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  1. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    The live games aren't available in the UK, but they are everywhere else.
  2. california_saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    We'd suffer if we lost both Kerr and Joe.
  3. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    Does anyone know if the cup game on Saturday will be available live (to international subs)?
  4. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    I think there's additional revenue from overseas fans of whoever we're playing. I don't know how they're handling the reciprocals, but there was some mention of away games being included, and I think that's true for folk who're paying for Celtic/Aberdeen/Hearts TV etc. Any news on who's doing the Saints TV live commentary?
  5. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    Casting HTML5 video shouldn't drain the battery. The stream metadata gets handed off to the chromecast/tv, and the phone just handles remote control. Ditto for Airplay from an iPhone.
  6. california_saintee

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    Brilliant performance. Should have been more goals.
  7. california_saintee

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    ****ing laughing out loud
  8. california_saintee

    St.Midden Away Day

    I've seen more away games this season that home (because other clubs offer streams), and this was the most boring.
  9. california_saintee

    St.Midden Away Day

    Crushingly dull game until the final twenty minutes, but Saints finally showed up. Defensively solid yet again.
  10. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    I signed up. It's probably too much to hope that the Dundee game this weekend is included live, right? Would be nice to avoid putting my cash in their pockets.
  11. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    It's failing for me too. I sent them feedback.
  12. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    BTW, is live now. Looks like it's a copy of the site they did for Motherwell (at least, according to
  13. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    Sportsmediagb haven't made one available for the other clubs, so I'm going to say no. Their sites have worked fine for me on mobile Chrome/Safari, so there's that.
  14. california_saintee

    Saints Tv

    All the league games are recorded by the BBC/Sky/BT or whatever, to varying degrees of production. At worst, you get a live single-camera feed with some club-friendly commentary layered on. At best, you get the full multi-camera production with replays. Cup games... I'm not so sure what the guarantees are.