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  1. Jeez Random you had him signing for Dundee killie Utd and fwiw saints paid a contribution/ fee for him
  2. The guy works with me I must of kind of looked shocked but I think it’s his father who works there but hey Jimmy I don’t know but it does look like all the speculation has been driven by the media but I was surprised when he said saints were paying a fee but the hold up was an Aberdeen thing
  3. That said he is really well thought of up there apart from the supporters but the club have only good things to say about him
  4. Jimmy please saints are paying a fee I’m not saying I agree with it risky with a capital R but the guy is staff and All he said is there was reasons for the delay
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger but I was told today in Aberdeen that the May deal is done
  6. Sorry my old brain is a bit slow it was not Thom at Mavisbank it was Thompson auld Eck Thompson as I remember I cant really remember much about next door other than it was a wasted building
  7. Roy you wouldn’t like it nae chippy around
  8. LAUGH OUT LOUD wasn’t Kingsley in my day I’m afraid it was Thom
  9. I simply meant it wasn’t used I was brought up along the road past guildtown I knew the family in mavisbank