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  1. Fantasy world of ‘I’m in the know’ has taken over again.
  2. Sacked by Hannover 69, resigned from Barnsley after a 10 game losing run, hopefully he carries on that form up here.
  3. So which clubs are better run than Saints and how do you measure it?
  4. I assume you want donations of food items and not cash.
  5. Keiran McAnespie joins the the backroom staff at Cumbernauld
  6. Along with This Little Piggy the shoe shop.
  7. Didn’t Gerrard not say they wouldn’t sell him for £50 million this week?
  8. And they were creaming themselves when he got away with a deserved booking
  9. Except for totally screwing up for the third goal
  10. Can you substantiate that last statement as that flies in the face of all the reports about his deal when he signed? I’m not disputing it, just wondering how you seem to know differently from all the reported figures bandied about.
  11. Bust in the morning, they’re going bust in the morning
  12. Why not close the main stand other than the posh seats, far fewer to move and upset?
  13. I know it was only Sam Marino, but the big difference last night was every player gave their all in atrocious conditions.