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  1. I know it was only Sam Marino, but the big difference last night was every player gave their all in atrocious conditions.
  2. 3 goals from open play in 18 months make Kane shite, 1 goal from open play in 18 months make May our saviour, the joys of football fans !!
  3. Thanks Havana, luckily she is a very sensible, tough little cookie who I think was more upset by the fact she couldn’t identify who it was and go and confront them.
  4. Forgetting about the rights or wrongs of the minutes silence followed by the minutes applause, the irony was these sub-humans then singing songs about catholic’s dying!! Plus my 10 year old granddaughter, one of the ball girls yesterday and was subjected to their obnoxious behaviour when passing the north stand being called ‘a fart arsed wee ****’. How they can think that is acceptable behaviour along with standing in Tesco car park peeing against cars is beyond me.
  5. Smell, more like an avalanche tonight!!
  6. Internet very poor were I am, but did I just see Dundee got beat at home by Elgin?
  7. On the subject of season ticket holders, are they saying we have 700 adult holders and the other 1000 are mainly senior concessions?
  8. It would reach a much larger audience than the few that are still using WAP. I have had discussions over the past 35+ years with various people at Saints begging them to improve their communication with the fans but have seen very little to no improvement in all that time.
  9. Was hoping to watch Wigtown & Bladnoch FC but they are away this week.
  10. I see the Legia fans are being investigated after letting off flares last night. The SPFL etc almost give the OF the green light by never touching them for the same offence time after time.
  11. Might be, as a person is missing and they haven’t made the building safe enough to enter yet to allow a search.
  12. Must admit, I was hoping Clark would be a breath of fresh air, but already going down the route of bringing in players with virtually no game time, players from the third tier of English football and guys who have let the team down several times in the past.
  13. Don’t need to get banned, just pick up your toys, put them back in the pram and leave!!
  14. Geezo Gus, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. All the non season ticket holders I have spoken to think this is a great idea and certainly don’t feel alienated by it. Just imagine the uproar if it was one of the Old/New firms fans who always manage to get tickets in the home end who won it .