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  1. Exiles Potys

    Great stuff.
  2. Exiles Potys

    JOR W is John.W 's son - son congrats @john.w, you won the ball. Can you PM me or Ghostie your address. On the off chance you don't want it, I can redo the draw. Any of you guys who contributed, and who want a programme, please PM your name/address. Couple of people have already PMd - we got 10 programmes total.
  3. Exiles Potys

    And the winner of the match ball is.....................................JOR W The draw was done live, here on Periscope.
  4. Exiles Potys

    Quick one to update that I haven't forgotten about the programme/ball draw. Ghostie is on holiday (he has the programmes/baw) and i've been ill (swear i was dying), so will get round to it in the next couple of weeks hopefully!
  5. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    They've used more ideas on one shirt than Joma did in 6 years (ok, Joma did try the tartan first though!)
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    If he gets 10 league goals i'll donate £100 to charity, as stated.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Be happy to be proved wrong....................
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Flitted around / Loaner Started pre-season last year with Charlton, deemed not good enough Went abroad, quickly out of favour at Belgium second div team Released from contract "paid up", Could have had a club months ago, so clearly not very motivated. Watt will be a stinker - if he scores more than 10 goals this season. I'll donate £100 to the charity of your choosing. Be surprised if he starts more than 15 games.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    unhinged, unfit, never been prolific - file under marcus haber
  10. Yes Jordan W is my son great job done mate

    cheers John .W

  11. Exiles Potys

    Ok, trying to do a wee audit here. Saints' Exiles have sponsored today's matchball, captain's armband and contributed to the match day programme (for a reprint of the text, see below). WHO DONATED WHAT Have received donations from those listed below | @john.w / @stanley saint / AN Other please confirm I have you (your son's name) covered EXILE DONATION TICKETS Rob M 22.5 1 Dun W 200 12 Mar T 50 3 Jor W 22.5 1 Ste Z 22.5 1 Jas C 22.5 1 Jos M 40 2 Chr G 10 1 DunM 20 1 Bri S 20 1 Mar C 25 1 Tom P 50 3 505 MATCH BALL DRAW Tickets means how many times your name will go into the draw to keep the match ball. 20-25 = 1 ticket, and then I've roughly pro-rata'd that up for those who contributed more. I will get all the names into Excel and run the RAND() function to pick a winner. I'll film it live on Twitter, this week. PROGRAMMES Anyone who wants a programme should PM/Send their name/address to me. I have requested 10 from @The ghost of Jim Morton - I will use the outstanding £5.00 (have paid Ghostie £500 by cheque) for the postage cost to get him to send down the Programmes. If you want a programme I will send them out, at my cost to you. REPRINT OF THE MATCH DAY PROGRAMME MESSAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Saints’ Exiles Club – the diaspora of fans outside Scotland - are proud to sponsor today’s match ball, and wish to congratulate Chris on his well-deserved Testimonial match. The Exiles were founded by Seaman Captain John Marnoch when around fifteen Saintees met up to watch St Johnstone in a cup match from the Sports Cafe pub in London sometime in the mid-2000s. Today’s captain’s armband is sponsored in recognition of John “Captain Marnoch” who recently passed away. He is responsible for the Exiles’ POTY efforts over the past few years and is fondly remembered as the only person to receive TWO bans from WAP forum! Contributions for today’s sponsorship came from as far afield as arctic Northern Canada, Australia, and the Falkland Isles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THANKS Well done @sixties saintee for being the one who actually got all this going, and made it happen. As always, huge thanks to @The ghost of Jim Morton @The Inspiration enjoy your day, god bless @AthensSaint @PanamaSaint @SingaporeSaint and any other astroturf accounts - we miss them all MON THE SAINTS!
  12. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    The shirt is good, it's a fresh change. the third year of the contract I reckon folk will want a traditional kit manufacturer, and none of the snazzy stuff. For's a young person's kit.
  13. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    When the away one sells 500!
  14. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    There will be a new shop At the Main stand.
  15. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Here is the training kit with tartan...........might be like the home top....i think it will be TBH the new shop will be up by the mainstand.