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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    progress LAUGH OUT LOUD
  2. Friendlies

    cheers id never make a ref
  3. Friendlies

    since mannone handled it on the goal line why was it taken from the 6yd line?
  4. Friendlies

    Trialist getting 16 mins is it definitely habran ?
  5. Friendlies

    Could have been a different story if Sunderland scored their penalty at the start tanser giving it away
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    On the bench today
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    would like us to try get michael johnson on loan
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    i presume the gms signing will put an end to the maloney interest
  9. Vilnius

    was surprised at how beautiful the city was and the people were very friendly(never seen such good looking girls) but when it got dark it turned into somewhere totally different spent most of the time in republic with most saintees so that was fine left late on the wed night an went to a bar/club just along the rd - my mate got talking to some lithuanian girls and i lost count of the ammount of times they had to stop guys causing hassle with us on the walk home to our hotel there was a serious incident involving a saints fan and a taxi driver-we hekoed them get to their dads hotel in another taxi who charged 300euro . on our walk home on thu night from republic we had some woman screaming in the street "capitalist " an pointing at my kilt at 1st i thought she was having a laugh but she was fuming and 10 minutes later 2locals swung for my mate telling us to get the f out of their country, so a mixed experience on my part
  10. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    An word on the ammount of saints fans who were in attendance? ive just noticed the full game is on trakais youtube for any who want to suffer it again actually enjoyed wed night in republic better than the loft after the cup final
  11. Vilnius

    what were folks general thoughts of the place?
  12. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    at least saints dont sell weetabix
  13. MOTM FK Trakai 1 - Saints 0 - Europa league Q1 2nd leg

    I voted foster purely because I felt he was the best saints player on the pitch
  14. European travel

    ugh im veggie
  15. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    could be a chance of more Saints supporters in the stadium