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  1. Playing two Saturdays in a row. That's a novelty
  2. Ando is a hero forever at this club, but at the end it was obvious he was too far off the pace and he wasn't up to Premier league level any longer. He's not the answer on the pitch. As a coaching adviser maybe, but his playing days at this level are gone.
  3. According to the BBC we're playing Hibs again tonight. Not doing so bad this time, either.... 21:27 Score flatters Hibs St Johnstone 0-2 Hibernian Steven Thompson Former Scotland striker on BBC Sportsound
  4. well, that was mad. Got to be happy with a point with nine men. Indiscipline my arse - just shows the guys are determined to get stuck in and pull us up the table.
  5. £8m a year for a has-been who has won nothing much in years and, when the going gets tough, starts to lose it.
  6. I would be curious to know what our win:lose ratio is when we're on Alba, because it seems to me we have a very, very good record when we're on it. Maybe I just gloss over the defeats, but I'm sure I've watched far more wins than losses on Alba.
  7. this stop-start season is infuriating for us fans and must be so for the players, too. No game last week, now a game against Hibs and then yet another sodding international break. I'm sick of them. The last two seasons have been absolutely ruined by the number of blank weekends.
  8. any word on Spoony, who went off injured? Did it look serious?