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  1. Don’t need to get banned, just pick up your toys, put them back in the pram and leave!!
  2. Geezo Gus, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. All the non season ticket holders I have spoken to think this is a great idea and certainly don’t feel alienated by it. Just imagine the uproar if it was one of the Old/New firms fans who always manage to get tickets in the home end who won it .
  3. It’s on the fixture list for today but no idea what time.
  4. Played them last night but not heard how it went.
  5. Along with the Sunday Post and Sunday Mail, arses
  6. Apparently Saints were only advised that Hemmings was available as a loan deal and were never informed he was available on a free transfer.
  7. Certainly worth ringing Beve, mine had inadvertently been sent to the wrong address. Whoever keyed it I’m mistook 121 for 12.
  8. That will be from watching Kennedy’s crosses flying past 10 foot above him.
  9. I’m sure I read on Twitter it will be next week before they are sent out.
  10. And who says the extra money demanded was for Stevie and not for Vine himself?
  11. It happens to me a lot with Saints Twitter, I only got that message this evening as well.
  12. The PR at Saints has always been horrendous in the near 40 years I have been here supporting them.
  13. I must have double vision as I can see 2 rows of seats in each dug out.
  14. Surely you should know that before commenting negatively on it.