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  1. Rangers Match - London Saintees

    For anyone reading this post as it bubbles back up the forum. This was the start of what has become known as the Saints' Exiles. Anyone who is not in Scotland (or near McD), but following St are, like it or lump it, an Exile. No dues to pay, no memberships, just make sure you are converting the locals to the mighty mighty St Johnstone FC MTS
  2. Rangers Match - London Saintees

    They took some cover from some errant Celtic fans's all coming back to me now!
  3. World Cup 2018

    Not bothered about the WC. More interested in the Europa League qualifiers, Trakai v Druids Cefn (or is it Cefn Druids!) later this month, or some IRN-BRU matches between Sutton United and St Johnstone youngsters. Watching some overpaid primadonnas roll about when they get an eyelash out of place or listening to Gary Linekar and his shower of bumrushers does not ....not at all. Russia, what a place to have a WC, then Qatar.............wondering if USA will continue the trend in 2016 by hosting matches in Guantanemo? Thankfully the SFA and Scotland national team have some backbone are also boycotting it (political reasons I assume)
  4. the Secret 8 is no more

    exactly my thinking!
  5. the Secret 8 is no more

    @sixties saintee You could rep for the exiles! Or we could job share If not, any exiles out there up for representing the mighty SJFC diaspora?
  6. World Cup 2018

    a bit 'EPL' ish. L.O.L
  7. Exiles Potys

    THE EXILES HAVE REACHED THEIR TARGET !!! Thank you to @Jad and @stanley saint for their contributions, which with them takes us over the line to £500.00 collected for the match ball sponsorship. Off the top of my head I think there are 17...18 Exiles (from far north Arctic Canada to the Falkland Isles!) who have made the match ball sponsorship possible. - including @The Inspiration repping for Captain Marnoch. 'll post a full list of names in the coming days. @The ghost of Jim Morton can you PM me with details of how you want the money paid (Cheque/Bank Tranfer/PayPal?) MON THE SAINTS!
  8. 2018/19 friendlies

    Waiting on them announcing the one v Jeanfield Swifts.......... waiting!
  9. Exiles Potys

    Another Saintee supporting the Chris Millar matchball sponsorship Thank you to @essexsaint for your backing. The aim is £500.00 with £455.00 committed. @stanley saint has committed in principle, but is struggling with WIFI down in Falkland Islands, so we are pretty much at target. If there's anyone else out there with a spare 22.50 who wants to jump on board the Matchball collection... link is below. To contribute / read more ; see >>>
  10. Neale Cooper RIP

    Very sad given his age. I'd expect something to be added to Millar's testimonial game given it's the first match Dons will play after his passing. Wasn't cooper still employed by Aberdeen?
  11. Exiles Potys

    Another three Saintees are supporting the matchball sponsorship Thank you to @Saintdunc @Broggy Man and @geth88 for their backing. The aim is £500.00 with £430.00 committed. To contribute / read more ; see >>>
  12. Exiles Potys

    Nice one! £100.00 to go to the target.... Donations have from Fair Isle to the Falkland Isles!
  13. Exiles Potys

    Hi, there is now a "PayPal pool" to manage the donations. To see the total, and make a donation, please go here
  14. Betfred Cup

    Great wee draw, had been made better by Dundee United. Alas Failkirk and Totten it is.
  15. Exiles Potys

    Thanks JM for your contribution. @stanley saint i've PMd you.