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  1. Tommy for Scotland?

    Not convinced the SFA could significantly better O'Neill's wages, and if getting a big pay increase was really his aim, wouldn't he just go for one of the club jobs down south that he keeps getting linked to? Sadly I just don't think Scotland has the pulling power to poach/attract a Northern Ireland manager - in a lot of ways it's a downward step. With Tommy Wright - totally appreciate Scotland have raided Saints before for managers, but that was a long time ago (over 40 years ago) and hasn't happened in the modern era. I think the days when they'd simply look at who's doing a good job with a Scottish club and offer it to them have gone. I think they'll want someone who they consider to be more of a "name" in their eyes - which to them basically means someone who has the Old Firm on their CV and has managed a large-ish English club. I do agree that Tommy's strength is in getting below-average players to perform above themselves, but at the same time he's not big on youth development and I'm not sure he's the man to build a new Scotland team by looking to up-and-coming talent. I hope the SFA think that too because I want him to stay right where he is!
  2. Tommy for Scotland?

    Why would Michael O'Neill be even remotely interested? I don't think Tommy Wright will even be on the SFA's radar (and I don't think the job would suit him anyway). Taking a manager from a smaller club like Saints just isn't the SFA's style. They'll want someone from the usual gang of supposed big-name under-achievers, probably Scottish, and probably with some tedious Old Firm connection. If Malky Mackay ends up getting it I'll be even more disgusted with the SFA than I already am. I think they should try to find someone who has already had some experience at international level. Failing that I think McInnes would be a good pick, but appreciate he seems tied to Aberdeen for the long haul.
  3. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    How could Pedro know that Saints started at 12 and had access to the Sevco line-up? Does he have a spy in the Saints camp?
  4. Nations League

    I think the idea is there won't be more than there are at the moment because this will replace friendlies - but yeah, I completely agree. The constant disruption to club football really annoys me. I'd like to see FIFA completely re-think international football and have far fewer matches - make it a bit more special, which I think would bring back some enthusiasm fot it. At the moment it just feels like a never-ending slog that there's never any respite from.
  5. Nations League

    First impression from me is that it sounds like contrived, overly-complicated nonsense. I'd like to see the number of international fixtures drastically reduced, not bizarre new tournaments created.
  6. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    I'm sure most people would agree that in an ideal world most/all of those things would have happened. But it's already been explained that the club would only allow it to happen on the Friday night, and more glamorous opponents were outside the available budget, so that pretty much rules out your first three points. Point 4 would be good, but any more appealing than the raft of legends who did actually play? Point 5 I agree with but I wonder if you'd just end up with similar numbers paying less money, which would be even worse. Perhaps the big problem is that football matches in general are just so bloody expensive now that people are less inclined to shell out on these extra/exhibition matches in addition to the proper games. There's only so much that most of us can realistically spend on football each month, after all. Despite your points I'm still not sure what the committee could really have done, within their power, that would have brought in a significantly bigger crowd.
  7. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Which lessons specifically? I'm genuinely curious to hear how you would have done it differently to get a bigger crowd in.
  8. Richard Foster

    I don't admire it at all. The guy's a 32 year old man - if he's behaving like that then he has issues and I'd have to ask whether the club is actually recognising that and talking to him about it. I really like him as a player, incidentally. Whenever I've seen him I've thought he's looked like a very shrewd signing for us.
  9. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Personally I'm firmly in favour of testimonials for Saints players who give 10 years to the club (and I still reckon Peaso should have been given one too). I do think that players in the millionnaire bracket should be giving their proceeds to charity, but Saints are a long way off paying players that sort of money so I don't see a comparison. And it's fine to say firefighters, nurses etc are more deserving, but those people don't work in industries where they have "fans" so it's completely different. But I do wonder if the crowd on Friday demonstrates that there just isn't enough of a public appetite for these things to be viable any more. Chris Millar is up next and you have to wonder what his committee can possibly do differently to draw people in. The legends element was a great idea but still people didn't come out for it. Personally I don't even think a big English club would pull in much of a crowd, because they'd only bring their youngsters up like Man Utd and Newcastle did for previous testimonials, and that's just completely unappealing. Maybe if we could get Eses over there'd be an interest in it, but who pays for that?
  10. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Maybe the club could be asked to share this point on their social media so that as many people know about it as possible? Would be a shame if people are rushing back through the car park when Dave takes to the mic.
  11. What Dreams Are Made of

    That shirt looks great, I prefer it to the last few home strips that the first team have used.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Where's the Maksimov 2-year ban story coming from? Haven't seen it reported anywhere.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd be pretty pleased with signing Kenny Miller - but I think he'd be mad to come to here when the alternative is to go somewhere like China/Qatar etc for a season and make himself a good final pay day while he still can. I still think Coulibailly will be the target if he gets his situation sorted out.
  14. What Dreams Are Made of

    I've asked this about a couple of testimonials in the past as I'd love to be able to bid for one of the shirts, but I think it's generally the case that the players like to keep them for matches such as this.
  15. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    The legends bit sounds great. As someone who doesn't live locally and can't make it to the match, I'd happily pay a small sum to watch highlights if there was any chance of it being filmed. Probably unlikely, but just a suggestion.