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  1. Exiles Potys

    In recognition of John, I'm voting for Muzz. The Panama Saints Supporters' Trophy Someone who's better at grammer than I am can verify if that apostrophe is in the right place !!!! e.g. panama saints supporting saintees... Sure a few folk will want to know why there is a panama saints supporters club LAUGH OUT LOUD HAHHA!! <3 to PANAMA SAINT xxx
  2. Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    Met John over 15 years ago, in London, and Perth, and Athens nearly came off too. And you know I was thinking about him, might have been yesterday. Cos I've not been on here as much, and with recent posts I'd thought, "John's not chipped in", now this. Gutted. Just so so sorry to read this, I'll really miss him on here. ****. This sucks. Joss - I'm sorry mate. My Dad is the other side of the world, and I dread this sort of news coming in. Thanks for posting the photo, it's one for the ages now. Sending you love. John - RIP ...... you made this place ...SHINE BRIGHT <3
  3. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    All blue, but with this collar
  4. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Don't like any of those macron tops, we've had the first two already in recent years via Joma. I think a shirt with a "grandad" collar would be good.
  5. Old Saints shirts

    Nice matchwinner shirt in there!
  6. Old Saints shirts

    There is a pop-up shop opening this week in east london selling shirts, and an exhibition *was on last year in Manchester* I remember when Soccer Scene was on Carnaby Street (there were two). I would go down there and get the sale shirts for £ 1987. Reckon a few of those could have been in this exhibition.
  7. Old Saints shirts

    My best shirts I have shrink wrapped in a filing cabinet! Framing is expensive and lots of them look poor IMO. I sold shirts to a guy who frames them on a beveled plate inside a 5" deep frame, they look like something from a museum. Very cool. He can also reproduce any signature, so say you want all the 1980s team signed on it (and you have the signatures on a bit of paper) he can do it. SELL YOUR SAINTS SHIRTS -- If anyone wants to sell shirts - PM me BUY SAINTS SHIRTS -- If anyone wants to buy shirts see
  8. St Johnstone Shirts - ** Clearance Sale 2016 **

    Thanks Sixties, I really like the Barossa shirt because it has the WE ARE PERTH lamb badge. Alas too big for me, so had to go to a good home. Anyone else? All the shirts now have free postage.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ST JOHNSTONE KITS ON SALE >>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

  10. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Bigger brands - quite simply the costs to buy the items. First Team, Staff, Training wear, U20s, Women's to start ................someone count it up! Easily getting on for 1000 items right there... so the difference of 2-5£ would be felt by Saints on those deals. Similarly on the replica stuff sold in the shop (e.g. Campus). The misnomer is that Saints get a cut every time one is sold. Saints get a lump sum upfront, so the idea that buying it in one shop or another "helps Saints" is moot. Saints get paid first! There are cheap companies out there doing decent kits. These are template, but we have always had a template ALSO PLEASE LET THE AWAY KIT BE RED TO MARK TOTTEN & the 1988 revival
  11. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    That's my point, you get expensive brands via a licence...... Killie's kits were 1869 "own design" and imported from Sri Lanka to their spec.. What names are you seeing coming into the market?
  12. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I know a wee bit about this kit malarky..... Joma have been good for Saints, they have paid a decent Royalty to the club for 8 years, and were the beneficiaries of the cup winning season. Forget Umbro/Puma/Nike/Adidas - those brands would be a liability for Saints. Expect Pendle (!), Macron, or Errea types.......Admiral also, but for the Englandshire connotations. Hummel kits are licenced in the UK and the firm (not Hummel) typically run a concern on behalf of the clubs it takes on e.g. Charlton last year, Rotherham this year. So long as Saints don't follow the Kilmarknock or Gillingham model and have the strips done up in Sri Lanka, I'm happy
  13. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Remember players can pull a pension at the age of 35 (those who have paid into one). These players are paid decent wages, unlike the 1980s where many were part-timers (but still earning decent money mind). People are a bit duped by "footballers" - they do it for money, there is ALOT of money in Football and players are the greatest beneficiaries of it. We have this idea that football is somehow about virtue .............far from it! Millar of all the players is one who knows how to play the fans, and media.
  14. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Some folk don't want to be involved, they just want to spend money with their club. Same here with the Spot the Ball gig. No taking away the work you put it. It's incredible, you are a real asset to the club, and if Bev wasn't doing it, I'd have you down for SLO. Just saying, shame it's such a small venue for such a cool event. Clearly there is demand. All the best with it.
  15. St Johnstone Shirts - ** Clearance Sale 2016 **

    I DON'T encourage everyone to buy them for £15.00, considering i usually sell for less than that (and also offer free postage!) but sure, if you want........batter in !!! For the record: I know people think they are helping the club, but the club get their upfront payment at the start of the year, and it's for the likes of TTL to then recoup, so it doesn't matter who you buy from the club already got their licence fee. Just saying. Cheers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ST JOHNSTONE KITS ON SALE >>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------