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  1. mainstand

    Free week

    Another 3 home in a week at the end of January now with celtic on a wed,
  2. Have to say the ref was the poorest I have seen. Let hearts big striker away with 5 or 6 fouls in the first 15 minutes. The word cart horse springs to mind when describing him. As for Macca he is one moaning greeting faced erse. Great win but still a long way to go until the end of the season.
  3. Careful cagey that is very nearly a positive post
  4. I spoke to his old kit manager at Stoke a few months ago who thought he would always be going back down south, it was just a case of waiting until the right job came up.
  5. I think what he said was that he could not afford to worry every night about his job or he would be a wreck and unable to do what he was wanting to do.
  6. The bit I saw was someone starting with G who was on route back to first team.
  7. No it is a league format and they have only played 2 games, with one win and one defeat. Also Aberdeen did use the game to bring some players back into the fold.
  8. So on planet Random getting 9 points will give you confidence but getting 6 points (3 draws and 1 win) will make you lose all heart and hope
  9. That is brilliant, News don't always say eye to eye but like everyone else on here 100% behind you on this!! Keep fighting
  10. It is one of these where the players agent will be telling him to hold and he can get more later. What he has to consider is that he has already travelled down south and failed come back to saints and says he is happy now near his family and getting international recognition. Hopefully a contract where the player gets a percentage of any transfer fee will work for him at Saints.
  11. Wonder if Kano got any in the 7 nil victory over Aberdeen young squad.
  12. they were aware of a guy called Messi aswell 20 years ago another one missed aeh
  13. If he had scored with his chances on Saturday would you have still been posting this? From what you and @RandomGuy have been posting I can only assume you would have.
  14. OMG you really are not his biggest fan are you
  15. Maybe he had just spotted your face in the visiting end. Enough to make anybody look scared