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  1. Since when did the Tories gve a ff to what we wee folk want and don't want? As long as they get more money to line their pockets they are happy..... Everyone who voted this criminal bunch of lying bar stewards into power needs to hang their heads in shame, it will be solid houses from Scone to Almondbank now!!!
  2. Kevin

    New pub

    Don't forget the hairdressers as well
  3. I think Blueheaven has really opened up a great stream there about the lack of profile for the club. Where is our presence in the city? There is none, yes Campus Sport promote the club but they are now in a relatively backwoods part of the town so visitors do not get to see this. The promotion outside the ground is good but doesn't smack you between the eyes and with the new road we could do with more advertising at the top of the slip-road now. There should be more promotional work in town, apart from the lotto sellers you don't see much about the club or promotion for forthcoming matches. It is almost like the club do not want to be found...... I am sure we will see the table in Tesco again nearer Christmas but how about something in the markets each month or even one of the empty shops being used as a Saints shop, just need one paid employee and some volunteers but it would actually be visible to the visiting public and could offer stadium tours and sell tickets to forthcoming games, bit of club history etc.... Come on Saints, let's burst out of the cocoon and fly high like a blue and white butterfly to show the world who we are
  4. I was talking to a couple of guys I know who used to go to games but haven't bothered recently and the one concerning thing for me was their belief that the club had no interest in them. Citing things such as family tickets and concessions whereas they are 40's and no kids interested in going to the game and were saying things along the line already on here that where is the incentive to go? They support Saints but get nothing back for it apart from the occasional exciting game. Their suggestions were also along the lines of a rewards card so like the coffee shops, pay for 5 games and get the 6th free, hospitality at a reasonable price and, this is something I agree with, a decent programme for the money you pay. How do other clubs produce programmes that you can read all week and all we get are 6-8 pages with hardly any editorial content. There was a time back in the day when I used to help out with the programme production and we made sure thee was plenty to read in it and you got value for money out of it. To me Beve does a great job in her liaison role but nobody else appears to be doing anything sadly
  5. Yeah, whatever.............. and people who don't know just blame everyone else
  6. That's because he has got decent kit these days........ It is all digital now rather than the old analogue stuff I used to have to hold together with masking tape and chewing gum!!
  7. Kevin

    Bertha Park

    That's all I have ever known it as, what s the real name of that place then? No offence meant either
  8. Kevin

    Bertha Park

    Big new road being built from the road behind McDiarmid across the A9 and it will join the new roundabout by tinkers town and a new bridge has been built across the Almond into Bertha Park, although it has to rebuilt as it is not level as the contractors got their sums wrong!! This will be the main road into BP and then the new link road to Scone will become another road out of BP and over the A9/railway/Tay. Houses will be built from the A9 north of the Crieff Road and extend right down to Almondbank and up to the river. New primary school being built in Ruthvenfield that will take in kids from a lot of the smaller local schools around the area. BP will extend from the A9 across to Almondbank in the west and eventually to Redgorton in the north.
  9. Anyone know the entry price for Sunday? Can't find it anywhere...........
  10. Was a great player at Barcelona too, saw him a few ties and got his Mexico shirt some years back
  11. It depends on how you gave your consent Andrew, if you opt-in for contact you physically/electronically have to tick a box saying that you want to receive this. it is known as informed consent as the company has to tell you what they do with your information and who they will give it to for processing. If it is just one of those, "to continue using our site please click on I consent" then this is not how it should be working. A lot of places are doing this and are all being cautioned by the Information Commissioner that she will be requiring them to comply with the new regulations. All the companies you interact with must contact you to tell you about your new rights and ask you to consent to them continuing to use your data but in the ways that you want them to. You even have the right to anonymity now where, other than in a contracted process, you can ask them to stop contacting you and also all the other companies they are pssing your data onto. This is the right to be forgotten!