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  1. You talking exposure bucks, or real money?
  2. I don't agree with you. The content is an asset - don't give your assets away. Do you also expect to get live games free of charge? Give some examples of your Public Relations, and how these will be paid for? P.s paywalls have worked a treat for niche publications with niche audiences. Being a Saintee is also niche Anyhow, two things, first is this video PAY THE WRITER THEN TRY PAYING THE BILLS WITH "exposure"
  3. In the summer, there are fans who finance the club in the months with limited income. Those fans are being rewarded for trading futures on the club's performance. There are loads of reasons why it should be ST holders. The content is an asset. You do not give your assets away free of charge. When people here say PR, do they mean Press Relations, Community Liaison, Website, Social Media, Radio, Podcasts, YouTube Channel, Twitch.TV live streaming, Discord Channels...... and so on and on and on. One full time employee would struggle to run the website, update the social media, edit some videos and liaise with press. So, what is suggested for better PR is ...... employ a team of staff ? That's what it takes. Where is the content for all this PR coming from? Who is producing it? Who is paying for it? What is the market beyond the football community of Perth. How many extra through the gate would it achieve? To pay for the employee it would need to bring 70 paying adults per home game (back of a fag packet calculation of wages, NI, Pension, computer/licences for photos, software etc). Long reply, but long story short: "PR" as many call it, is a much bigger exercise than flinging a few lines up on the site.
  4. Two million reserve is half a season's turnover. Makes sense. It's also very little in the grand scheme of things. And 2 million is around the loss from one season back in the Championship, so as a reserve, it's very good move.
  5. Agree that donations for wages are a bad idea, a slippery slope and not effective. At some point the club could do a share emission (PLC), or a crowdfunder (lots of ways to make that work, the last thing would be to state season ticket prices, and also canvas for a donation, e.g. Season Tickets (With Donation) £400, Season Ticket (£300). Let those with a few bob, pay a bit more. Many would. ....the mattresses are full of cash in Tory perth
  6. The SLO is second to none They were taken to task for causing bother. It was not handled brilliantly, but the club were doing what they had to do. Question for you: WHO WOULD YOU SUGGEST BUY SAINTS???? 30-40% - so around £2.5m I used to be of the same mindset, that the Browns were "handed" St Johnstone and have benefited as a family and personally from owning it. Of course they have, and they earned that right as a family - three generations worth, committed to the local sports team. Someone has had to run it. They have, and have done an amazing job in times where football has gone from basic business to a professional set up. I don't have a question for Brown. But think he will read this forum, and some of the things posted are useful, some nonsense. But that's the nature of football eh....we've all got an opinion.....and an arsehole MON THE SAINTS
  7. It's a football stadium, so guess it is what it is.... I'd love to see a stage in one of the bars where the player of the match can be "interviewed" live ....which is a way to get the fans to stay behind, spend money and get "more" of the game.
  8. aye but your maw didnae sent you with mr fiendar tho LAUGH OUT LOUD
  9. Mind my first away game was a 7 - 0 gubbing at Dundee United back in the day.... KEEP THE FAITH MOFOS
  10. MySpazz

    TV Games

    Not really because Saints have a database of fan emails, addresses in the area and prior booking history building up. Also, would imagine we'll get a membership scheme soon enough...... well by 2040
  11. Part time players in the National league south are getting anything from 4-900 a week. (most in the lower end). If you put a fulltime wage on either the top or bottom of that wage bracket, it looks healthy. So for fulltime pros in scotland, i am sure May would be looking for 2-3K a week.
  12. Won't cost us other than whatever he negotiates for signing on bonus. Aberdeen want shot of him because he is a big earner, and likely to sit on the bench with McInnes not fanciing him to do the job for them...........................which begs the question: what will he do for us? I think....not alot! I bet someone on here that Watt wouldn't score more than 10 league goals and they told me i was daft. SO, same again: May won't score 10 league goals in a campaign. Happy to bet for charity....
  13. Who would have thunk it..................Rowan "much bigger club" Vine to the rescue !
  14. Looks like a cracking day, some turnout. Love the Jeanie revival. Good stuff (And Kinnoull having a good time of it too mind)