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  1. really hard one to call, this. It's one of those, no matter what the outcome, you could say "I'm not surprised." Unless we were to score six, maybe. That would be surprising... It feels like we've been on the mend for quite a while now - how many unbeaten - but we still don't actually seem that resilient. It's hard to summon up much confidence. However, I'll say a win, by the odd goal
  2. he was just before my time but I was really proud that we produced a Scotland manager, and then Willie Ormond followed suit. He should certainly be remembered as one of our greats.
  3. And back in the old days of the 18 team First Division, for some clubs after about the end of February there was nothing to play for - no chance of relegation or winning.
  4. The current set-up is logically the best. But it just gets boring. Hamilton ACcies four times a season is four times too many. Likewise St Mirren and Livingston. Having said that, if you replaced those three with Dundee, Dundee United and ICT, I'd be happy enough with that. Can we not just boot the Glasgow/west coast clubs out?
  5. Guess it's encouraging that I'm disappointed with that result. A few weeks ago we'd have taken that without question. Onwards and upwards
  6. fortunately I'm not going as we always seem to lose when I go to Hamilton
  7. so that's why I'm in the top 10. And there was me thinking I was getting better at it...
  8. totally agree, but we were still shit.
  9. To be fair to Gibby his appointment as manager was an absolute hospital pass. We'd just gone part time, got rid of half the players and had no budget. Muirton was falling apart literally, only the South stand was usable after the Bradford fire safety restrictions and our saviour Geoff was not yet in sight. Alex Ferguson couldn't have done much better with Saints in that 86-88 ish period. So if you want the worst Saints team ever, you could probably just pick one of the sides we put out when we were in the bottom division.