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  1. He is a footballer who has turned into an agent, money talks. It is just another job.
  2. Do you know that or are you just guessing? Given Swanson is on £1500 a week I would think there are others on more than that. Are you honestly saying Dobbie is on more than £2k a week at Palmerston?
  3. @randomguy are you just going to cover every eventuality from he has signed for Dundee to may wants to come to saints.
  4. A loan player can play in non first team games for the lending club.
  5. mainstand

    Betfred Cup

    When were they rules out. He says they have knocks not deffo ruled out. Courier also states: Winger Michael O’Halloran has aggravated a foot injury but should make tomorrow’s game but striker Callum Hendry has missed training with a back injury and is in the doubtful category.
  6. Going and playing and training on a daily basis on an astro turf pitch after having the injury that he had. Risky i would have thought.
  7. Hope his Mrs knows where he is and he is not at that hotel playing away
  8. McInnes suggested that they were home last night and we're training this morning.
  9. The general manager is Dave Ryan he has been in that role for 4 years according to his LinkedIn.
  10. By a guy that says that he is still wearing his Aberdeen tracksuit in the apex.
  11. Based on the reporter from the evening telegraphs tweet perhaps? According to McInnes the squad are due to train today at aberdeen having come home last night.
  12. Where are season ticket holders deserting there has been one bloomin game. And if figures I have seen are correct sales are up 25%
  13. No wonder Albion Rovers lost all these goals playing against Hamilton and Dunfermline.
  14. Maybe increased offers for new contracts to Zander and Kerr along with some other contracts have taken care of a lot of the money saved form these wages. They also brought in Michael as an extra from last season so that needs to be added in to new against the budget for this season. Also if Swanson is on £1500 a week by the time you add on Employers NI Superann etc then you are talking about over £100k a season for Swanson alone. So well in excess of £1m say closer to £2m for 20 senior players.