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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Be very disappointed if we sign Graham
  2. Friendlies

    Another win is good! Surely people can't be unhappy to see us getting into a winning habit and with 3 clean sheets in a row too. Nice form to be starting the season in.
  3. Friendlies

    Who played left-mid?
  4. Friendlies
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    And would he sign for us? And how much does his agent want him to be paid?
  6. Friendlies

    Where did he play? Right side of a 4-man midfield?
  7. Friendlies

    Was the trialist any good? Enough time to tell?
  8. Friendlies

  9. Friendlies

    What happened to Zander?
  10. Tommy - Master Tactition or not?

    Great tactician when we are underdogs. Not great when we are the team expected to win.
  11. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    Until Scottish football gets its house in order I'd prefer not to qualify for Europe. It's an embarrassment. Unfortunately because Celtic (who probably are) and their ugly twin stop thinking they are Billy Bigbaws nothing will change for the country's game. 5th next season please Saints.
  12. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    Not good. We need a striker. All 3 on the park - did we even have a shot at goal when all on park? Pish poor. And against 10 men. Again. Get a striker!!!
  13. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    That's the team I hoped to see. Muzzle and Millar, Scougall behind Kano. Happy.