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  1. Haven't seen any real sign yet that Stevie and Matty Kennedy can develop a profitable partnership but there's time yet. Be great if it happens.
  2. Not sure, but the three on the bench intrigued me. From right, Johnny Mathers, trainer, then possibly Hugh Reid, full back round about '59-60, who isn't listed in Jim Slater's admirable Who's Who of St Johnstone. No idea who the gent in the overcoat is - maybe a player not required on the day.
  3. Pretty sure the German World Cup team in 1966 (remember them?) had stockings without a full sole i.e. no toe or heel, but a band to fit round the sole to hold them in place. Seems like a solution.
  4. He was mainly inside right or right half. Played no 8 in the epic League Cup semi final against Rangers, October 1961, when we were 2-0 up at half time (Ian Gardiner with a header and John Bell with a great shot from the edge of the box). Lost 2-3 aet, with - no surprise - Davy Wilson earning a critical penalty. My first glimpse of Jim Baxter in the flesh. For some reason I remember Walker scoring a late winning goal in a league match at Muirton (autumn 1960?) against Partick Thistle, winning 2-1 after being 1 down. More impressed (I was very young) by the strong industrial language of the Thistle left back Sandy Brown, who went on to have a very respectable career at Everton.
  5. Yes. Apparently he was a regular attender at Firhill.
  6. Seems to be great confusion about who was fouled by whom for the penalty. Liam Gordon, Murray Davidson and Tony Watt all mentioned in different accounts as the victim. Guess we will have to wait for the highlights.
  7. St John's Street early circa 1953? The car reminds me of going by bus to primary school one morning and being challenged by another boy (from another school): "What's your highest FGS?" I hadn't a clue what he meant, but apparently kudos were earned by having seen a new car with an FGS registration higher than anyone else had seen. GS and ES were the Perth registration marks, I think. After FGS 999 I presume it moved on to GGS. Happy days …..
  8. Watched the game on Alba, and thought Saints were definitely the stronger team in the last 20 minutes, but could have been 0-2 down at that point on another day. Nothing quite like a winner 'at the death'. Saints' discipline record seems to have been very good in the past few games - fewer fouls and yellow cards compared to opponents. Maybe a positive focus by the management team? Is Ross Callaghan the new Paul Paton? He can be hugely influential without touching the ball. Definitely our Mr Angry.
  9. On the bench today. Hurrah!
  10. Decent article in today's Guardian about Michael Doughty, who spent a few months at Saints on loan from QPR in 2013. Played in five games apparently. Probably the only St Johnstone player to have attended Harrow School, alma mater of Sir Winston Churchill. Son of a former owner of Nottingham Forest.
  11. What do folk think is a realistic gate for this tie? I would suggest 6750.
  12. Alston's tackle - deliberate and cynical, but not life-threatening - would be an excellent example of why a 10 minute sin bin would be a valuable addition to the laws of the game. The difference between a yellow or a red card can be quite arbitrary.
  13. Saturday's Guardian had an ad for 'The Happy Puzzle Company' which offers team jigsaws for a large number of British football teams, including the blessed ones from Perth. Go to www.happypuzzle.co.uk/footy. Price quoted is £15.99 exc. p&p.
  14. Wasn't at the game, but can't help feeling that if Saints had lost to Celtic (and they could easily) but drawn with Aberdeen yesterday, same points total but maybe a different feeling about things.
  15. I remember a pre-season against Preston NE, late 60's. I had been vaguely aware of Archie Gemmill at St Mirren, but he was an absolute stand-out that night. Clearing a shot off the line one minute and setting up the winner within seconds at the other end. Class!