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  1. Round 31 - Ross County (H), 24/02/18

    Saints 0 Ross County 0 no scorer 2884
  2. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    is it factually true tho cos ive heard other rumours
  3. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    The Gardyne story is very bizzarre but surely the idiot that posted it needs telt
  4. I'm presuming this will be tickets as normal , anyone heard when they are going on sale as its 8 days to go
  5. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    never. the ball was blasted at him he could not have got out of the way
  6. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Sportxecnes double act agree for the 1st time ever and that celtic should have had a pen . No way could ando get out of the way or turn his body without his elbow sticking out
  7. Round 30 - Celtic (A), 18/02/18

    Celtic 3 Saints 0 Griffiths 58484
  8. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Easton and Watson out so start Tanser and put Williams and Gordon on the bench
  9. Who should be The Next Scotland Manager ?

    we have the nucleus of a young talented squad that i was excited about and this has just put a whole downer on the way i feel about the national team. the blazers in charge are clueless , McLeish has done nothing since winning the league cup with birmingham in 2011. . narrowly avoided relegation with villa in11/12. he lasted 2months at forrest. finished 7th with a good genk side in 14/15 and lasted 2months at zamalek in 2016. but worse than his record is the fact that he walked out on his country , not for Man utd or Madrid but Birmingham city!
  10. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    so not because hes a luxury player then
  11. Celtic v St Johnstone 18/02/18 3pm

    Clark Comrie Joe Kerr Easton Foster Muzz Millar Craig Kane Johnstone subs - Mannus Ando Watson Spoony Macca McLean Tanser
  12. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    what trouble is he causing?
  13. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    You'd need to ask TW why he took Midge off but i would describe someone who didnt always put in 100% effort but could add a bit of magic to a game - that certainly is not Midge!
  14. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Chris Millar a luxury player
  15. Hearts v Saints Sat February 10th Scottish Cup 5th Round

    true but surely your cb who can play rb is best suited to the right of a back 3