things stand the SLO role at SJFC is a joke.
  9. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    They can make anyone an employee. It could be someone from the FCU, if that was the pain point at the club Not so. But I am critical of the "closed" nature of the club and its attitude towards the average fan. Most noted recently with the actions in regards FCU.
  10. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    It is being run as a business, that sometimes gets grants from the government in various ways, and has no independent fan representation at any level. Agree that Paul Smith is a irreplaceable stalwart. He was, for all intents and purposes a type of SLO, until we were obliged to make the role formal. The SLO role at SJFC is a joke.
  11. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    The SLO movement gained momentum in Scandinavia, where the reps are taken from supporter groups rather than a club employee. I think what St Johnstone are doing is pretty dodgy in respect of impartiality. I know who the SLO is, and have nothing but good to say about them, their background and connection to saints, but they are an employee of the club and therein is a conflict of interest for the SLO role. If someone has been in the pub, does that negate their view..... do we need to adhere to a behavior policy here too? Are you the tannoy guy
  12. St Johnstone's Public Relations

    The SLO role is a joke. The lass is an authentic and respected fan of the club, but it's meant to be an independent appointment. Not one from within. My views on the conduct of the club, never mind fans, are well known.
  13. Jeanfield v Lochee United - Saturday 8 April

    Good luck! Get the lads on a bit of "I am a lion, I am a tall tree....!!
  14. Run in for Europe

    Of course..... totally failed to register those teams. Thanks!