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  1. blueheaven

    St Johnstone - A season to remember

    Nope, mainly because I hadn't been born.
  2. blueheaven

    Racism in football

    Totally agree with this. Really worrying that this seems to be on the way back, and hard to imagine it could be a coincidence that it's happening at the same time as the current political situation. Just goes to show that stuff like this never truly goes away and the work of groups like Kick It Out etc is never finished.
  3. blueheaven

    St Johnstone - A season to remember

    Great video and a great team - thanks for uploading! Sandy Clark takes a lot of stick from Saints fans (rightly in a lot of cases), but the way he unleashed Sturrock's solid defensive unit to become an entertaining attacking force was an absolute joy to behold. He was OK for a while after that too - but personally I think the wheels came off when the O'Boyle/Thomas scandal happened and he was never able to turn that round. I'd have to say that 98/99 team remains the best Saints team I've ever watched, although the Cup-winning side runs them very close. Interesting comment above about the missing fans, because even back then we used to all complain about our crowds being rubbish. According to Wikipedia our average attendance in 1998/99 was just over 7,000, and yet that was the lowest in the league. We'd kill for that now.
  4. blueheaven

    Dundee United Are Shite!

    Anyone know if Paul Sturrock is still knocking about at Dundee Utd these days, or did he move on in the summer?
  5. blueheaven

    Drey Wright

    What a blow, he's looked great whenever I've seen him. I wonder if Tommy might try to bring O'Halloran in on loan during the transfer window to cover us out wide for the second half of the season? Sounds like he's not getting much game time over there, from what I've read.
  6. blueheaven

    Scottish Football

    I'm a big fan of the word "reportedly" in newspaper articles. Aren't they the ones reporting it?
  7. blueheaven

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    To be honest, as a potential customer of these channels I'd much prefer to have it all on one platform and only have to subscribe to one service, rather than two. So it's arguably better for the fans. Still, if I had the choice I'd probably prefer BT Sport had kept it, as their Scottish football coverage has been a bit better than Sky's from what I've seen. I take it the matches shown on Premier Sports will be pay-per-view?
  8. blueheaven

    Taxi for Tommy?

    The sad thing is, next time we go on a run of a few bad results, exactly the same thread will pop up again.
  9. blueheaven

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Hibs I agree could be a pull, but Dundee??? Come on. Also I'd have to say, on the subject of frog-kissing, that the board have actually done pretty well when it's come to appointing managers, so it's not as if Tommy's unusual in doing well for us. Our upward trajectory as a club pre-dates Tommy's appointment, so it's not entirely about him.
  10. blueheaven

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Every single time we've had a few bad results and a thread like this has appeared, Tommy has turned things round and brought us out the other side. Every. Single. Time.
  11. This is a great thread, wish there was more discussion like this on here. I think there are a huge number of different factors affecting Saints attendances and everything people have mentioned above is relevant. I come at it from the perspective of someone who now lives down south so can only make occasional games, but I used to go week in, week out to every game when I still lived locally. For me, entertainment level was never especially important. If we can be successful by grinding out wins then that's what I'm entertained by, and I'd even go as far as to say I miss those days as it feels to me like we've slightly lost that element to our team this season (which isn't meant as any slight on the current side who I feel are growing and will go on to get a strong finishing position this season). But just a few thoughts from my side on this... - So much of this dates back to the failure to capitalise on the build-up to the Cup final and its immediate aftermath - that could yet turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime missed opportunity. - The club isn't forward thinking enough, doesn't do enough with social media, doesn't come up with enough innovative ideas to make people sit up and take notice and think "ooh that's happening at McDiarmid Park this weekend, I need to be at that". The club's image is - sadly - a little safe, plodding, dour, don't-take-any-risks. Internally those things are great and have put us on the safe financial footing that has brought us our success - but couldn't the external image be a bit more, I dunno, fun? Saints could really do with a bit of an image overhaul. - I keep hearing that the price packages are great, but how do they benefit an adult without kids? For me, going to Saints games is very, very expensive, and I don't really mind it because a Saints game is now an occasional treat for me anyway, but if I was still living locally there's no way I'd be able to afford to go every week like I used to. - I watch a lot of English non-league football now. Over the last few years my local non-league club has grown its average support from less than 500 to pushing 2,000... on a couple of Saturdays in the last season or two they've actually had bigger crowds than some Scottish Premiership games. They've done that by engaging with the local community, by exciting people, by trying to offer something different, by encouraging fans to be noisy and create an atmosphere, by offering a weekly event that people talk about and want to experience. Saints tick some of those boxes, but do they tick all of them? Are they trying to? I think we all give Saints a hard time sometimes and let's not forget this is our golden age - we have a fantastic manager and the club's in a great position, and that's all due to a ton of hard work from a lot of people. Just think - we could be still playing at Muirton Park or we could be another Morton or Ayr or one of those other clubs who are apparently from "football towns" but achieve precisely nothing year after year after year. I think some of the blame is also on locals who just can't be arsed to get out there and support their local team, because they're content watching Arsenal or Barcelona on their arses in their living rooms. But that doesn't mean Saints couldn't do more, and I think that's the really frustrating thing.
  12. blueheaven

    Dundee At It Again?

    I don't really get what the issue is with Dodds. As far as I can tell he just wanted what he was owed - it wasn't his fault that the club went into admin.
  13. blueheaven

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    BLK have said on Twitter they'll be getting more stuff in at the beginning of November. Incidentally, it seems BLK must have patched up their differences with Hartlepool Utd, as they're selling their stuff on the Hartlepool website again.
  14. blueheaven

    Taxi for Tommy?

    You'll have seen a lot more of him in action than I have, but from what I've seen he's tidy on the ball, a confident passer, has good vision, and is mobile with good workrate. I agree he's not perfect for the role and would need to learn it, but the same was true of Millar who used to play out wide for us when he first arrived. Does Scougall really have fewer attributes for the position than our other central midfielders? I completely agree with you that finding someone to take Millar's place should have been a far bigger priority than it seems to have been.
  15. blueheaven

    Old St Johnstone And Muirton Photos

    Exactly. We can't "know", but we can take a pretty good educated guess. If you look at the clubs that have been successful in Scotland since 1990, not a single one has managed to do it without either moving or significantly upgrading its stadium. The move to McDiarmid Park saved our club and saved our future, and without it we'd either be out of business completely or, at best, we'd be an east coast Ayr United or Morton. Bollocks to that as an option. It's really not a coincidence that the 29 years since we moved to McDiarmid Park have had more success crammed into them than the previous 100-odd years combined.