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  1. I agree we are better off without him though I think we better keep our eyes on the dressing room doors when County are next at McD.
  2. I would go with that. Looks like the railway marshalling yard lights in the background.
  3. south inch


    Apparently there is an even bigger risk with the above scam, if you open it and follow the instructions you finish up with four free tickets.
  4. Celtic pal of mine said something similar, Ralston was a sub against Hearts and err us! Timothy still have hopes for him hence the contract until 2022. Maybe wee Neil is doing his big pal a favour.
  5. Thanks Paulo you are a star, a very informative and well written set of posts. PS I also learned that there is a limit to the number of reactions you are allowed each day on WAP. I used my entire allocation on your posts, well spent in my view.
  6. Bears' Den already on its high horse about the 2nd sectarian singing charge. However, this time I detect signs of concern some of the Tribal Elders are getting worried. There are even some suggestions that they better be careful on Sunday. By no means a popular suggestion but it is there nonetheless.
  7. Excellent letter. That word "hopefully" again but I like "I fully expect". Also encouraging is the fact that the transfer references are all in the plural.
  8. I don't know what happened between Tommy and Foster last week but I think the Saints' players will have a pretty good idea. The effort and spirit I saw v Hibs on Saturday suggests they were certainly not demotivated by the incident.
  9. I am told Eilidh Barbour was presenting Final Score yesterday. Anyone know if she reacted when Jason Kerr's goal came up on the teleprinter?
  10. Don't forget the age old truism Q How do you make a small fortune out of a Scottish football club? A Start with a large one.
  11. Bears' Den has already managed 70 pages of outrage. No sign of any contrition, next weeks game against the Polish team could be interesting given the religious leanings of some Polish players.
  12. Apart from Forrest not starting looked pretty well full strength. Wee Neil's jacket nail even more shoogjy. A skelping from Sevco at the end of the month and it could be P45 time.
  13. Do you ken whit your're doing man?
  14. Given that a lot of us have despaired expecting any signings, anything would be a surprise.
  15. Does the report include the magic word - "hopefully"?
  16. Hang your jacket up carefully tomorrow Neil, the nail has become a wee bit loose.
  17. Probably, but we have to wait until later to see if he is in today's Aberdeen squad.
  18. Won't affect me, I always refer to the current Kane as Christopher.
  19. Any point in Tommy tapping his golf buddy for a loan of the lad Bayo who appears surplus to requirements to Celtic at present?
  20. I couldn't manage a pint of that, make mine a half.
  21. No offence but is it no a wee bit early to be writing to Santa?
  22. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    Had we qualified instead of County with our luck we would probably have drawn Hamilton at whatever they are calling their ground this year, got kicked off the park and lost to an Alston goal!
  23. Agreed. And I would point out to anyone advocating Barry Ferguson that the Joke thread is in the Chit Chat section.