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  1. Not sure what sort of line up tommy will go with. Has plenty of options with Kennedy, Weatherspoon and Wright and Craig all ready and willing to play in Holt's place. And Tommy has a wee record of pulling off a surprise in these games like playing Wright up front last year and nearly getting a result. After watching the Rangers feyenord game last night i worry that they cant miss as many chances as they were given again but at the same time the defence looks vulnerable, especially down the flanks as Tavernier cant defend. Suspect them to have a good few changes from last nights team for the weekend. 2-2 draw
  2. As crieffsaintansy says Cameron is a jambo with a dislike of saints which he made clear a while back when we played at tynecastle against Aberdeen and slagged saints rotten on radio about our fans and ticket sales. Complete arse.
  3. She is now having a go at tommy via twitter accusing him of misogony and being back up by the useless t*** Euan Cameron. Calling TW a dinosaur of a man and a dinosaur of a manager. The irony of a Craig Levein supporting Jambo.
  4. Have we not already got 4 centre halfs
  5. He did mention after he left Saints about the number of times saying what he thinks causes him issues and mentioned McIntyre in that article.
  6. was that them that were singing about 2 teams in Aberdeen
  7. She seems to suggest that there was a confidentiality clause but then accuses wright of throwing his toys out the pram and telling him to f off and don't come back. This is the same person who said it was lies and he was not suspended or subject to any discipline. Etc.
  8. A good display today, liked Holt and Ralston, although Ralston was a bit shaky at the start he did work into the game. May looked sharp as did MOH. Overall a lot of positives to take out of today, a wee result next week please, Cagey didn't read all of the randowmguy/Cagey spat but from what I did see. First half we were playing the long ball and were wasting it more than anything else. Second half we started to keep the ball on the deck and got it moving about. Can only hope that the new Aberdeen stadium will have a better view for visiting fans that Pittodrie, not helped by 3 saints fans that were determined to impersonate a brick wall for most of the second half instead of sitting on their bahookies. Thanks guys for sitting when asked though.
  9. Muzz in beside Holt with Drey wide and Mikey in behind May.
  10. Maybe it's like folk on here with you they support you tolerate you and don't slag you as they see something good in there. To others, thought it just takes a helluva long time for them to see it coming out.
  11. Certainly not in the loop, but when the manager says about a left back coming in after the deadline it does not take a genius to work out that he must have someone in mind.
  12. you can also play a right back on the left hand side. Pretty sure Ralston played there for celtic before. Also cannot understand why folk are panicing at this when it seems pretty clear that a left back is already been identified. Not sure if he is a left back or left midfield but I did notice Ross Wallace has been released form his contract down South
  13. Yeah know that but Hibs said in one quotetjey would be looking to move on Shaw If they got more bodies in not necessarily more strikers.
  14. Hibs have just signed Naismith so Oli Shaw to saints on season long loan perhaps ?
  15. Did he not get injured on their pitch?