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  1. think his pace helped keep boyle subdued whereas Easton might have struggled
  2. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    remember watching it on sportscene was sure it was there ground as well. thats a great attendance for a local derby
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    even when Rooney never started the other week he was playing behind Greig Stewart who is never a fwd
  4. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    sure they put well out a few years ago , was that not at there ground?
  5. i actually thought it was a pen but not for handball joe went in late with a high foot
  6. Round 17 - Hibs (A), 18/11/17

    Hibs 3 Saints 0 Murray 17284
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    I think Oneill, if he goes , is chosing a wise time to go with an aging irish squad, TW might think twice about that? He cant really top what Del has done with Aberdeen either so im still confident of keeping hold of Tommy. he wasnt to chuffed at the sfa not contacting callum about the holland game
  8. Scotland U21 at McD

    Kerr didnt even make the subs bench , im sure he would have dealt with the Latvia goal better , Soft pen, for the Scots too
  9. Development Squad News 2017/18

    and that was with Gordon, Gilchrist , Thompson and Johnstone
  10. Time for Tommy to go?

    TW can take us to the bottom of div 2- hes earned that right!
  11. Round 16 - Celtic (H), 04/11/17

    Saints 0 Celtic 3 Griffiths 6584
  12. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    O.S says both have outside chances of making it but Muzz Midge an Easton all out
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Partick fans say Storey has been poor too . 1 decent goal against us doesnt change that
  14. Round 15 - Partick (A), 28/10/17

    Jags 0 Saints 0 no scorer 3584