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  1. 541ntees

    Round 42 - Dundee (H), 20/04/19

    Saints 0 scumdee 0 4184 no scorer
  2. 541ntees

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Shaughnessy couldn’t lace the boots of Ando Or Wright. Two players who found their level at Saints. He’s a good player but not someone I’d lose sleep over if he left esp when Gordon looks ready to step in. My only worry is having 2 youngsters at cb
  3. 541ntees

    Other games on the go

    I was visiting family in derby so went to pride park. Bolton brought about the same amount of away fans as saints do and their not that far away. Mathematically they could still stay up , I’d like to think we’d be.backing the team if we were in a relegation dog fight. They also served alcohol at kiosks but you couldn’t take it to your seat. Don’t really see this makes a difference considering they had pop up tents and for booze outside it just makes folk down there drinks quicker rather than just take it to the seat
  4. 541ntees

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Well looks like that’s 2 games in row that Kerr misses out did he not get sent off at killie last year.
  5. 541ntees

    Bottom Six Fixtures

    Did they not kick off at the same time? i can’t remember why they finished later than us?
  6. 541ntees

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    Strong line up today leading 1 nil after 15 mins alston scoring
  7. 541ntees

    Joe Shaughnessy

    I think Gordon’s biggest problem is The fact Kerr is still young . Tw may not want to have 2 young cbs in the team. It seems to be a position where you need an experienced head to guide a youngster along
  8. 541ntees

    Joe Shaughnessy

    After Kerr’s ban
  9. 541ntees

    Joe Shaughnessy

    Let’s hope the planning for next season starts with dropping him from the team
  10. 541ntees

    Round 41 - Killie (A), 06/04/19

    Saints 0 killie 2 macaleny 4884
  11. 541ntees

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Matty for me cos I’m bored of voting for kerr- kane was a close 3rd
  12. 541ntees

    Round 40 - Dundee (H), 03/04/19

    Saints 0 Scumdee 0 3884
  13. 541ntees

    Prediction League Latest 18/19

    Was turnbull not a scorer?
  14. 541ntees

    The zombie view (An outsider looking in )

    1. You think if we don’t make a cup final or make Europe then our season is a disaster? football is a money game , I think going on budgets we should be finishing 10th ? So anything above that is success
  15. 541ntees

    Have we underachieved this season?

    That’s not what he said , I maybe being pedantic but there’s a lot of ifs- if we didn’t have a good run if we were worse than Dundee Hamilton and st mirren if Utd come up.