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  1. Broggy Man

    Man of the Match Game 11 Rangers 5 v 1 Saints

    See them now though
  2. Broggy Man

    Man of the Match Game 11 Rangers 5 v 1 Saints

    I did that but results not available
  3. Broggy Man

    Man of the Match Game 11 Rangers 5 v 1 Saints

    Ha ha vote must be secret can’t see results
  4. Broggy Man

    Ibrox latest...

    You couldn’t make this stuff up I know football is not a business you go into make your fortune but this lot are hell. bent on going bust again
  5. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Well that’s that then
  6. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Tw Js to be fair to Abernethy Saint you don’t really have a vision do you or at least you have not shared it you seem content which is fair enough to rubbish other folks vision. Come nail your colours to the mast
  7. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    I don’t totally agree Two J’s. i would accept being a little worse off if we had a more focused Scottish spending plan. I don’t mean the media sound bite policies of the SNP or any other Scottish party but spending that makes sense. That was one of the reasons I voted to leave EU as I couldn’t understand the grip the EU had on public infrastructure investment and the stupid rules placed on it. i cringe that agriculture and fisheries will now be passed to Westminster and I shudder every time Michael Gove issues a statement.
  8. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    And just to clarify I voted to leave ha ha work that one out
  9. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    But if people had the raw figures and had something to compare them against then they at least have the information. I suppose the word governor was a bad use of a word maybe a simple accountant would have been better. i am not pro independence or pro union I am simply pro let us make the choice and give us the facts to do so. take Brexit the fishermen were reeled in (excuse the pun) with we will control our waters. Fact is if Westminster losses London as the financial capitol of Europe they will be broke so already the fishermen have realised they yet again will be sold down the river. I speak from knowledge on this. We deal a lot with the fishermen in Shetland and there mood has com0letely changed on Brexit many other industry,s will face the same fate including mine agriculture. We have already been gazumped by cheap Romanian Lamb almost wiping out the Shetland lamb market in fact last year the considered simply culling the lambs. For gods sake there is people starving in the world. The whole situation is being driven by lie after lie and the only industry Westminster is trying to save is the financial industry.
  10. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Sorry to get boring and I’m not anti anything I am open minded but we need to know what we are worth. what is Scotland’s products worth fishing drink agriculture tourism manufacturing services any I have forgotten. and what does it cost to run the country on a break even. Then you have an argument.
  11. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Ha ha people agreeing is frightening but it does show that we are all learning. It is so frightening that the public watch the news and see political statements like £350 million a week going to the NHS and actually believe it. Then the pension thing in the Indy referendum that we are all going to lose our pension. Then RBS are leaving I mean really come on folks don’t be sucked in. There is no debate to be had until we know what we are worth, The UK is worth the borrowing arrangements would be what kind of deficit we would face it’s all just a nightmare. But what do our politicians do they try to scare us into their point of view. Sack them all get an independent governor in let them see the figures and tell the people not the muppets sitting in either of the parliaments and for God’s sake write it in a way the ordinary folk can understand.
  12. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Look nobody tells the truth in politics. They spout out their positions and people get sucked. The whole debate could be made with honesty and clear and truthful information. We had in the Brexit debate in the previous referendum and frankly the information these so called politicians spout is frankly ridiculous. How are the people ever expected to make an informed decision when the information they are give is utter crap. For the sake of completeness all the parties are the same bloody liars
  13. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Being someone who markets Scottish lamb it does concern me will SHETLAND sheep disappear it’s all a bit of a shambles and the biggest of all Orkney beef all but gone because they will not support the local abattoir oh well we will see
  14. Broggy Man

    Indy Ref 2

    Hets calm down the figure was given to express how few people out of the electorate brought us to this point. I have no view either way other than people spouting the “people have spoken” really when you look at it they have not really spoken
  15. Broggy Man

    What's everyone doing right now?

    Sitting on the balcony or terrace or whatever you might call it in my swim up room in Turkey thinking about having an early morning beer