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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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    Chess, bridge, cricket.
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  1. Good result, Gordon and Booth seem to have steadied the defence. Dodging Celtic for the moment is a plus for me and we can but hope that Mrs Budge won't have opened her purse any wider before we play Hearts.
  2. Kingsley is listed as a left back, he is 5'10" and tips the scales at 10 1/2 stone. Not my idea of a big strong, experienced central defender.
  3. We should think ourselves lucky the Celtic game is off this weekend. By the time it is rescheduled all sorts of things might have happened. In order of likelihood - Celtic might have got greedy and sold 3 or 4 of their big names in January - Wee Neil might have lost the dressing room - Several of their key players might be down with flu but the SPFL refuse a postponement - Our defence might have improved and learned how to deal with corners and through balls
  4. Tommy misses out on another job.
  5. I certainly did, not to forget the Guillinotti's in Hospital Street but I think the picture is too early for both of us. 1920s ?
  6. Thanks Chips great photos, I think I can now finally face the world again after last Saturday!
  7. When I hear the phrase "by mutual consent" I often remember one of my history teachers. He used to say that most Roman Emperors died of natural causes. Of course you had to realise that in Ancient Rome poisoning and being stabbed in the back counted as natural causes!
  8. Trouble is we are now in a sort of limbo. Brown will not consider sacking Tommy and paying compensation when there is a chance of him getting the NI job and being paid compensation. PS Sorry Tommy I have not forgotten our day in May. If/when you do leave I will expect to be sitting in the Tommy Wright Stand soon after.
  9. He doesn't have a garden so can't go on gardening leave?
  10. Another great performance. Just to show we can be generous in spirit towards other teams, good luck to Watford at the weekend. Until our last 2 games their start to the season was almost a carbon copy of ours.
  11. Look after yourself, guid folk are scarce. I f you are not running up and down stairs for the moment a wee dram will help.