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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    Saints 0-2 Leeds, with Peter Lorimer scoring
  2. Pre-season word association Part V

  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Remember Alex Neil played with Stevie May at Hamilton. He'll be keen to give him a good shot at making it.
  4. Other games on the go

    well done the Dons tonight. That's one for the fans, I think. Hope the trouble wasn't as bad as it looked, and good luck to them in the next round.
  5. Friendlies

    It's the kind of goal you detest conceding because it's so soft, and love scoring for the same reason.
  6. Friendlies

    watching the fitba in the Market Park. Takes me back....
  7. Ibrox latest...
  8. Friendlies

    his second was pretty nifty
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Wow, we're turning our noses up at players valued at over £500k. We've come a long way from Muirton Park...
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    a wee sherry
  11. Pre-season word association Part V

  12. Round 2 - Trakai (a), 6/7/17

    3-3 1029 Liam
  13. Ibrox latest...

    ha ha ha
  14. Pre-season word association Part V

    sunshine (good old Reggie Perrin)
  15. Pre-season word association Part V

    (for) two