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  1. it's not a big deal, and in fairness, if the stock is remnant, all the better as Saints get a better deal. They are just a shirt, and if they win the cup, it'll be a classic!!!
  2. It's the old badge. Whoever has it has been pied.
  3. Both kits are already out of date. They are tops that Macron have had surplus. Why - Macron changed their logo this year! Look at the Motherwell kit or any other club announcing a Macron'll see - we get the old logo! BUT............................................I really like the home top. Love a collar a football top (as they always had), think it should have been white tho.... Away top....aye. MTS
  4. I want more coverage on the BBC for the men's curling team, the women hog the limelight, and this women's football.....USED to be good, until they learned to copy the men with all the rolling about, goal celebrations when they are winning 12-0 and all that...... game's gone I tell ya
  5. So what's women's basketball called?
  6. MySpazz

    Jason Kerr

    Sell him....take the money. Will he BRING us €2m in play this year - no, so get the cash, get another player. bang for yer buck etc
  7. Can't be doing with the women's football. It's like everyone suddenly become "woke" or something. What next, we'll be raving about Men's Netball?
  8. Same thing happening in "Millionaires Row" in Hampstead in London. Arabs buying the properties - the land is the valuable part, then letting them rot, perhaps creating a situation where they can demolish the building?
  9. MySpazz

    Jason Kerr

    Laughable figure. It's so bad I think the entire story and "interest" must be a joke?
  10. MySpazz

    Jason Kerr

    Sell for £2.5m MOH went to The The for nearly a mil, and he's gash by comparison......... then again, he's no a defender
  11. SAT 6th JULY Vale of Earn AFC – St Johnstone XI (2pm) – Bill Tracey Memorial match TUES 9th JULY Greenock Morton – St Johnstone (7.45pm)
  12. MySpazz

    Season Tickets

    Not knocking it, just think for the size of the league, pooling is something that would work ....councils in the south have even started doing it. Once planning dept for three councils! football is slow, fickle and in many ways they don't want the fans money....they want the corp cash
  13. MySpazz

    Season Tickets

    why stop at that, have the league negotiate on shirts, suppliers of this that and the next thing......oh, hold on the league is run by the same sort of numbnuts as the SFA and could not organise a p-up in a proverbial
  14. MySpazz

    Betfred Cup

    Amazing sleuthing. Thanks.
  15. MySpazz

    Betfred Cup

    Don't expect anyone to know, but.............when are the games announced (home away etc). Thinking of a wee Betfred tour.... glory hunting like.