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  1. Old Lethamite

    Michael Doughty

    Decent article in today's Guardian about Michael Doughty, who spent a few months at Saints on loan from QPR in 2013. Played in five games apparently. Probably the only St Johnstone player to have attended Harrow School, alma mater of Sir Winston Churchill. Son of a former owner of Nottingham Forest.
  2. Old Lethamite

    Celtic Allocation for Betfred Cup

    What do folk think is a realistic gate for this tie? I would suggest 6750.
  3. Alston's tackle - deliberate and cynical, but not life-threatening - would be an excellent example of why a 10 minute sin bin would be a valuable addition to the laws of the game. The difference between a yellow or a red card can be quite arbitrary.
  4. Old Lethamite

    The Ideal Christmas Gift

    Saturday's Guardian had an ad for 'The Happy Puzzle Company' which offers team jigsaws for a large number of British football teams, including the blessed ones from Perth. Go to www.happypuzzle.co.uk/footy. Price quoted is £15.99 exc. p&p.
  5. Old Lethamite

    Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    Wasn't at the game, but can't help feeling that if Saints had lost to Celtic (and they could easily) but drawn with Aberdeen yesterday, same points total but maybe a different feeling about things.
  6. Old Lethamite

    What has been your most memorable pre season friendly

    I remember a pre-season against Preston NE, late 60's. I had been vaguely aware of Archie Gemmill at St Mirren, but he was an absolute stand-out that night. Clearing a shot off the line one minute and setting up the winner within seconds at the other end. Class!
  7. Old Lethamite

    Ibrox latest...

    A situation for which the wonderful word Schadenfreude is so appropriate.
  8. Old Lethamite

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Great photos. The one above - back row l to r:Jimmy Woodcock (right back), Willie Clark (left back). Roy McLaren, ?, ?, and Archie Baird. Front: Billy Steel, Ernie Ewen, Ian Rodger, Billy Hodgson and Joe Carr. Woodcock was moved to centre half for a few games, and one wonders how many goals were lost at corners. Left back Willie Clark came from Hibs (and may have played for them pre WWII) - he only died within the last couple of years. Can anyone fill in the blanks?
  9. Old Lethamite

    Swanson and Foster fined 4 weeks wages

    Is there still an SFA suspension to come, or was that an automatic two game ban after the Hamilton match?
  10. Old Lethamite

    Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Stevie May got on for the last few minutes for Preston on Saturday.
  11. Old Lethamite

    Decisions against us

    Just for a wee bit of balance, can anyone recall any incidents where we were a bit red-faced at a referee decision, blatantly wrong, which favoured Saints? I realise they are very rare .......
  12. Old Lethamite

    Who is responsible?!

    Excellent - loads of fun. And the club dentist deserves mention - some magnificent gnashers there!
  13. Old Lethamite

    Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Tom McMeeking, 3rd from left, back row? He was a regular supporter of Saint in the Sturrock/Clark eras.
  14. Old Lethamite

    Ibrox latest...

    Another home cup tie! I'm no conspiracy theorist but the home/away ratio in the past few seasons is hugely skewed in favour of the former. Any exponents of probability theory care to do a statistical analysis?
  15. Old Lethamite

    League cup draw

    What odds would the bookies be offering for another home draw for you know who?