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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. sleepless

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    I'll take that
  2. sleepless

    Round 34 - Rangers (A), 16/02/19

    5-0 tavernier 48729
  3. sleepless

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    wow, that's a fall from grace
  4. sleepless

    Round 33 - Celtic (A), 10/02/19

    2-0 Forrest 54229
  5. sleepless

    Hamilton Away

    the joys of supporting St Johnstone. We'd almost forgotten this with our long unbeaten run...
  6. sleepless

    Hamilton Away

  7. sleepless

    Hamilton Away

    ha ha ha, Morelos sent off again... never mind, it'll get rescinded.
  8. sleepless

    Hamilton Away

    BBC: St Johnstone goalkeeper Zander Clark takes a sore one to the shoulder as he collides with two players while trying to punch the ball clear but he's able to dust himself down and carry on for now. dear God, no, don't let anything happen to Zander.
  9. sleepless

    Round 32 - Hamilton (A), 06/02/19

    0-1 Kerr 1729
  10. sleepless

    Prediction League Latest 18/19

    the attendance is wrong. This game was at McD - we can't fit 54k in...
  11. sleepless

    Round 31 - Celtic (H), 03/02/19

    0-2 Forrest 6329
  12. sleepless

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    well, he's not a current one so it goes here
  13. sleepless

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Ando scores for Thistle
  14. sleepless

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Looking at everyone else's window activity, I don't think we have anything to fear. We've done pretty well, I'd say.
  15. sleepless

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Is he not one of Bros?