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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. sleepless

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    steady on, you can't say anything negative about the Scotland team without the claymore rattlers getting on your case.
  2. sleepless

    Taxi for Tommy?

    You've no idea what they're putting in your food these days....
  3. sleepless

    Round 14 - Celtic (H), 07/10/18

    0-3 Griffiths 6229
  4. sleepless

    St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    brilliant, well done both of you
  5. sleepless

    Round 13 - Hearts (A), 29/09/18

    Hearts 2 - 0 Saints Naismith 16929
  6. sleepless

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    the Dons match kicks off fourteen minutes before the first train gets into Queen Street station. Ridiculous
  7. sleepless

    Hearts V St.Johnstone Saturday 29th September

    this is one where I really have no idea how it's going to go. I'm still not sure whether we're on the cusp of a great new team, or they're flattering to deceive. I think it's the former, but don't know. This run of three games doesn't help to work it out. So, I'll sit on the fence and say a draw.
  8. sleepless

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    From BBC feed sounds like they're all over us
  9. sleepless

    Round 12 - Celtic (H), 26/09/18

    Saints 1 - 5 Celtic Griffiths 6029
  10. That new advertising bar across the bottom of the screen keeps sending my laptop's CPU usage sky high and it's massively irritating. Anyone finding that?
  11. sleepless

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    Aye, St Johnstone fans frittering their time away discussing St Johnstone. Ridiculous.
  12. sleepless

    Round 11 - Rangers (A), 23/09/18

    2-2 McMillan 46029
  13. sleepless

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    that's me within 50 I think