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  1. Car Park Gates on Saturday

    Don't even think about it!!! We have enough with the JWs parking everywhere on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings!!!!

    I would have if I was still doing the tannoy
  3. The River Tay

    It was the Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick as it has all the gizmos needed to find bodies in water
  4. St Johnstone vs Stenhousemuir 21/01/17

    Shame we aren't the away team, £13 would be a much better price! If we get 1100 there this weekend it will be a miracle, doubt any Stenny fans will cough up £23, nor Saints fans for this match sadly
  5. Death of friend from Eskisehir

    Hadn't seen this until now, really sad that Mehmet has passed, he was the EsEs fan who helped me with the team names and Turkish pronunciation for the game. Such a sad piece of news. RIP my friend, you will be truly missed
  6. Another shop bites the dust...

    That's Derek Petterson's place now, he is the owner of McLeods glass
  7. Dave Mackay

    As a shareholder at the Binos thanks to my late father-in-law I am delighted and will be going to see him for his first home game
  8. Car Park mayhem

    Worst nightmare would be is Smart parking got the contract, they are just highwaymen in disguise Dave......
  9. Welcome Richard Foster

    Thought he was solid on Saturday considering he doesn't even know who he is playing with and more than capable of holding his ground when attacked by the big boys
  10. Congratulations to Bev Mayer on becoming SLO for Saints, she will make a fantastic job of it
  11. Any body going to Elgin

    Based on all the recent previous strikes, the Inverness/Aberdeen service has not run at all but there have been buses every couple of hours but they don't link up to the last train from Inverness or Aberdeen at 7pm.... Was never like this in SLF's days eh
  12. What is the best bar in the world you have been to ?

    Louie's Backyard in Key West, sitting at the side of the Mexican Gulf with a cold beer watching the sun sink slowly over the horizon then seeing the fantastic light display on the high level clouds. Never tire of it
  13. Steve Brown

    I'm struggling to find anything wring with what Steve said, I think some of you must be reading the unquoted bits as part of his interview, that's all I can think
  14. Pre season friendlies

    The Stranraer service closed down a few years ago and all the ferries now go from Cairnryan which is not so easy to get o. Even the Troon service has been cancelled as well
  15. Player of the year awards night. 2015-16

    I've got a spare ticket if he wants to buy it