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  1. SingaporeSaint

    Liam Caddis

    does that mean he can be signed on a pre contract at anytime ?
  2. SingaporeSaint

    We Are Perth Barossa St Monthly Meeting

  3. SingaporeSaint

    Cheating On The Gee Gees

    ============================== consumption
  4. SingaporeSaint

    Singaporesaint Signs Off.

    I have lots of mates I used to go to the footie with in the late seventies, all of the eighties and some of the nineties. So the last inane and drivelling 12,000th post I dedicate to three posters on here, slf, Rickardo and Paul&Shark. I cannot imagine somebody having more fun going to the fitba' all these years than I did when I was with these tools. Even on the odd occasion when I get back, we still seem to be the most raucus and loudest people in the crowd even now we are just sad old middle aged gits. SingaporeSaint was on most days about as popular as Thatcher so a fitting day to sign off and pass away quietly. SS
  5. SingaporeSaint

    Richard Brittain

    The more I think about this, the more i think that Brittain and his agent and his club have embarrassed St Johnstone and treated SJFC with disrespect. I am unimpressed and really dont want him at MY club anymore regardless of how above average he is.
  6. SingaporeSaint

    Millwall Violence

    I think the worst aggro I saw at Muirton didn't involve St Johnstone playing. Worst I remember is Hearts v Montrose in a Cup Replay. The Muirton Enclosure was not for the faint hearted that evening
  7. SingaporeSaint

    Richard Brittain

    Anything from Saints on the matter ??? It's on every other media outlet. My instinct is to let him stay at Ross County but squeeze every last penny in compensation that we can get.
  8. SingaporeSaint


    George Galloway has been more use to a now dead dictator than he has ever been to this country. The kudos Sadam got by Galloway sucking his c*ck was immense.
  9. SingaporeSaint

    Train Station

    Nobody knows or Nobody cares ?
  10. SingaporeSaint

    Richard Brittain

    ============ 400K, that will do. Situation sorted.
  11. SingaporeSaint

    Richard Brittain

    Make him stay for a few weeks then sign him Back to RC for a good transfer fee. Then everyone is happy.
  12. SingaporeSaint

    Richard Brittain

    One is presuming that the newpaper articles are actually true and not press fabrication.
  13. SingaporeSaint

    Train Station I see Gleneagles station is getting a facelift. Has Perth station been marked for money spent on it ??
  14. SingaporeSaint

    Millwall Violence

    FA Semi Final tickets, a full day out drinking followed by Charlie...must be "well" paid" thugs.
  15. SingaporeSaint

    Boston Marathon Explosion

    what ever it was, it would appear to have been effective.