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  1. BH, Forest Green are another Gretna with an arrogant owner with cash to splash and outbids teams well above their level. They are also the new media darlings, who seem to ignore their anti-football tactics, which made Tranmere’s victory over them in the playoffs even sweeter.
  2. It’s to do with the history of Birkenhead. The single lion is from the family seal of Harmon de Massey who founded the towns Benediction monastery in 1150.
  3. Just coming back to earth after Tranmere winning back to back promotions!! At times it’s brilliant being a football fan
  4. Excellent point and the answer is probably no. Do you happen to know how many spaces are used regularly now in the main stand?
  5. As we all know, the last time this was done cost the club 100’s of fans who were disgusted at being treated as second class citizens at their own stadium. There used to be a bus of between 20 and 30 fans travelling between Crieff and McD picking up in Methven. The impact was suddenly less than 10 fans and became a financial disaster to run it anymore. Repeat this across the region and easy to see why so many fans are no longer coming to games and a repeat will disenfranchise another group of fans. How will they allocate seats? Will they have staff going round and putting reserved stickers on each seat for these games and then removing them afterwards? Previously it was just a free for all as you always had people saying I sit here all season and I’m not moving etc. As I have said elsewhere, why not give them both ends of the main stand and just move the few season ticket holders at the Ormond end?
  6. Would have been nice if current season ticket holders had received their renew packs by now
  7. Do you have a season ticket at Ibrox or pay for their TV channel as you seem to know more about their bit part players than any Saints players
  8. Graham Jones been appointed Luton Manager
  9. What is the age criteria for this award? The inclusion of Hastie is an absolute joke, he has only played for the last couple of months, it is supposed to be Young Player Of The SEASON.
  10. Was on Twitter and Facebook I think. They don’t seem to use this site much any more.
  11. IIRC only about 6 names down for the bus, so why run a bus at a massive loss?
  12. Who is this guy Tansey playing for Saints (Chick the prick has mentioned him at least 5 times)