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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. I see Gerrard has ruled himself out for the Derby job saying he wishes to finish the job at Ayebroke. Translated he means " Don't you know that to be established fully as the guy to replace Klopp, when he eventually leaves Liverpool, I have to win something. Sevco's players are a bunch of useless twats but I am getting my pick of Liverpool prospects to help and Celtic have just appointed Lennon as their permanent manager. He may not last beyond Christmas but come on I won't get a better chance." He also says money is not a motivator which translates as "Derby are not offering enough."
  2. Last week was the 2019 Peebles March Riding and Beltane Festival. A Beltane Queen is elected and she has a court. The parents of the Queen and her court decorate their houses for the week and the best decorated house wins a prize. This years winner was Stevie MacLean and family.
  3. Cricket took a decade to develop DRS/VAR to the point of being ridiculous but football appears to have managed it in a matter of months!
  4. Just watched Canada score against Cameroon and thought about qualifying your remark about goalies to "some" goalies. But then I remembered a certain male goalie who made a similar mess of coming for a corner and I thought give the lassie a break at least she knew she had made the wrong call and did not try to pretend she had been hit by a number 10 bus to cover it up.
  5. Thanks pal, that's good to know.
  6. Good point. That kills my theory stone dead.
  7. Sounds like he wants to go to Sevco but as usual they are trying to get him for sweeties so McCall is talking him up and playing up the "sleeping giant" in the Championship stuff like mad.
  8. Funny you should say that. Swifts have won a place in the new East of Scotland Premier League for season 19/20. This is part of the 6th tier of the Scottish Leagues Pyramid. Promotion can now be gained to the Lowland League but at present Swifts' ground does not satisfy Lowland League entry standards. It may not take much to achieve those standards (I don't know what they are) but a ground share with Saints might be a temporary solution if Swifts wished to progress.
  9. Tony Watt off to Bulgaria, should bring our average wage down a few pounds! Was a disappointment in the end but started well.
  10. I agree. Unfortunately they are both absolute shite so we will not get the chance. Midden and Hammy are just shite!
  11. Just watched the St Mirren v Dundee Utd play off. United will doubtless now have a clear out and I sincerely hope none of their duds are allowed within 20 miles of McD.
  12. Going to be a lot of empty seats counted in the attendance figures at Parkhead next season. One of my Celtic supporting pals is wondering if he can get a refund on his season ticket.
  13. His wife will be pleased, they are going on holiday early next week!