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  1. Chris Millar Testimonial

  2. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Anyone know the entry price for Sunday? Can't find it anywhere...........
  3. Chris Millar testimonial match hospitality

    I will not know until tomorrow Gordon, sorry
  4. Raphael marquez

    Was a great player at Barcelona too, saw him a few ties and got his Mexico shirt some years back
  5. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    It depends on how you gave your consent Andrew, if you opt-in for contact you physically/electronically have to tick a box saying that you want to receive this. it is known as informed consent as the company has to tell you what they do with your information and who they will give it to for processing. If it is just one of those, "to continue using our site please click on I consent" then this is not how it should be working. A lot of places are doing this and are all being cautioned by the Information Commissioner that she will be requiring them to comply with the new regulations. All the companies you interact with must contact you to tell you about your new rights and ask you to consent to them continuing to use your data but in the ways that you want them to. You even have the right to anonymity now where, other than in a contracted process, you can ask them to stop contacting you and also all the other companies they are pssing your data onto. This is the right to be forgotten!
  6. New Assistant Manager required

    Quite agree Radford, it has become a very comfy situation from where I sit (not in the tannoy box fortunately so I can speak my mind now....) but be honest, on the sort of peanuts we pay all we are going to get are monkeys. Cuptie and Fraz are very happy at the Binos so don't see them making the trek back up the A9 either so it is likely to be Clelland doing a double job as that is all the club will pay for. The belt is getting tightened so much now that the amount of money in the bank is becoming embarrassing and all we seem to sign are the left-overs nobody else wants. I would love to be proved wrong but can't see it happening under the current regime
  7. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Thanks, just noticed this, the club have done nothing about GDPR as far as I can see, nothing has been sent out and neither have they notified anyone about the change to the privacy terms and conditions. They have to, by law now, check with everyone on their database whether they still wish to be contacted, about what and by which method. This should have been done prior to 25th May but doesn't seem to have been done. I will catch the GM as his parents stay next door to me and find out. Watch this space
  8. Was at Stuart Cosgrove's book signing last night in the Soutar Theatre and he was expounding on the Christmas Day game between Saints and Dundee and that police with dogs had to be released in Scott Street to separate the battling fans. Anybody got any memories of this match? Went on to be 0-0
  9. Any of the pubs showing it do we know?
  10. Car Park Gates on Saturday

    Don't even think about it!!! We have enough with the JWs parking everywhere on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings!!!!

    I would have if I was still doing the tannoy
  12. The River Tay

    It was the Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick as it has all the gizmos needed to find bodies in water
  13. St Johnstone vs Stenhousemuir 21/01/17

    Shame we aren't the away team, £13 would be a much better price! If we get 1100 there this weekend it will be a miracle, doubt any Stenny fans will cough up £23, nor Saints fans for this match sadly
  14. Death of friend from Eskisehir

    Hadn't seen this until now, really sad that Mehmet has passed, he was the EsEs fan who helped me with the team names and Turkish pronunciation for the game. Such a sad piece of news. RIP my friend, you will be truly missed