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  1. Used to love watching Scotland as a kid but I lost all interest a long time ago - I don't think I've watched a Scotland game on TV in years. These days I don't even know who most of the players are.
  2. blueheaven


    Are Scotland's options really any worse than Wales or Northern Ireland's?
  3. blueheaven


    Quite surprised Clarke is doing as badly as he is. He seemed like a good choice to start building something a bit better.
  4. It also predicts Killie will finish third and Livi will make the top six, so I'm pretty sceptical.
  5. As someone who lives in England I find it pretty frustrating that I can't watch the live matches in the way an overseas person can, and for that reason I haven't subscribed - I just don't think it's worth it.
  6. I wouldn't say it's the same thing - Sky Sports carries on broadcasting content all year round, and it's also part of a wider Sky package. If I had a subscription to a football club and there were a couple of months of the year where you got zero for your money, why would I keep paying during those months? I guess I'm just struggling to see why a subscription would be better than just buying a season ticket like normal.
  7. I vaguely remember us being close to signing Leigh Griffiths at one point a long time ago as well. What has Dykes actually done that makes it so disastrous that he doesn't play for us? He's only played a handful of Premiership games as far as I can see. Every club misses out on signing players. You can't sign everyone. There will be other clubs out there who could have signed Wright, Kennedy and MOH but didn't.
  8. Why would anyone keep up a subscription during the summer months when there are no matches?
  9. I think you're reading way too much into that. Having someone in mind means just that: he has someone in mind. It could be anyone, anywhere. Whether or not the person in question already works for Saints isn't implied in the slightest.
  10. I think that's very possibly the harshest thing I've ever read on here.
  11. I agree that a lot of the stuff on this thread is ridiculous, but we can't go closing threads down just because we disagree with people.
  12. I don't really see why that suggests it's not someone from outside the club.
  13. From what I've seen it's a bit of both. Mistakes at the back may be the cause of conceding goals, but at the other end of the par the tactics/formation just don't seem to be working. With May/Kennedy/MOH/Wright all to call upon we should have one of the most formidable forward lines in the league, but things just don't seem to be flowing and May seems incredibly isolated. I don't think it's any coincidence that the most prolific spell of May's career came when he had Macca next to him. Who's playing the Macca role now?
  14. Yesterday was the first full Saints game I've seen this season (for the other games so far I've only seen the Sportscene highlights). In the first half I thought we were OK and seemed to be growing into the game, and had MOH taken his chance I think we may have had a very different match on our hands. But we do look incredibly fragile at the back - Tanser is a player I really like, especially going forward, but he often seems to struggle defensively against the OF; Kerr and Gordon are both great prospects but personally I feel we need more experience in central defence and we just haven't looked the same at the back ever since Shaughnessy's head was turned. And I know this won't be popular but I thought Clark could have done better with both of the first two goals yesterday and it's not the first time this season that I've felt there seem to be shots going past him that to me look saveable. May worked his arse off but it's incredibly frustrating to see him having to spend the match miles away from any team-mate and having to try to chase down the opposition defence largely on his own. He had a very thankless job to do yesterday but he did it as best he could. I just couldn't see any situation arising during that game where he was ever likely to get the ball anywhere near the goal. Whatever formation we're playing, I think something needs to be done to get our other players closer to him in support or we're just not going to get any return. That all said, despite our league position I'm not especially worried about us at the moment. We've had a killer of a fixture list to open the season, but I think Wright's done well in the transfer market and at this stage it would potentially only take one win to put us up to 8th in the table (just look at how Hearts jumped up the league after getting their first win yesterday). FWIW I agree with Random's point about the minute's silence, by the way. Had it been Rangers' first game since Ricksen died then it would be completely understandable, but if it's the case that they've already had one for him at Ibrox, it's a bit odd to do it again at an away game. I can't remember any previous situation where a minute's silence has been held for someone at a team's home game, and then held again at their next away game. If it had been a player from any other club outside the OF, it just wouldn't have happened.
  15. Sorry, but that is absolutely terrifying.