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  1. Technically, Celtic and Dundee United don't deserve those things though, because they haven't played all their matches and could both still be caught - surely that's the whole point.
  2. My solution would be to finish this season's games once it's possible to do so, then have a short break (probably just one free weekend), then start season 2020/21. For 2020/21 I'd scrap the League Cup, Scottish Cup and Challenge Cup, and if it was down to me I'd also scrap next season's European competitions and reduce the international calendar as much as possible. Play the remaining 2019/20 Scottish Cup semi-finals and final in April/May 2021. As a one-off, revise transfer window dates and get rid of the rules around players being Cup-tied. Alternatively I'd use points averages to calculate what this season's final standings should be, and use that to sort out titles, promotions, relegations, prize money etc. I'd see scrapping the season entirely as a last resort, as I think that's the solution that is most unfair to clubs currently involved in promotion or title contention. I wouldn't do anything involving league reconstruction. All reconstruction does is shunt the problem on to future seasons. You can't just temporarily increase the league to 14 clubs, without requiring a big relegation the following year to put things back the way they were. That said, what I think will actually happen is that the SPFL and SFA will wait to see what happens in England, and then just copy that. Given that this is a global issue, perhaps what's really needed here is for FIFA to step in and tell everyone what solution should be applied across the board. That would take the pressure off the various national authorities, who are worried about the heat they'll get from clubs who feel hard-done-by when things don't go their way.
  3. They've done it before and people still vote for them, time after time. Why would it be any different in any other election? The Tories can basically do whatever they like... they could have a policy of literally punching nurses in the face... the British people would still vote them in.
  4. How are you getting 30 games from not having a split? If you get rid of the split it's either 44 games (from playing each other 4 times) or 33 games (from playing each other 3 times, which would be very weird). Just trying to work out what it is that you're suggesting?
  5. Personally Id like to see more on this thread from the 90s if people have anything!
  6. I think the horrific turn-out for the League Cup group stages (1,648 turned up for our game against Ross County last July) has pretty much killed the myth that summer football would automatically bring in bigger crowds. On top of that I think there are going to be a lot of people struggling for money for quite some time after this - that could well have a big impact on attendances and season ticket sales.
  7. How would a 30-game season work?
  8. It was locked because it had turned into the same conversation that's already happening on this thread.
  9. Good feature on Jody Morris' time at Saints here:
  10. If they extend the season there are going to be all sorts of rules and guidelines that will need to be relaxed. The rule about players only being allowed to play for two clubs within one season, for example, could really hamper clubs' attempts to replace the players they lose at the end of their contracts. I'd think transfer window dates might have to be relaxed too. It must be a very worrying time for players who are about to go out of contract. I wonder if Saints will be ceasing all contract talks until everyone knows what's happening. It might actually be in Saints' interests to get players tied up on deals now, while there's so much uncertainty and there's unlikely to be much competition for their signatures. My prediction would be that the authorities won't want the legal repercussions of ending the season prematurely, so will do everything they can to find a way to finish the remaining matches. I reckon we might see this season's matches completed in late summer, but that next season's League Cup (and possibly Scottish Cup) will be cancelled, and also that there will be no European competitions. I think a drastically reduced international calendar for the next year would also help.
  11. I don't see what the problem is - aren't we all disappointed?
  12. There's also the issue that the play-offs for the Euros haven't happened yet (is Scotland v Israel included in the SFA shutdown?) - so even if the situation's looking clearer by June, we might not have a full list of countries who have actually qualified. I wonder if the SPFL would consider cancelling next season's League Cup to create more time over the summer to play this season's remaining matches. At the moment, though, my guess would be that this season will just get wiped out completely and those matches will never get played. Even if they consider playing them behind closed doors, it's possible that the players might not be willing to put themselves at risk by continuing to train and play. Every club's plans and finances are going to be up in the air... Drey Wright might end up wanting to sign that contract with us after all.
  13. "So-called" virus? Are you trying to claim it's not a virus? Bizarre.
  14. Have moved the last few posts into this thread: