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  1. Blue and white away day at Somerset Park?? Make it happen Ginger Baker.
  2. I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard anything on Madis Vihmann yet. Surely if we pack off Callaghan and Vihmann, coupled with the knowledge that Kennedy’s wage will be available in six months, we can bring someone in.
  3. That’s one out, time for one in. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-boost-midfield-options-with-loan-signing-of-st-johnstones-ross-callachan/
  4. Would never wish any sort of injury on Midge but it would be a massive bonus. They are already down to their bare bones - especially in midfield.
  5. That doesn’t really stand up though. We may have more in the bank than any other club but other clubs are considerably wealthier than us in a plethora of ways - including access to cash and required. Our £2 million bank balance is necessary for our very existence.
  6. Tommy won’t entertain that move. Last season maybe, but twice this season we have played Hearts and twice Berra has been bang average.
  7. Take their money!! Vile sectarian singing, 2-0 down after 15 minutes, guaranteed to be on the receiving end of a pumping and overpriced “category a” tickets are just some of the reasons that home fans stay away for matches versus the Old Firm and none of those things are likely to change anytime soon. Make the ticket prices £30, no concessions and give the knuckledraggers 7000 tickets.
  8. https://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/18031770.southend-united-defender-joe-shaughnessy-faces-least-month-sidelines-knee-problem/ I suppose that rules out Shaughnessy coming back in January
  9. Time for the ref to send off one of their hammer throwers and then bring on Mikey.
  10. Vihmann strip hanging in changing room but not named in the 18
  11. I am away in Poland this weekend. If anyone has a stream or Saints Tv account that they wouldn’t mind me borrowing for one game
  12. Plus Dundee United and possibly Dundee back in the league. Really important that we finish 10th+ this season and keep our key players.
  13. Jeezo, Tommy isn’t playing down the importance of this match one bit.. “This is a huge opportunity for us to build on recent results” “This is going to be a massive game for both clubs.”
  14. Absolutely but I think both are young and level headed enough to realise that one more season at Saints where they are pretty much the first names on the team sheet will bring longer term benefits - especially with Kennedy now in the Northern Ireland squad which he values very highly. We can’t compete with Aberdeen or pretty much any English team above the conference but we can still make our top earners offers that aren’t to be sniffed at. If Tommy wants to finish the rebuilding job he has started then keeping guys like Holt and Kennedy is important.