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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. Offer 1 - bag of wine gums, Offer 2 - two bags of wine gums?
  2. I agree let's play tough, no point in a player swap they will not offer us anyone decent and there is unlikely to be anyone around we could sign quickly. Not completely convinced McInnes wants him before the summer. The actual quote from Del does not suggest he wants him now. An immediate move seems to be Sun speculation, it was Hearts who wanted him now and were prepared to offer Berra in some sort of deal.
  3. I agree, well done Saints. Price list is a wee bit confusing though, I calculate you could get 2 adults and 4 under 12 weans plus 4 13 year olds into the Ormond for £40 so maybe only 3 weans were under 12. On the other hand you seem to be able to get 2 full price adults, 7 under 12 weans and one 13 year old into the East for £45. As you can see from these blethers my nurse isn't around at the moment. This gives me time to work out whether I am better just paying £10 to get into the East on account of my advanced years or admit to playing with less than the full deck and get her in with me for nothing and only pay £9 concession.
  4. Sure and begorrah 'tis more likely to be the other half of the ugly sisters that would attract him.
  5. You've spelled stupidity wrongly.
  6. You seem well informed. What's this thing called Decimalization I keep hearing about?
  7. Read my last sentence. My post was aimed at the worry ST holders would be wandering around looking for a seat. Interesting, if we usually give the OF an allocation of around 4,400 seats which "usually almost sells out" the extra 2,600 or so we are giving them are not going to fly off the shelves.
  8. Not sure if we all understand what the Club intends here yet. (I hope the Club does!) The statement says East Stand ST Holders will be provided with alternative unallocated seats within the West Stand. That suggests they will be allocated tickets with numbered seats presumably mainly in the North end of the Stand. As there is no mention (yet) of ST Holders being asked if they intend to go to the game that would suggest everyone being given an allocated seat whether they intend to go or not. This is only fair and places these ST Holders in exactly the same situation they would be in if this "trial" was not taking place. How many ST Holders are there in the East Stand? My impression has always been that many ST Holders do not attend every match and there are marked seats unallocated even when the crowd is around 3,000. If my assumptions are right there won't be too many seats spare in the West for those who just want to pay for these games once hospitality guests are taken care of. I still don't think there will be a problem and at least everyone will know where their seat is.
  9. Celtic supporting pal thinks that's right. However, though a ST holder he is not interested in away games - "don't want stuck beside morons who will give you dogs abuse if you ask them to sit down". He thinks they get ticket allocations but don't have to take them, especially these days when there is no point in keeping in the good books in the hope of a ticket at the Ayebroke games. He agrees with me that they might struggle to unload 7,000 tickets in which case they will sell the East Stand tickets first.
  10. Whilst I am glad to see this move described as a "trial" I am not sure that the 2 games in question will be a good test. Will we be able to sell 7,000 tickets to Celtic fans for an evening kick off in January given their team has just made an abject balls up of the latest hatefest? Will the tickets be offered for sale before the darling bhoys have a chance to stumble further against Killie or Partick? Will the game be on TV? It pains me to say it but there is more chance with the Sevco game although that is a 12 pm Sunday KO. Their fans are drooling at the mouth at the prospect of being top dogs again and the team are less likely to stumble in the meantime. Could be on TV though. Having said that I would concede that these games are as good as any for this experiment. Would not like to see it at the start of a season when fans are usually optimistic. Nonetheless, the fans who still attend the bigot brothers games are the loyalist of the loyal so I hope they are not mucked about for nothing.
  11. To all Saints fans Orra best orra time
  12. Good point, I thought about Terry McCann as well but I think he was Fulham/Chelsea. Happy New Year.