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  1. R.B.B:- Adz

    Hamilton Away

  2. R.B.B:- Adz

    Hamilton Away

    And the prize for the most Saints-like thing to happen goes to..... Saints
  3. R.B.B:- Adz

    Hamilton Away

    Not as seething as 90% of the fan base were on Sunday when he pussied out of a header that could well have won us the match... Not exactly the actions of a goal hungry striker who is desperate to break his duck!!
  4. R.B.B:- Adz

    Saints v Celtic, Sunday 3 Feb, league game.

    Tony Watt is 20/1 for first goal tomorrow and Matt Kennedy is 18/1... great value!
  5. R.B.B:- Adz

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    Absolutely blows my mind how Tommy and Alec came to a consensus over that formation and line up today. Beggars belief!!! And then didn’t change it until we went a goal down when the whole away end could see it was the wrong line up after 10 minutes... ****ing pissed right off!!
  6. R.B.B:- Adz

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I did try to tell you this when Michael signed.
  7. R.B.B:- Adz

    Zander Clark

    As much as I am a fan of both, fewer of our clean sheets can be attributed to the impact of Tanser or Foster.
  8. R.B.B:- Adz

    Zander Clark

    The trio of Clark, Kerr and Shaughnessy is absolutely paramount to our current positive league position.
  9. R.B.B:- Adz

    League Game 21: Saints v Livingston Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

    For Joe to perform like that with all of the speculation and pressure surrounding him... classy!
  10. R.B.B:- Adz

    League Game 21: Saints v Livingston Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

    Could be massive!!
  11. R.B.B:- Adz

    League Game 21: Saints v Livingston Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

    Hearts just above us - getting beat Hibs just below us - getting beat This could be a huge three points! COYS
  12. R.B.B:- Adz

    League Game 21: Saints v Livingston Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

    Hearts getting beat at home v Dundee... Come on Saints!!
  13. R.B.B:- Adz

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I’m not going to lie, I would be extremely disappointed if our club captain signed for Aberdeen, Hearts or Hibs - especially considering we have offered him a very good deal to stay. I know people people are banding round the “no loyalty in football” and “it’s a short career” even the usual pish about “if another company offered you a pay rise at your work, would you not take it”..... There is a lot to be said for the fact that he is a club captain being offered the chance to sign a relatively lucrative, relatively long term contract at a team where he is the first name on the team sheet, the manager, players and fans love him and they gave him the platform to transform his career. Stick around, Joe and get a big money move down south in a year or so....
  14. R.B.B:- Adz

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    How many minutes have Kane or McMillan player since Drey Wright got injured?
  15. R.B.B:- Adz

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I hear a little bit of anger/frustration in Tommy’s message there.... rightly so!