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  1. REQUEST Any have the (original, not that moody knockoff) red matchwinner shirt that would sell to me? Or if you know anyone with it, can you ask them.....
  2. Don't want to bore you all with the details, but the English, and by that I mean the Civil Service and in particular Westminster could not two fcks about Scotland - we are but shit on their shoe, so if you have any gumption and self worth you'd support anyone who would fight for Scottish Independence. Oh, before anyone gets offended I hate only one English thing: The football team. I love the English and can't wait until they have the self-confidence to be a nation and independent place - Scotland is ready. On the Covid shutdown............. just hand out the titles to Celtic and Dundee United, then have play offs in the other areas where there is something of contention (relegation, Europa League)
  3. Fine, construct the league in such a way that there is a play off scenario, or whatever it takes but what is clear is this: You cannot just lose 4 months of a year and then carry on as normal. What's your solution?
  4. Any which each other twice, that'll do it. Doesn't need to be 30, could be 22 if needed, or 26 if they promote clubs etc
  5. This is a good article, and points out the working class will become fodder, and in total all of us are here to create a market for the robber barons we have allowed to flourish through uncontrolled maximization and monopoly WORTH YOUR TIME >>>>
  6. EASY SOLUTION All contracts end as stipulated in June. But finish this season whenever we can, then have next season just 30 games. OR Just keep going ..... a two season season!!! make Dundee united play 70 games to get promoted
  7. What, i just signed up!!!!!!!!
  8. Just read this about the Highland League. Declared Brora Rangers champions and the league is over. WOW!!!!!!
  9. Football is really not that important. Saints have no easy choices. Morally or economically.
  10. you should avoid all social contact is the advise being given this WILL kill many many many people, and not all will be ill already. dropped stuff at my old maw, didn't go in, didn't stand more than 2 metres towards her.
  11. For many it has not quite sunk in what three months with no income looks like.
  12. if folk are isolating, lets no be going round to help them..............