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  1. Is our 1st game not Glentoran on the 3rd July.
  2. Valiant in defeat the men’s team used to be like that but now we r just honking. never a pen and these stupid hand ball decisions are becoming far too frequent
  3. 541ntees


    Cracking goal from Robertson poor performance in general but you can’t beat a last minute winner noticed a saints fan in front of me leaving early missing the 2 late goals
  4. I see Napoli and liverpool are in the country in July
  5. 541ntees

    Betfred Cup

    We have 2 prem sides and another group has none
  6. 3 stands in a one off match to reach Europe , to say bye to Clarke and prove a point to the ****
  7. Even Dallas would have given that pen
  8. Brilliant listen
  9. Listening to Wednesday nights sportsound podcast and a person in the audience asked the panel what their favourite Scottish cup moment was all the players said when they won it. Tom English said without a doubt saints winning it as it had a special feeling that no other final has had
  10. Well done kinnoull kicker and thanks to Steve McQueen for all your hard work
  11. I think a lot of folk forget the mess killie were in before Clark took over and the hatred for Michael Johnson . scotland at least has the basis of a good young squad
  12. Now playing glentoran on the wed night beforehand . Nice wee trip to Belfast coming up
  13. The only 3 not in contention were Clark , Matty and Kano i gave it to moh mainly because of his work rate - he was chasing down defenders all over. The place and looked dangerous on the ball
  14. “Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim”