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  1. 541ntees

    Zander Clark

    must have missed that cant find it anywhere
  2. 541ntees

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    decent chat finally about Zander not getting called up and Foster hoping for a call after O'Donnell pulled out, but nope our only recognised rb gets replaced by Ryan Jack of course who has pulled out now as well before folk start saying Foster isnt international quality . Scotland are mince . Foster is playing really well just now and i cant think of anyone better in his position (maybe Bardsley) .
  3. 541ntees

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    not seen the accies line up but if it was a young side then you might have expected a more comfortable win from a strong saints side-looks very attacking
  4. i know we are talking about drumming numbers for Mcd but we could arrange a big away day even name after a wap member get the atmosphere back and take it on into home games. suppose it could work for a home game too
  5. 541ntees

    Zander Clark

    for 45mins an he only got a chance because of Archers howler in the Peru game. So at very best Zander is 6th choice? I presume Eck doesnt fancy Marshall who is playing regularly in a league above Mclaughlin
  6. 541ntees


    ive went to the 2 home games and will go to the Israel game cos i support Scotland but i will not support Eck picking Bain who is 2nd choice at his club and played 1 game this season is just wrong. we all argue over who should be in the squad but Bain shouldnt
  7. 541ntees

    Round 19 - Hamilton (H), 10/11/18

    Saints 1 Accies 0 Watt 2484
  8. 541ntees

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    oops wrong edinburgh mob
  9. 541ntees

    Round 18 - Hibs (A), 03/11/18

    Jambos 3 Saints 0 Boyle 17384
  10. 541ntees

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    not sure if he will be playing he posted a pic of a quarantine sign i presume kamberi misses this one?
  11. think fizzy got a bad injury when he went to Wednesday and retired shortly afterwards at a young age
  12. I wasn’t sure if he squared it or if it was a miss hit shot
  13. 541ntees

    Round 17 - Livingston (A), 31/10/18

    Saints 1 livi 0 watt 1584
  14. confirmed on the O.S that you can get saints tickets at livis ticket office at the match, sensible move
  15. 541ntees

    Football rules

    it was suarez in el classico pretty sure it was a nice msg but didnt think that mattered