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  1. blueheaven

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Those of you who are having problems getting the BLK stuff you've paid for - just wondering if any of you have told the club/SLO about this?
  2. blueheaven

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Pretty much agree with your post but just on this small point - I'd say the disappearance of Rangers basically bumped every team in the division (other than Celtic) up one place higher than they'd otherwise have been, but it's only one place which still means we were doing bloody well under our own steam. We still got there by working hard and playing well (otherwise we could easily have been down beside Raith, Falkirk, Partick, Dunfermline and other similarly sized clubs). I don't accept Hibs having the same effect - certainly in my years of watching Saints it's been fairly normal for Hibs to be crap and we've regularly finished above them. Even this season we were above them until fairly recently. And let's not forget that the reason they went down and then couldn't get back up again for 3-4 seasons is that, for all the money they were spending, crowds they were pulling in and supposedly good players they had, they weren't good enough. To answer the thread's original question, if we finish 7th this season I'd say that overall that's a perfectly acceptable position for Saints. But yeah, of course when you look at the position we were in at New Year and consider how exciting the signings have been, the feeling of disappointment is fairly justifiable. I think it's important now that we get some good results to finish the season, get 7th place to earn as much prize money as possible, and look at getting good pre-seasons in for players like MOH and Swanson.
  3. blueheaven

    Bottom Six Fixtures

    My memory of that is that Gretna did kick off at the same time - their match only finished a few minutes later than ours, but they obviously scored in that period.
  4. blueheaven

    What contracts would you renew?

    I like Alston but I didn't see the point in giving him his last contract when he was struggling to get in the team, and see even less point this time round. He's never going to be a first choice option through the middle, and he's not going to get a game out wide ahead of MOH and Wright. Shaughnessy I'd want to stay, but I assume he's not going to. From what I've seen of Watt I think he could still be a goalscorer for us if he can get his form back up, so I'd like to see him get another chance with a fresh start here next season. McCann and McLean seem to be good young players but can anyone honestly see them playing much? Might be better to take the combined wages of Alston, McCann and McLean and sign one better midfielder. Easton I'm sure we will (rightly) stand by and he'll have something on the table from us for next season (unless he wants to leave). I'd like to see us try to bring back Callum Davidson for next season.
  5. blueheaven

    The zombie view (An outsider looking in )

    Sevcozombie, I have to ask - over the years would you say you've been to more Saints than Rangers games?
  6. blueheaven

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    I expect you'll see a different Saints tonight. In terms of both line-up and performance, hopefully.
  7. blueheaven


    I'm still a regular reader but don't post as much as I used to - partly due to time; partly due to not living in Scotland so not seeing as many matches as I once did. On the subject of forum users sponsoring the site in order to get rid of the adverts - I can't speak for Jamie or his reasons, but I know from involvement with previous/other forums that there's often a reluctance to do that because you can get into situations where the people chipping money in expect different treatment.
  8. blueheaven

    Scotland's shame

    I'm always fascinated by how these guys even know (or claim to know) people's religions. I have no idea what the religious beliefs are of any footballers in Scotland. Possibly because I don't care. I still remember Paddy Connolly getting booed once when coming on at Ibrox, presumably because his name is Paddy.
  9. blueheaven

    Coming Home

    Been looking into commuting but I'd probably be using public transport (initially at least) and I reckon Dundee and Stirling are do-able for that, but I think Glasgow and Edinburgh are a bit much (in terms of both time and expense). Totally agree with your point on London commutes - distance from my home to my current job is 7 miles, and it takes me well over an hour most days.
  10. blueheaven

    Coming Home

    The $15,000 mistake... does that refer to the mistake of leaving your home town, or the mistake of going back to it? Personally I've loved my years away from home as I've had a life/career I could never have had in Perth, but I'm also reaching the point where I look at the Perth lifestyle and location and size and house prices (especially the house prices) and think that, if you can find the right job, it's a cracking place to live. The job thing is definitely the major sticking point though!
  11. blueheaven

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    Herts, I'd be interested to know what you make of Steve Clarke being subjected to sectarian abuse throughout the Sevco-Killie match: Is this OK? Should something perhaps be done about this, or is it totally fine that a guy has to put up with this at his place of work? Or maybe he should just have gone and stood somewhere else? If someone comes into your work, stands next to you and yells abuse at you all day, is that completely fine because the person is just exercising their freedom of speech?
  12. blueheaven

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    What about everyone else's right to attend a football match, or any other event, and not be subjected to abuse? Why is that not important? If someone in a football crowd spends the full 90 minutes yelling racist abuse at a player, should we not do anything about it? Personally I think that arguing against bad (or even good) ideas or concepts is fine; being abusive to others is not.
  13. blueheaven

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    Why does the fact that it's a football match make it OK? Here's an alternative suggestion: maybe the person who shouldn't be going to football matches is the guy who can't go to them without randomly shrieking abuse at people? Honestly, some of the behaviour you see from grown men at football matches, under the bizarre excuse of "it's a football match", is just downright odd.
  14. blueheaven

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I demand BLK hand back all their trophies (including that one they got for Crappest Saints Kit).
  15. blueheaven

    Coming Home

    I know a lot of people on here started out in Perth and have ended up moving to different places all over the world. Just curious to know, are there many among us who have successfully returned to Perth after time away? I've lived in England for the last 13 years and would love to move back to Perth but it seems quite a difficult thing to do (in particular with regard to finding a suitable job - from looking at various job sites, it seems there's not much that is regularly available unless you're a teacher, social worker, driver or retail assistant). Would love to hear people's experiences of doing this (or attempting to).