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  1. and Brian Graham missed a penalty for County. Not a great day for the ex-Saints
  2. Set up a new St Johnstone league for this season: code: 1bonpa
  3. In fairness, that's an improvement on last season...
  4. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hearts Hibs Motherwell Killie Livingston Ross County Saints St Mirren Hamilton
  5. normal service is resumed. I was getting a nosebleed up in about fifth place...
  6. sleepless

    Betfred Cup

    sounds like 4, could have been 9... 2 chalked off for offside?
  7. sleepless

    Betfred Cup

    how the hell can we have so many injuries when the season's only one game old?
  8. yes, I think that happened with Hendry last season.
  9. sleepless

    Betfred Cup

    will need at least an 8-0 win to entice me up that late. Which, with that team, looks unlikely...
  10. Us 11 RC 10 Montrose 5 Forfar 4 Brechin 0
  11. hell's teeth, it's meant to be the difference in thinking the glass is half empty or half full. There's folks on here who think it's the glass is half empty or it's smashed into a million pieces on the floor and all the drink is draining into the gutter. This is a pre-season friendly when the players work themselves back to match fitness after five or six weeks away. And Ando is a club legend and a great player, but he didn't play with us last season so Tommy will not have seen much of him. He has to assess whether the guy still has what it takes. So of course he has to get game time. There's absolutely no way you can deduce from that the idea that he is now first choice. Tommy's been doing this a wee while now. He probably has a fair idea what he's doing.
  12. Tommy's always done this. He pulls the wool over people's eyes all the time. He's never going to be open about what he's doing. Why should he be? He'll have a clear plan, with back ups should the negotiations stall. He always does.
  13. I can't help thinking that aching for Stevie to come back is partly a desire to return to the glory of 2014. But life's not like that. There's talk on here about how few goals our strikers scored last year. How many more than that tally has Stevie scored in the past five years? I know he was out for a year, but he's been fit for a long time now, and still not banging in goals.
  14. 29 has always been my lucky number, for the sole reason that years and years ago Ian MacDonald was number 29 in one of the football cards series, and I had 29 copies of it. And that's probably the most pointless piece of trivia ever shared on this forum...
  15. that's a much more impressive ****-up than the men have ever managed
  16. how many goals has he scored in the four or so years since he left us? Is it in double figures?
  17. well if he just takes a wee drop to £51k a year he'll be in our price range.