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  1. It’s called madmen splashing the cash and living out with the clubs income (Rangers, Gretna etc, etc).
  2. To make it easier and less hassle allocating seats, move the few season ticket holders in the West stand to the East stand thus upsetting fewer loyal fans. I’m not convinced this will be the money spinner the club expect as neither half of the old firm seem to have sold their allocation lately going by the number of touts with fistfuls of tickets begging for sales outside the ground. There will need to be a major increase in the numbers of Police and stewards employed to allow their fans to behave however they want.
  3. Did he not book the keeper at that point?
  4. Good win for the youngsters in the cup 4-2 over United
  5. Flash back for some of our older fans as Alex Ferguson scores from the spot against Utd this afternoon.
  6. Fantasy world of ‘I’m in the know’ has taken over again.
  7. Sacked by Hannover 69, resigned from Barnsley after a 10 game losing run, hopefully he carries on that form up here.
  8. So which clubs are better run than Saints and how do you measure it?
  9. I assume you want donations of food items and not cash.
  10. Keiran McAnespie joins the the backroom staff at Cumbernauld
  11. Along with This Little Piggy the shoe shop.
  12. Didn’t Gerrard not say they wouldn’t sell him for £50 million this week?
  13. And they were creaming themselves when he got away with a deserved booking