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  1. He seemed to have made a remarkable recovery to be fit enough to do the half time draw.
  2. So we go out and offer him a mega bucks contract to keep him at the club. The agent that negotiated that contract has Zander and your McCann so immediately gets them to rock the boat in an effort to get an extended contract at the same rates as Kennedy. We are soon left not with £2m in the bank but a £2m overdraft ala livi Motherwell Dundee and rangers all of whom felt the consequences of paying over the top wages. I personally think we have the players that can cover for his departure so not overly concerned although I would have liked him to stay.
  3. Its not a case of caretaker of mediocrity it is quite simply a case of not having the size of support and finances that can match Aberdeen, a club that has just spent millions on their new training ground and plan on spending millions on a new stadium. and have people on board that have many millions more than the browns in the bank. We have to accept that we are going to be a club that will unearth some gems who will move on to biggest clubs and whilst it is annoying it will open the door for some other players who are maybe in the same position as matty was when he came to the club and will see us as a way forward. Sad to see him go but players move on that is the world we love in.
  4. Ginger I knew where to get the accounts I always find companies house a good source I was merely trying to make a point asking if Random had actually considered it before stating that they had £x in the bank. The position is as you say healthy,. The freehold land is about £700k which will probably include the written down value of the ground as a football ground and not it's value as a potential housing development. When you look you will see the creditors are £0.8m and debtors £0.2m so actual cash balance is a net £1,6m .
  5. What was the creditors on the balance sheet? What was the debtors figure? People get fixated on the cash at the bank, they could have £2m in the bank on that one day but creditors of £1.5m etc. If they do have £2m in the bank then part of that will be needed to cover running costs due to lower crowds.
  6. It was a club statement. Why did you need a name on it?? If it was a letter from the chairman then his name would have been on it.
  7. The letter does not say it is affecting saints crowds it merely states that it has an impact on the safety of fans when leaving the stadium.
  8. Exactly what Kirsten says in her interview. Or needs to be better they need to tell folk the good things they are doing and they need to improve the fans experience especially on match days. Having spoken to her she seems really innovative in what she is wanting to do.
  9. Kirsten Robertson is the ceo. Formerly CEO at Kilmarnock. Article in the Sunday mail about her today and how she is taking on the running of the club from Steve brown and making changes in the way it's running. She originally came in to help at the club then took on the football operations side from Paul when he left. Paul is now back and working on the lotto I believe.
  10. Certainly a no brainer I think aswell that this is a lot to do with our new chief executive who is making her mark.
  11. Don't think we can fleece them unless we fleece our own fans due to spfl rules that all fans with the same view have to pay the same. Unless they count the main stand as different from east.
  12. I think that is pretty harsh on him. There were a good few games at the end of last season where he was getting lots of plaudits.
  13. Means nothing really given that Aberdeen did exactly the same to Joe at this time last year then backed out of it.
  14. Strictly speaking if you are not attending games then you are not suffering. Thank God we won otherwise you might be moaning
  15. Never mind watch it on BBC alba just now.