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  1. 0-0 at half-time is already massive for us. We have only been drawing at half time in 33% of our games this season and in 67% of away matches we have been losing at half time
  2. Well we’ve kept a clean sheet for our usual 0-17 minutes. We will concede anytime in the next 17-30 mins.
  3. Has Jody not got the next Kurt Zouma looking to get a few games under his belt?
  4. 3 at the back when Gordon comes back Clark Kerr Gordon Duffy Ralston Tanser
  5. Our season summed up in one photo “Striker head and shoulders above St.Johnstone defenders”
  6. B*****ks! Just release Anderson, Vihmann, Duffy and Ralston. Give them £20,000 each and get them so far to f***. Sign a decent right back and a decent centre back to play with Kerr and have Liam Gordon back - we would pick up enough points to finish 9th or 10th. You’re not trying to tell me that Christopher Samba, Marc Wilson, Jack Hendry, Efe Ambrose are outwith our reach and are worse that the farce we have. F*****ng Stephen Hendry Or Jocky Wilson would be more use
  7. Anyone got any stats on how many headers Motherwell have won inside out 18 yard box in the first 60 minutes?
  8. Never mind waiting until f****ng January Tommy. Get Anderson, Vihmann and Duffy to f*** and sign a f*****g centre back that can defend. Whats the point of having over £2million in the bank if we don’t use it when we are in a crisis. £2 million won’t last long once we are in the Championship.
  9. Jesus, you really don’t have to do too much to get a goal against this St.Johnstone team
  10. Such a strange match to choose to play May and Kane together especially with that midfield.
  11. I’d be happy for both to play. Both can pick a pass and split defences.
  12. I think the goal v Aberdeen on Sunday showed that we have the quality to score goals in the team, but swinging balls in to the box from all angles and areas of the pitch is not playing to those strengths. We have pace to burn in MOH, Kennedy and Wright, so why not play creative passers like Swanson and Wotherspoon to supply through balls to exploit the their pace. Tanser and Ralston should be up the pitch to occupy defenders to leave space for May, Kennedy and Wright to isolate defenders, they should not be up there as the primary attacking options when we have May, Kennedy and Wright in the same team. The fans can all see it, can Tommy bring himself to succumb. Hopefully Muzz being absent will force his hand. COYS 3-1 Saints
  13. Morning news full of Motherwell hoping to cement a top 4 place and Motherwell targeting European football vs St Johnstone hoping to lift themselves off bottom of table and rock bottom St Johnstone aiming to end winless away form
  14. I think this could be a blessing in disguise. Obviously it means that Murray is missing which isn’t great, but training should be intense and competitive this week with a starting 11 place up for grabs and a place on the bench created. Sunday was a season turning point for me... 2-1 saints on Saturday