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  1. I believe the vast majority of the money came from weekly entries at all the various outlets and would therefore cost Saints to keep it running for now.
  2. Spot on Mike, I’ve not heard a single person at this or any other club asking for a rebate.
  3. The browns have been trying to sell the club for at least 10 years.
  4. Already capped at U18 & U19 levels whilst at Saints!!
  5. Splash the cash on 1 player and the rest of the squad then demand more money, a vicious circle that the Browns have been very careful to avoid for the last 30+ years and hopefully will continue to avoid. There have always been differentials, but never a player on 2 to 3 times what others are on, which is what the likes of Drey & Mikey moved for.
  6. So a lassie standing outside the office selling tickets for cash will stop any fiddling? I also noticed last night that they don’t use tills at the serveries!
  7. Or maybe the manager, who knows better than all of us put together, had a master plan for him!
  8. Only if your coach driver didn’t decide to go on a mystery tour involving several dead ends via Alexandria and the Stirling flats!
  9. Is this the same Forrest who is only 1 goal shy of his total for each of the last few seasons?
  10. The day that Midge scored I suffered an horrendous cramp in my right thigh and was trying to walk it off by waking towards the exits and back towards the pitch rather than walking in front of the fans. I explained what my problem was and after a heated argument the steward got on his walkie talkie to his supervisor to get me thrown out as I wouldn’t sit down!! His supervisor came along and basically told him to go f**k himself and learn some common sense. Luckily resolved just in time for Midges magic moment.
  11. Tranmere Saintee


    My point entirely, the whole area is so waterlogged that is almost impossible to get anywhere drained enough to stop the damage that is happening to most pitches.
  12. Tranmere Saintee


    Have you checked how waterlogged your own garden is?
  13. Just read elsewhere that it was an indirect free kick (not sure of the accuracy of that), but if it was and it went in direct then it shouldn’t have counted.
  14. So you wanted Tommy to revert to a back 4 to accommodate your prejudices?
  15. Like so many, my emails from the club are totally random and this is one area which needs looking into with some urgency. I think I have only had 2 of Tommy’s ramblings this season after getting them most weeks for the last couple of years.