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  1. With everyone feeling down after the Montrose game it was great to hear Easton getting 90mns last night
  2. 541ntees

    Euro Memories

    “In yer Monaco slums”
  3. How can we possibly have spent the budget? OUT hurst bell joe Easton Corrie keown goss nydam alston scougall and watt IN Parish Duffy
  4. Surely if they want equality they need to stop calling up saints players
  5. Looks like tommy had no other option with Gordon out and Ando getting injured
  6. celtic rangers hibs aberdeen hearts killie motherwell saints county livi hamilton st mirren
  7. Saints 12 county 9 forfar 5 montrose 4 brechin 0
  8. Cracking goal from Swanson dinking past 2 players and chipping into the top corner. If zander is gonna make that howler nows the time to do it . New season same penalty problems
  9. Yeah I booked up when the Linfield game was announce , I feel if both games were announced at the same time more fans would have done a wee wed -sun trip any tips on nightlife?
  10. I had 1 or 2 beers that day but I remember being ragin that I sat on a bus for over a day to watch Kevin bloomin Thomas play up front ! Simao played too tho pretty sure he played out wide. At home i was happier to see Lowndes and Simao.
  11. My research tells me there’s a few good rooftop bars
  12. Anther stupid handball in the Sweden Canada game last night - thankfully the keeper saved it. going back to the Scotland game var just about got the right decisions and I was under the impression that keepers weren’t allowed to move off their line anyway? even if var does help get the right decisions here’s my main gripe- one of the best feelings in life is when your team hits the back of the net, it’s now getting to the point that when your team scores there’s no point in celebrating cos there gonna check it and a good chance it doesn’t count