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  1. 12 points in October will be the perfect medicine
  2. Two pages for a home match. Not sure if it says more about the apathy towards this forum or the lack of interest in Saints at home in an unattractive fixture.
  3. This! Not too many managers out there with the package of attributes that Tommy Wright possesses, let alone any that would want to manage Saints. Tommy in!!!
  4. Has Muzz justified his position this season?
  5. In my opinion, your opinion is miles off.
  6. What would the average age of that starting 11 be? The lowest for many a year I would imagine. Is this the start of another magnificent Tommy rebuilt.
  7. Both are probably in my top dozen or so players to ever pull on a saints jersey but they are both having less and less impact on games as the months and years pass. The odd flash of vintage genius isn’t enough I’m afraid. Centre midfield needs overhauled. Muzz, Craig, Wotherspoon, Callaghan not the answer!! Ali McCann looks very promising but we need at least two of the aforementioned out and a very good midfielder in.
  8. Anyone who attended Hibs will tell you that neither McCann or Kane should be dropped. I think that whole team deserves another chance to start this game. The only players who might be justified for criticism would be Liam Gordon and Liam Craig. I don’t see Madis Vihmann as the answer so it’s better to preserve with Liam Gordon as he is clearly talented and also Liam Craig’s reverse ball for the first saints goal was vintage stuff. Spoony or a half fit May don’t deserve to oust anyone from last week.
  9. Not sure someone can grow into or train hard to become fast/have pace. He is painfully slow which is my only concern.
  10. The biggest fear here is not simply the hard work done by Paul Smith, but much more pressing is the fact that precious little of it has been delegated, documented or explained to others at the club. He was a one man band who just got the job done. Even if we install a capable replacement, he wouldn’t know where to start.
  11. How is that Shankland lad getting on. Still not that bothered that we didn’t offer him what we offered May?
  12. That’s the beauty of it, there are enough pisher teams than us that it’s pretty much risk free. Try and it fails, we finish 8th. Try it and it’s a success, we have 3 very good footballers and 3 very valuable assets for next season.
  13. All this pish about Swanson’s fitness is utter drivel. He is in the best shape of his life. I take your point about playing regularly for confidence but he is fit as a fiddle. He produced 3/4 quality deliveries passes in the short time he was on the pitch today.
  14. Or the soft free kick for their goal? Or the fact that they took it about 3 metres from where it occurred, or the free kick given against Kerr for nothing, or David Gray not getting booked, or Marciano not getting a second booking for time-wasting, or Mallan not getting booked for chopping McCann... Take your pick really