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  1. Are we able to terminate his loan at any time? If so, it would probably make sense to wait until there's definitely someone else lined up to come in, before getting rid of Vihmann. Otherwise we could lose him and end up not replacing him. I still reckon Berra on loan seems the most likely move for us.
  2. What I'm looking forward to in the future is Tommy trying to sign Matty back in every transfer window until the end of eternity.
  3. I'm not normally a fan of 3-5-2 but with our current squad (as long as we bring in another centre-half) I think this could work quite well. An extra man in the middle at the back, Tanser freed up to play a more attacking role, we keep our central midfield three together and May gets some support up front.
  4. I don't think that would work in Scotland. The gulf in standard between top and bottom would be huge (so the OF would dish out even bigger hammerings than they do already), there'd be a big increase in meaningless mid-season games (especially with Scotland's lack of European places), and the reduction in Old Firm games would make it a non-starter. I also think you'd have to make big allowances for smaller clubs with poor facilities, small grounds and part-time squads being allowed into the top flight, because if you go 20 clubs down you'll start to have clubs like Arbroath, Alloa, East Fife, Montrose etc playing in the Premier League.
  5. Yes, I get that... but my point was that in a vote of all SPFL clubs, rather than a vote of just the Premiership clubs, you may see a different result as for the majority of clubs it's an increased chance of promotion rather than an increased chance of relegation.
  6. Yep, back in the SPL days it's already been proposed and been rejected - St Mirren and Ross County were the two who voted against it. The other side of that, though, is that if you look at it from the perspective of all of the clubs in the SPFL rather than just the clubs in the Premiership, it includes the scenario where four clubs could be promoted, which I'd have thought lower league clubs would be in favour of. If you were to take the clubs currently in those positions, you'd get an eight-team league of Saints, St Mirren, Hamilton, Hearts, Dundee United, Inverness Caley, Ayr and Dundee. I reckon that would be an exciting prospect and you could see some big crowds for those games.
  7. I think that's incredibly harsh on those three players. Watt looked like a good player to me but faded, unfortunately. I'd have been happy to see him stay as I think he may well have come good for us again. May and MOH have both shown in the past that they're good players. I don't remember seeing many complaints on here when we brought MOH back, and I really don't see who else we would have got instead of May that would have been any better. For me the issue isn't signing those players - it's finding a system that gets the best out of them.
  8. For me personally I wouldn't see that as a problem - points have to get re-set at some point anyway, all that's changing is that the re-set happens at a different point. That said, if it was seen as a problem there could be some sort of seeding system introduced where, for example, the team that was fourth bottom of the top league gets to start with eight points, the team that was third bottom gets to start with seven points, the team that was second bottom gets to start with six points, and so on.
  9. I don't think clubs would go for it, purely on the basis that it's reducing the number of home matches against the Old Firm for the ones finishing in the bottom half after the split. I do like the idea of increasing the league for more variety, though. As successful as the top six-bottom six split has been, we still play the same old teams way too often and I think that has to have an impact on attendances. I'd like to see a set-up that introduces more to play for at the end of the season. Some other countries have play-offs for the Europa League places - I think that would be a great addition, and would probably benefit Saints. Personally I'm still a big fan of having a Premier League of 12 and Championship of 12, which divide up into three separate divisions of 8 after everyone has played each other twice (which would come to 36 matches in a season). That was the structure the clubs attempted to move to back in 2013:
  10. The below two quotes from that interview really stood out to me. These are things that fans have been saying on the various forums for years, but it's the first time I've ever, ever heard someone from the club actually voice these sentiments. I really hope her approach to engaging with fans and increasing support is going to turn out to be more modern than what we've been used to over the years - if so, then I think this is an exciting appointment. “So we know what we have here and from what I’ve seen the 
interaction we have with the 
community is fabulous. But we don’t shout about it – and that needs to change.” “We must make sure we’re out in the schools, engaging everyone, getting more complimentary tickets out to more community groups, making the pre-match and 
half-time more of an experience than just drinking a Bovril and looking at your phone. It should be far more interactive and engaging. We want people to enjoy match day because a club can be so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s an emotive subject and it should be, it has reach.”
  11. I think that's a bit unreasonable. He may well enjoy playing for Saints but that doesn't mean he has to stay with us forever. If we want players who are ambitious and talented, then we have to also accept that those players will want to play for bigger clubs if/when the opportunity comes along. From what I've seen of Kennedy he's been a terrific player for us and I wouldn't begrudge him a move to Aberdeen if the chance is there. He doesn't owe Saints anything. And as good as he is, we're pretty well covered in his position given that we still have MOH and Swanson, and I reckon Tanser could do a job on the left wing too.
  12. Apparently he's been told he can go either permanently or on loan - I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Saints enquire about getting him on loan. It'd be a fairly low risk way of bringing in a lot of experience.
  13. I don't know why. But I find it hard to separate involvement and effort in the way you seem to be able to. To me, if a player is involved more, it's probably because they're trying harder. The only other reason I can think of for a player's increased involvement might be a change in system that leads to a particular player fitting in better and getting the ball more.
  14. I was a season ticket holder when the club used to do this in the late 90s and to be honest I was fine with it - what I wasn't fine with was that the segregation was a mess and there were often OF fans in the home section. It's incredible that 20 years later we still don't have the proper online membership system that would solve this. Still, I think reverting to OF-fans-in-the-East-Stand approach, at least as a trial to see how it goes, makes sense and has probably been on the cards for a while. The club have tried to find other ways of increasing the home support for these games but the fact is that a lot of Saints fans just don't want to enter that environment, and would probably only go in numbers if it was a big, important game for ourselves. What might be nice would be if clubs (not just Saints) actually addressed the big elephant in the room: i.e. why people don't like to go to matches involving the OF. As an aside to this, the ticketing and seating at matches in general is a mess at the moment. I paid at the gate at the Ross County match, and had to move seats because someone came in late who had booked the seat I was in online. Either everyone going to the match should be given a seat number, or no one should: that situation is going to cause a real headache if there happens to be a game with a big crowd further down the line.
  15. The Swanson situation feels like a bit of an odd one. I partly wonder if something has gone on behind the scenes or in his personal life, and he's been given time off (although I know he was shown in training in one of the videos the club posted on social media last week). On the other hand, if we just want rid of him, I can't imagine we'd be able to get a transfer fee for him, so in the case of him being available on a free I wouldn't have thought he'd be all that difficult to get rid of. Presumably most of the top-end Championship clubs would happily take a chance on him (or at least offer to take him on loan?). He may even fancy heading abroad, given the MLS stuff that was in the papers not so long ago. Incidentally, I noticed Ando apparently has an injury that's going to keep him out for 'five to six weeks', so I'd guess that will kill off any dwindling thoughts that he might make a return.