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  1. Why? Five targets for each position we wanted to recruit for sounds about right to me. Gallagher, Vihmann and Duffy would already be three targets for the centre of defence. Chuck in trying to keep Shaughnessy and it's four. I've heard at least one other rumour of a centre-half we were supposedly keen on. Then for up front Stevie May, Kane Hemmings and Jason Cummings is already three and Tommy said there were other targets on the list for that position too.
  2. We seemed to mess up on the Kane Hemmings situation as well.
  3. Equally, the manager could have made extensive plans but seen those plans fall through for any number of reasons. Your assumptions take big leaps of logic and aren't necessarily accurate.
  4. By all means tell us what you believe... what I'm uncomfortable with is the way you try to pass off your beliefs as fact. A helluva lot of what you've just said is basically just you speculating, e.g. "We identified Declan Gallagher, and literally nobody else." Massive assumption. "We didnt have numerous targets, that's my point." How could you possibly know how many targets we had? "We should have a list of potential players 6 months in advance, at least." Maybe we do? I'd think it highly likely there is a constant, ever-changing list of players the manager is interested in, never mind one single list that is prepared six months in advance of a window. "18 months ago he admitted we have no scouts, something I've had PMd to me too." He said we don't have "a proper scouting system" - not that we don't have any scouts at all. As for Lyndon Dykes - maybe Saints did spot him but didn't want him or couldn't get him? I'd suggest it's fairly likely that we didn't go for him because he wasn't the manager's number 1 target at the time when he was available?
  5. There seems to be an awful lot of speculation and assumption being passed off as fact in some of these last few posts. I very much doubt anyone on here genuinely knows how many players Tommy has targeted, and had scouted, and enquired about signing, over the past year.
  6. I'm too young to remember Connolly as a player but always quite liked him and personally at the time I felt he could have been given a little longer. Can't really argue with the decision in hindsight though, when you see how far we've progressed since then. I think most would agree that since then we've got every managerial appointment right. There can't be many other clubs who could say that.
  7. Yep, I do agree with most of that. The failure to capitalise on interest at the time of the cup final was absolutely criminal, and the club has been very slow to embrace online ticketing (just as it always has been with anything online). I've never had a single email from Saints, but I regularly get emails from random English clubs who I bought a ticket from once seven or eight years ago. But I would still say that the club's actual achievements speak for themselves - not just financially, but on the pitch. I think it could be argued that Saints are a well-run club because they've managed to stay successful and competitive despite all of the flaws we all recognise. If we go down, my view on that would probably change. I wouldn't really agree with the previous comment about us being left behind by Motherwell. For as long as I've been following football Motherwell have always been an up-and-down club, with a few good seasons here and few bad seasons there. Perhaps that's basically what Saints are now too - and to be honest I'm good with that, as long as the bad seasons don't involve relegation.
  8. So what would you say the club should have done differently to push on?
  9. Of course there are always areas for improvement, but to me this statement is just bizarre. We've comfortably stayed in the top flight for over 10 years, recently won our first cup, had several recent European qualifications, and consistently appointed successful managers, and done it all whilst staying debt free, owning our own stadium and surrounding land and amassing £2 million in the bank, despite our fairly crap average attendances. On what basis are Saints not a well-run club? What else could the club do or achieve that would make it well run in your eyes?
  10. I'd be quite interested to know if that's actually true, or just a perception. I reckon a lot of clubs that have failed to escape relegation have probably also changed their manager but it hasn't worked. On both of the last two occasions when Saints have been relegated, we've changed our manager mid-season but still gone down (replacing McClelland with Sturrock, and Clark with Stark).
  11. I'm on board the Bring Back Macca train. Even get him back on loan for the second half of the season. Might not play every game but I think he'd make a difference. Another suggestion: not sure what his contract situation is but I'd like to see Saints take a look at Ricardo Santos at Barnet. 6'6 central defender - big, strong, athletic player who commands his defence and distributes the ball well. Has also played in League One for Peterborough.
  12. I wouldn't even say it's a gamble. It's something the club simply has no choice but to do.
  13. I think regardless of what happened with Gallagher, we knew from fairly early on that he wasn't going to be coming here, and since we missed out on him money has subsequently been spent on other defensive options. We've signed Vihmann and Booth to sit on the bench every week, and Duffy would probably be on the bench every week too if it hadn't been for Gordon's injury. And we're still paying a wage to Ando too, of course. That's four defenders who must add up to a decent chunk of budget. If Tommy doesn't trust Vihmann and Booth enough to give them a chance even at a point where it's widely accepted that our defence is a huge mess and needs to be changed, then why are they here? I wonder if one experienced defender could have been brought in instead of several inexperienced defenders who the manager clearly doesn't rate. To me, an increasing number of squad decisions don't make much sense: we're continually told the budget is tight, yet we seem to waste money on squad players who barely play. And Tommy's recent comment about there being no point in bringing in a new defender if they wouldn't be ready to play in 10 days was just bizarre. That was around two weeks ago now: we could have brought someone in and they'd be close to playing by now. And it's fine saying an experienced defender is top of the shopping list for the transfer window, but the way the club has handled other recent transfer windows doesn't fill me with confidence that we'll get what we need. I think the irony is that Tommy has actually done a lot of what I saw some fans on here crying out for. He's reduced the average age of the squad, he's brought in more exciting attacking players to try to change the way we play, he's put faith in Kerr and Gordon as the defensive partnership. The fact is we were much, much better when we had an ageing team who could barely score goals but ground out results each week - and as unattractive as it is, playing that way is really always going to be Saints' best chance of success.
  14. Don't really get where you're coming from with that. The Broons have been ruthless before (think Alex Totten by the Christmas tree, and Connolly getting punted after less than a year), and if they need to be they'll be ruthless again. The club has £2 million in the bank and if they decide they need to sack him, they'll sack him. I just don't think we/they are at that point yet though. If there's one manager in the world who has enough credit in the bank to buy himself time to turn things round, it's Tommy Wright. But of course that credit won't last forever and the pressure's seriously on now. I'd also say there's zero chance of him getting the NI job in this form.
  15. I think it's fair to say that Saints over the last few years have found signing players to be extremely difficult. It's hard for us on the outside to know exactly why that is - does Tommy lack the ability to spot the right players, or struggle to convince players to come here? Is it all about budget? Or is it the chairman's fault for not getting the negotiations right? I don't think it's forward planning that is the issue, personally - I think Tommy is pretty good at planning ahead and knowing what he wants, but it's in pulling off those plans once the transfer window opens that we seem to fall short. For example, the manager has openly talked about needing a central defender in the next window, so the forward planning is there, but I still suspect we'll be scrabbling around desperately trying to get a target to come in when the window is about to close. Coyle, McInnes and Lomas all seemed to find it relatively easy to bring in players and even managed to attract bigger names than we'd often expect (possibly partly due to their contacts and personas?). Wright, on the other hand, has always really struggled in this area.