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  1. perthandproud

    Season Tickets

    I sure did "When you arrive at the stadium for a match your card will be scanned by the turnstile operator to give you access to your chosen stand. If you present your card at the wrong stand, entry will not be permitted." I was wondering if they could have went fully automatic, I've no idea if its feasible or not but as mainstand pointed out how would you stop concessions going through it. Although i guess you could have a manned turnstile for that situation.
  2. perthandproud

    Season Tickets

    Contactless and apple pay? hahahahahahahahahaha But seriously I wonder if there is the case to change to that system along with automatic entry through a turnstile via an eticket, your saving the cost of turnstile operators(slight offset cost with the new system, 1 operator for problems)
  3. perthandproud

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    I completely agree what you have put here, very well said, here's hoping you don't get a "it's political correctness gone mad" comment from someone.
  4. perthandproud

    Accounts 17-18

    £250000.00 loss for the year all big infrastructure projects complete(phew)
  5. perthandproud

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Graeme Jones giving it yeehaa off of Belgium’s bench after Belgium score against England
  6. perthandproud

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Ian Maxwell appointed SFA Chief Exec
  7. perthandproud

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Stephen Dobbie still banging them in after 9 years on this thread, he's on the first page and as of this now the last page.
  8. perthandproud

    Season tickets on sale on friday

    at 90% of total sales for season 16/17 according to clicky still doesn't specify what sales were last year but good to see this years off to a good start in comparison. if 1 more person applies then it could well be 10 season tickers sold and not 9, i wish people wouldn't put out meaningless stats, to quote Ron Burgundy "60% of the time,it works everytime" Context please SJFC just how many season tickets have been sold?
  9. perthandproud

    Winning Cup Final Goal

    Great shout by Shibby in the other thread to bring this up, never ever thought about this before. As much as I want to say Macca, I have to agree that Ando was the one that got the first goal and therefore the winning one as Utd didnt score after it. If Utd had scored then yes Maccas would have been the winner. I tend to overlook Andos Goal as it was that far away you werent as much a part of it where as MacLeans was right in front of us and he/we could share in it far more. Regardless, we won the cup and at the end of the day thats all that matters.
  10. perthandproud

    Partick v Saints 23/2/16

    Which could be the reason he doesn't change some of the other players/goalkeeper? Glad to see we have started targeting individual supporters as well as players now.
  11. perthandproud

    has the tide turned, have the good times gone?

    Bigger crowds into McD or even bigger sponsorship for the league?
  12. perthandproud

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Personally i think this mini clear out is 6 months too late and the rebuilding should have started 2 summers ago, not wholesale changes but a couple of first team players at a time. I don't think you can really say the squad (apart from MoH and he wasnt that great the last 2months or when he first arrived) has been weakened, these are players that weren't getting a game anyway so in effect any one of the young guys could have been on the bench. People on her have been calling for youngsters to get a game for ages, well now's their chance, as a club we are pretty terrible at bringing young guys through into the first team.
  13. perthandproud

    Another shop bites the dust...

    Just quoting what was on the saa website perthsaint property ref 738716 has a rateable value of 156k? I have no idea what anybody pays in actual rates but always interesting to hear from somebody that knows, so how is it calculated and what is the purpose of the rateable value then? Is this so they can go up to 100% if they wish to? whats happening next year especially with the small business bonus scheme, I know loads of small companies that are only able to survive because of this.
  14. perthandproud

    Another shop bites the dust...

    yes, the landlord is meant to pay if the property is empty after 3 months or something like that, but instead of penalising the landlord for an empty property wouldn't it be better for there to be a complete exemption if the property is empty, an empty property could be a huge millstone around a landlords neck. Whether it be a house or a shop the quicker a landlord can get somebody in the better.
  15. perthandproud

    Another shop bites the dust...

    All Stirling: - Celtic shop 79k Debenhams 995k (Debenhams Perth 433k) Ann Summers (never been in so no idea of size) 129k, thats alot of errrm stuff they have to sell. Primark 410k Amounts go by floor area and other factors like location so across Scotland it should be consistent'ish, but im guessing they could set them at whatever they want to make a town or city more attractive for businesses to move into. If you have alot of shops empty, to me it means your rates are to high to make it attractive for anybody to move in to. Charge what you can get away with. The only problem with that is if you get a recession and nobody can afford the rates, do you revalue them all the time?