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  1. The muzz incident was a pen tho
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008gf8 she was saying it to our very own Stuart Cosgrove
  3. But they don’t show that our free kids is open to away fans , in fact they have a separate article claiming accidental as the cheapest away day
  4. 541ntees


    I’d argue that Russia had a handful of decent players kazakhstan Cyprus an San Marino have none
  5. 541ntees


    Nah they want £30 to watch San Marino i wonder what our lowest crowd is?
  6. I don’t ever recall him playing for the u21s but I could be wrong
  7. Has he been called up? we have spoony and the Estonian who else?
  8. His time at airdie didn’t go to well
  9. When did he say this? I must have missed it
  10. If we pick up a free agent then fine but my question was what if we don’t. if muzz or Liam pick up an injury we have options if tanser gets injured we re screwed
  11. So what’s the plan if Tanser gets a bad injury?