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  1. The SPFL and SFA are on a hiding to nothing, if they complete the league no then they will half of Glasgow up in arms if they null and void the league they will have the other half up in arms. There has been a decision in rugby by the SRU to stop the leagues now with approximately 250 games still to play they took the decision on the basis that season could not restart until July, players would need a pre season to get up to match preparedness which would mean August start, thus affecting next season. They have now put in place a working group to go through what is happening to the league titles and relegation etc. Would this work in football probably not as it would be every man for themselves and the sums involved are so big. UEFA should make a call and say every league is now off and the places that apply now are it, that would be the right decision. As for extending the league to save teams arses NO certainly not, Hearts are there because they are the worst team.
  2. Much of that is devolved to the Scottish Parliament.
  3. And I rest my case. Business in general is getting millions.
  4. You are the chief conspiracy theorist. Its time politics were left out of something this serious
  5. SFA and SYFA actually sent out an email to clubs and leagues last night stating that they have left the decision as t whether to train or not to the clubs but their medical advice is that no gatherings of people should take part in sport or exercise etc. Just make a bloomin decision and say all training for clubs is banned. It's not hard and they would get more respect that going all around the houses. Likewise for working form home there needs to be decisive action.
  6. Worth noting that the Scottish Government have not banned large gatherings, they have advised that large gatherings are not held where there is a requirement to have the emergency services present. I work in an Office of more than 500, no restriction. The Playhouse in Edinburgh for instance has been and will in the meantime continue to run for the Lion King with 3000 folk, as they don't require the emergency services to be present. Virtually none of the lower league teams in Scotland would require ambulance or police to be present during a match and very seldom have more than 500 at a game. The present arrangements are contradictory to say the least.
  7. There was a discussion on BBC radio at the weekend. Hamilton director said that if the season in null and void then all season ticket holders would be due a full refund. I suppose if you were due a refund and did not want it then you would simply donate it back to the Club in the form of a donation.
  8. Yes but what did you do yesterday walk along the main Street going shopping go to the pub? The chances of contracting it in a game won't be any more than walking down the street in addition to which I guess clubs will be testing players where as you I and the vast majority of the public won't be.
  9. The cancellation of football on Saturday on it's own would not have saved life's as all that happened was that these fans went shopping or into pubs instead. Football being cancelled should have been part of a coordinated response which it is not. I bet there were more people in night clubs and shopping centres within an enclosed rea than there would have been in the saints section at Easter road.
  10. I would have been more disappointed if the CLub had come out saying that they were delighted that the fixtures were cancelled, she said exactly what Tommy and most of us were saying yesterday.
  11. I can understand why they have cancelled football but I would have rather seen them dictating that the clubs played all games behind closed doors first. I would state now that the league will stops after 33 games with everyone playing each other 3 times. I also think there is a way of promoting the game and seeing the season out and that is by utilising the indoor national performance centre at the Oriam. 6 games one after the other on a single day, No fans, televised on a pay per view channel. As for the comments by Klopp and :Lennon I think the important thing is that both did say it was the right decision to stop football. Some of the headlines about Lennon didn't seem to match up with what he said.
  12. I don't think they have ever said a price. Geoff stated several times that he would only sell if i was the right thing fir the Club.
  13. Suspect rangers as the Club involved may not be a bad shout, King is obviously stepping down so possible opening.
  14. The irony of it that given the rubber crumb mess they play on they are complaining cause the grass had mud and sand on it.