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  1. Well done marc great day oot even with the crap weather roll on the semis
  2. morning all i take it no one found the back of a mobile phone as mine has mysteriosly disappeared !!
  3. Hiy y tommy just back from spain and my shifts have changed doing a double tomorrow and working the weekend so i wont make it on friday or saturday if i dont see you before good luck on your travels and will catch up with you sometime gav

  4. hi tommy, harry text me to say you left amessage on his phone are you emigrating?.

  5. I will not manage out on Friday but have a good night out and will catch up with youse some other time
  6. Since the Aberdeen game has been moved to a sunday does anyone fancy going for a beer on saturday afternoon at about 2ish in mathers for a start?
  7. no just driving through but was thinking about the train for the celtic game
  8. Anyone heading through on the train for this one?
  9. is the banning order only till the new year !!!!
  10. i hope you all got home in one piece harry and i got totally hammered (surprise surprise) hope craigs head wasnt to sore in the morning and your hooligan mate thomas!!!!!!
  11. had a good laugh on the way up and a good bevvy on the way down cheers for sharing the rum and the 103 brandy were like burst couches by the time we got to stirling cheers again
  12. its about two miles sober you up before the game!!
  13. going up from stirling still £16 return so try other stations in case they have any cheap ones
  14. i will not manage tonight as my da is in hospital but will catch up sometime have a good one!!