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  1. Thinking to drive through from Perth to the game tonight, anyone need a lift (in the car.....rather than cheering up)
  2. We've been in this position before. The bottom of the table is still tight. for now........
  3. Thanks for that, guess I owe you another MON THE SAINTS #FreeMuzz
  4. Murray literally did not touch the player, his foot was on the ground, it was not reckless or out of control, it was merely a moment late. The game is turning into something where almost all tackles are bookings. Ferguson for dons is a fully fledged wankstain.
  5. Commemorative Alan Storrar Cars sponsored shirt?
  6. Trademarked by Wales. Anyhow Murray Davidson...... get him appointed
  7. Give him the job..........................he's a proud proddie - get TomExit done
  8. The sort of result that shows quite clearly: TOMMY IS AWAY
  9. Enjoying this. Great show.
  10. Won't have a bad word said against the bloke - top professional, top man, top saintee