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  1. that's a much more impressive ****-up than the men have ever managed
  2. how many goals has he scored in the four or so years since he left us? Is it in double figures?
  3. well if he just takes a wee drop to £51k a year he'll be in our price range.
  4. that's how I get most of my points. It must stay......
  5. sleepless

    Jason Kerr

    I really shouldn't be surprised any more, but I have to say I'm disappointed this time. I felt sure Zander and possibly Jason would have been included. New broom, same shit.
  6. 1-11 is going to be impossible because until recently those were the numbers always used. So for 1 we've got Sandy McLaren, Jim Donaldson, Derek Robertson, Alan Main, Alan Mannus, Zander, Roy Baines et al. It's only bigger numbers like 17, 24, where it would work.
  7. I've never come as high as sixth before. Well done me... And well done KK. Thanks Steve McQueen for all your efforts. See you in July for next season...
  8. Well, that was disappointing. First half we played fairly decent stuff, especially down the right, where Spoony and Foster were linking very well. Some good moves which should have been finished off better. By the way, there seem to be a few on this thread suggesting we had no shots on target. We did in the game I was at. Could easily have had a couple in the first half and that wouldn't have flattered us. Second half was very flat, though. After all the good work down the right in the first half, we stopped doing that in the second half and concentrated on the left. That was a real problem. It's very unfair to judge someone making his first competitive start in 18 months, but Beaston was a bit of a problem. He was clearly concentrating on being competent and not making mistakes but it meant there was no creativity or flair there. It was all too slow and ponderous. Their second was a shocker. I'm tempted to make Olly Hamilton my man of the match, if only because he was buzzing about with a real sense of urgency which others lacked. He made some really sharp moves into space but no-one passed to him. It would have been interesting if he'd been there in the first half to pick up some of Spoony's and Foster's balls into the middle. Danny worked hard. A couple of times he worked his way into the box and should have gone for goal but didn't. Danny from a couple of years ago would have had a shot and probably would have scored. Confidence, I guess. This is a frustrating team. It's on the verge of being very good, but doesn't deliver. Again, it seems to be a confidence thing.
  9. shite 0 - 3 Cream Kennedy hat-trick 2429 (stadium record crowd)
  10. Final game of the season, and I'm coming up for it. I hate bloody Hamilton and their shit ground and their plastic pitch, but this was the only date I could make. Since they lost tonight against the fake Saints, they're still in danger of being in the play-offs. Let's make that happen. Saints to win - 3-0. Hat-trick to someone, because it seems like an awful long time since we last had one.