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  1. The fact that he/his agent have said their preferred option is Scotland then that would rule out the lucrative contracts in the likes of China, USA etc
  2. I would imagine the deal we offered Stevie May initially would be more than what Kilmarnock would have offered Lafferty. If that kind of money is still available then I can see it being enough to lure the likes of Cummings or Lafferty. Especially if some decent performance based bonuses are included that incentivise the move for the player and reward the club.
  3. Danny Swanson chubby? Have you been to any games this season. He’s a whippet!
  4. Livingston, St.Mirren and Hamilton will all finish below us. Happy to place a wager if you are so sure?
  5. Find memories of him watching from the terracing at Old Brockville and Old Bayview. I remember the pelters he used to get at East End Park. On a par with Alan Main at Dens.
  6. Why would McInnes allow him to stay at home? He is a first team player and both May and McInnes have a responsibility to use him as such until he has signed on the dotted line and the paperwork is completed. Why would he fill his bench with an untested youngster when he has May.
  7. Brilliant!!! Get pumped off Forfar, Montrose and 7-0 off Celtic but we are too good for Stevie May. Unfashionable St.Johnstone Football Club + “city of” Perth + low wages + no chance of silverware + playing in front of 3000 fans... Mmmmm very appealing for your average 15+ a season striker. Not!
  8. I’ve heard about some very interesting demands from the top stars. One in particular used to have the club pay for all of his family and friends to fly across once a month, stay all expenses paid in a hotel and then flown home again. Which reminds me, a certain Senegalese former Rangers player had it written into his contract that he wanted to be house in the penthouse suite of a Glasgow hotel with an unlimited food and drink tab.
  9. Not sure that would be an option. Kane isn’t the answer. I think it’s provably Kane and May or Kane and Hemmings. To get both I would imagine we need to just accept that McMillan was a failure and that Kane isn’t SPL quality.
  10. Thinking back over the years some of our most exciting sides have been made up with two first choice strikers. Why can’t we make Hemmings and May happen? McMillan will be away this window. Hendry on loan to the Championship is a win-win-win(we want to free up wages-he wants/needs regular games-most championship or league one teams would snap up someone of Hendry’s ability if they were only paying half of his wages. Chris Kane either as back up, out on loan or let him find a new club. May and Hemmings with the option to bring Hendry back in January and O’Halloran & Kennedy as back up. Make it happen Brown!!
  11. How many goals did Lawrence Shankland score in the 5 months before he joined Dundee United
  12. I agree that things are looking great but you whine on about the spine of the team. We have one of the top 2/3 goalkeepers in the league, we have one of the best young centre half’s in the league, we have a player in Murray Davidson in the centre - who could have picked any team he wanted outside of the old firm 3/4 years ago. Its not the spine, it’s the blend of players at the moment. We have gone from a team full of winners and leaders to a team full of shitebags and other full of their own importance and chip on their shoulder.
  13. I noticed RandomGuy had deleted his previous post about Lawrence Shankland being pish...
  14. Brilliant. Max. Max Johnstone. He sounds like a classy marauding left left back or clinical technical striker. Am I right?