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    Perth born and bred. Was at same school as Stuart Cosgrove but not at same time! First saw Saints in 1946, father stood on the grass banks at the Recreation Ground.
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  1. Given that a lot of us have despaired expecting any signings, anything would be a surprise.
  2. Does the report include the magic word - "hopefully"?
  3. Hang your jacket up carefully tomorrow Neil, the nail has become a wee bit loose.
  4. Probably, but we have to wait until later to see if he is in today's Aberdeen squad.
  5. Won't affect me, I always refer to the current Kane as Christopher.
  6. Any point in Tommy tapping his golf buddy for a loan of the lad Bayo who appears surplus to requirements to Celtic at present?
  7. I couldn't manage a pint of that, make mine a half.
  8. No offence but is it no a wee bit early to be writing to Santa?
  9. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    Had we qualified instead of County with our luck we would probably have drawn Hamilton at whatever they are calling their ground this year, got kicked off the park and lost to an Alston goal!
  10. Agreed. And I would point out to anyone advocating Barry Ferguson that the Joke thread is in the Chit Chat section.
  11. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    At least Perth's other 2 senior teams had thumping wins - Jeanfield Swifts and Kinnoull.
  12. The missing link here is nobody is saying what the "new conditions" were that ended the negotiations late on Tuesday. Jim Spence might know but does not have permission to reveal them. Despite what he says Tommy will know along with Brown, May and Vine. One obvious possibility for the silence is that there is indeed a chance that the deal can be brought back to life. May's side are keeping quiet in case a so called better deal from elsewhere proves a disappointment. Brown, who is surely an experience negotiator, will know that May was keen enough to sign and so will stick to his guns.
  13. Not surprised Tommy picked up the big Estonian lad in person. Must have cheered him no end to get someone who actually wants to come to Saints. Not just Tommy either. Welcome Madis, hope you enjoy Perth. Tommy says he is in the market for a left back also. Well there is a reasonable prospect at Celtic who has been unsettled by transfer talk - Tierney I think his name is. (Just thought you'd like a wee laugh Tommy after the week you've had!!)
  14. If Vine is that type of negotiator I would expect it to be well known in football management circles and if so I would not be unhappy if Brown showed him the door.