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  1. Bulgaria's likely to be needing a new manager soon.
  2. ridiculous. The Lincoln result was bad given Lincoln's poor form since the Cowleys left but it's only their second defeat this season.
  3. good. Apart from the last time we were on Alba, we usually do well in these games
  4. what I'd give for a nice early goal to calm the nerves. And then not to sit back on it, as we did last season when we went one up.
  5. rounds off this transfer window very nicely.
  6. sleepless

    Free week

    I absolutely hate all these free weeks. They ruin the momentum of the season. I'm sure we never used to have these?
  7. there is no chance of us getting relegated this season. We may not make top six. But we will next year. This is an exciting team, young, fast and creative.
  8. in fairness, it's not as if they had weeks to prepare it...
  9. Expect Drey could be on the bench as a statement of intent, and to get him back integrated with the first team, but agree it's unlikely he'll play. Difficult one to call. I think it's either going to be a cagey affair, one goal in it, or we're going to hit four or five. Going right back to the Cup game against QOS last year (Watt and Kennedy excellent) I've had the feeling we have the ability to blow teams away. Time and time again last season we seemed to lose confidence and tried to defend leads. But in the last couple of games Matty and MOH have been starting to do some real damage. Danny on the rampage as well, and maybe a striker (???) and we could be the real deal. So, 4-0 Saints
  10. sleepless


    Yep, I felt absolutely sure Stevie Clarke would pick players on merit from the less fashionable clubs. I lost interest in Scotland a long time ago, but I was prepared to get interested again with Stevie in charge. Now I'm back to complete indifference.