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  1. aye but your maw didnae sent you with mr fiendar tho LAUGH OUT LOUD
  2. Mind my first away game was a 7 - 0 gubbing at Dundee United back in the day.... KEEP THE FAITH MOFOS
  3. MySpazz

    TV Games

    Not really because Saints have a database of fan emails, addresses in the area and prior booking history building up. Also, would imagine we'll get a membership scheme soon enough...... well by 2040
  4. Part time players in the National league south are getting anything from 4-900 a week. (most in the lower end). If you put a fulltime wage on either the top or bottom of that wage bracket, it looks healthy. So for fulltime pros in scotland, i am sure May would be looking for 2-3K a week.
  5. Won't cost us other than whatever he negotiates for signing on bonus. Aberdeen want shot of him because he is a big earner, and likely to sit on the bench with McInnes not fanciing him to do the job for them...........................which begs the question: what will he do for us? I think....not alot! I bet someone on here that Watt wouldn't score more than 10 league goals and they told me i was daft. SO, same again: May won't score 10 league goals in a campaign. Happy to bet for charity....
  6. Who would have thunk it..................Rowan "much bigger club" Vine to the rescue !
  7. Looks like a cracking day, some turnout. Love the Jeanie revival. Good stuff (And Kinnoull having a good time of it too mind)
  8. Be a good day this, Jeanie doing things these days.
  9. MySpazz

    Euro Memories

    This was doss
  10. would be happy with that. we are st johnstone not hamilton, so we'd have our own version of toddling along honestly, the things people think saints can do....we are a SMALL club!!!
  11. Yes He Is Doing Great * every year we are in the top division is a HUGE success. people have short memories.
  12. Dugouts looks briliant. So much better and no chance of anyone banging their head on the way in..... front seats are for managers, players need more room to get ready, also view from behind them mighthave been obscured. either way, and improvement...and free! what's not to like
  13. MySpazz

    Season Tickets

    The online ticketing shows how many season tickets have been sold....the only problem is you need to count them up ....i cannae be ersed, but one you might fancy it for trivia..... great to see the online ticketing system in place. well done stan!
  14. They are doing the accounts. "• The management committee shall ensure that proper accounting records are kept and maintained in accordance with all applicable statutory requirements"