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    Betfred Cup

    Indeed they should, so lets try and move players who don't qualify first.
  2. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    Everything you say here is correct. Kane works hard, always gives 100% and he cares. But as you say "he doesn't score many goals" and he is listed as a striker. Perhaps we should not give up on him yet, especially when there are guys like Swanson and McMillan ahead of him to be shown the door, if we sign a new striker as promised maybe we should use him as an impact sub when his pace could have more effect against tired defenders.
  3. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    Of the 3 guys who had chances to settle the game in our favour today Swanson was the worst because he just does not seem to care. Kane is simply not good enough, he tries but there is nothing there. When he was put straight through in the 2nd half it was blindingly obvious that he had no idea what to do. Not his fault, you could see he was upset at his failure when he was subbed but I doubt if he is even a Championship striker. MOH still has something but he still can't make the telling final pass. At least he worked to get himself into a scoring position with his 1st half chance but there was a defender in the way of the narrow angle he had. But Swanson! At 1 - 0 he had an open goal but could not be bothered to take the second needed to compose himself to keep his shot down. Had he made it 2 - 0 the whole dynamic of the game changes, County were beaten all it needed was that goal and they would have thrown in the towel.
  4. Kilmarnock now seem favourites for Stevie's signature. Must be a lot of folk still waiting for their tea in Dundee.
  5. Going even further back I can remember when Saints' PR consisted of a billboard (borrowed from an Evening Telegraph seller) outside St Pauls saying "Match Off". If they were really making an effort it would say "Match Off - Snow".
  6. Good, can she be signed up in time for Sunday's game v Ross County?
  7. south inch

    Betfred Cup

    If we beat County (I know - I know IF) what decides a tie? Goals scored or the result between the teams? If the latter we would still have some hope IF we beat Brechin and Forfar. Do all 8 runners up go through or just the best 4?
  8. He is normally much better looking and positive but this was taken after he read the injury list for tonight's game.
  9. If he has a superb striker sitting as second choice he should sign him now but like you I doubt that he has.
  10. Nice place Newburgh. Mind you I once ran the line there at a Junior game. Some of the locals thought I was blind and others seemed to think my parents were not married. One or two others had some amazing suggestions as to what I could do with my flag. No offence taken though and if any of them are still around I hope they have a nice day too.
  11. But not more than Matt Kennedy.
  12. Wasn't that friendly, I see Morton are trying to find a so called fan who hit a linesman with a coin.
  13. Whilst some of the play on show in this World Cup has been decent enough no way does it justify the non stop over hyping. Last night the Swedish keeper made a decent save from a well hit shot. It was immediately hailed as brilliant in particular because she kept her eye on the ball! Does this mean that some keepers don't watch the ball? Like "oh my god these gloves are soo wrong for the rest of my outfit, I must change them for a different shade first chance - oops!"
  14. Thanks belfastsaintee, excellent set of mini reports and updates. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  15. Usain Bolt having another go at getting into football?
  16. Listening to commentary on England men playing usually requires one sick bucket to hand but for the England ladies i am afraid two are necessary. The first goal against Norway was described as sheer brilliance. Leaving aside the striker who missed her kick at the ball completely the only question to me was how many of the Norwegian defenders should have been charged admission.
  17. McLennan or Alexander?
  18. Commentator on the England v Norway game remarked that the standard of refereeing in this World Cup is dramatically better than at the last one 4 years ago. So it must be possible to be worse than feckin awful then! Mind you I do remember one incident where a player successfully argued against being booked for handling the ball in the penalty area on the rather novel grounds that she was the goalkeeper.
  19. Will that make a difference? Is this not the competition where if you phone up to ask when the match starts they ask "when can you come"?
  20. I see Gerrard has ruled himself out for the Derby job saying he wishes to finish the job at Ayebroke. Translated he means " Don't you know that to be established fully as the guy to replace Klopp, when he eventually leaves Liverpool, I have to win something. Sevco's players are a bunch of useless twats but I am getting my pick of Liverpool prospects to help and Celtic have just appointed Lennon as their permanent manager. He may not last beyond Christmas but come on I won't get a better chance." He also says money is not a motivator which translates as "Derby are not offering enough."
  21. Last week was the 2019 Peebles March Riding and Beltane Festival. A Beltane Queen is elected and she has a court. The parents of the Queen and her court decorate their houses for the week and the best decorated house wins a prize. This years winner was Stevie MacLean and family.
  22. Cricket took a decade to develop DRS/VAR to the point of being ridiculous but football appears to have managed it in a matter of months!
  23. Just watched Canada score against Cameroon and thought about qualifying your remark about goalies to "some" goalies. But then I remembered a certain male goalie who made a similar mess of coming for a corner and I thought give the lassie a break at least she knew she had made the wrong call and did not try to pretend she had been hit by a number 10 bus to cover it up.