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    "One Final Hurdle: a fans' history of St Johnstone FC" will be published in July 2014. Watch this space for details.
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  1. Cup-Tie looking for work outside football

    Am thinking he might be on a shoogly peg with the Binos. They ended last season pretty badly after leading for a fair while. Did nothing in the League Cup and now lost two out of two in the league
  2. Prediction League Latest 18/19

    beginning my gradual but inevitable slide down the table...
  3. Betfred Cup

    am going. First of the season.
  4. it's going to be a tight season. Two games in and there's only one team on maximum points.
  5. happy with that at half time
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    we've got strikers coming out of our ears.
  7. Round 6 - Hibernian (H), 12/08/18

    Saints 0 - 3 Hibs Hyndman 4929
  8. Fantasy League
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    you can't trust a word Tommy says in the press about signings. He's always at it. And he's very good at it...
  10. Fantasy League

    Sign up. Looks like there's only four of us so far...
  11. I see the twitter feed is fast and firious today