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  1. I quite like them. Never a fan of the yellow away kits (would much rather see us try something a bit adventurous/different with the away strip) but the designs are nice and I prefer that Macron logo to the newer one so not too fussed about that. Pretty content with us having an 'off-the-shelf' template kit, as nearly every time we go for something more customised it turns out awful. Clearly the home kit should have white socks though.
  2. I buy all my stoves from him. Never let me down yet.
  3. The whole thing about arms being in an "unnatural position" is something I've also found baffling.
  4. Doesn't it mean players from the attacking team, rather than players from attacking positions.
  5. Bit confused by why Sevco would want Willock in the first place.
  6. blueheaven

    Jason Kerr

    I find it really hard to believe that Motherwell are in a position to turn down £2 million for any player. Then again, I also found it hard to believe that any club would offer Tony Watt a three-year deal, so shows what I know.
  7. Dundee are also charging more for a standard adult season ticket than any Premiership club outside the Old Firm. I'm very much looking forward to their next spell in administration. How many times will that be now.
  8. From reading that stuff it sounds to me like the Scottish club is Sevco.
  9. Some interesting comments from Tommy in the Courier, basically reflecting what's been said on here with regard to the signing of Goss in January: “We made signings in the window and one in particular didn’t work out,” he reflected. “Maybe that’s something we’ll learn from next January. “Things were going well and we made a conscious effort to try and push on even more. “It didn’t work out with Sean Goss but the type of player he was and the CV he had, we thought he could give us that extra bit of quality. “In hindsight, maybe we could have stuck with what we had. “We’d have been accused of not being ambitious, though. “Like any manager, my signings have to be right. When I look back on my time here, I’m more than happy in that regard. “I wouldn’t be in a job otherwise.”
  10. Have heard rumours that Goodwin pulled out because of interest from another club (possibly Killie?). Feels like Dundee are scraping the barrel a little bit.
  11. Apparently our old midfielder Scott Brown is about to sign for Dunfermline.
  12. I'd be pretty happy with Sheridan - has a good few years left in him and he's scored goals most places he's played. I always just assume we couldn't afford him though - he seems to be one of these guys (a bit like Tony Watt and Gregory Tade) who'll happily go anywhere in the world for a contract and has probably made some pretty good money out of it. Can't say I blame him TBH - I often think that if I was a footballer at a similar level I'd like to do the same. He only joined Wellington Phoenix in January - is he out of contract?
  13. blueheaven

    Jason Kerr

    Probably true but I'm a bit disappointed in Steve Clarke if that's his reasoning. With Strachan, McLeish, Smith etc I could see it being the case, but had hoped Clarke was a bit above giving a sh*t about all that stuff.
  14. We're always a bit slow with our signings, just like our kit releases and our season ticket announcements and everything else. It's just the Saints culture I guess. Pretty much every summer we see Dundee, Hamilton etc being quick off the mark with loads of signings, but they never seem to improve much. At least hopefully this summer we'll finally escape the annual flurry of posts about how Dundee are going to be better than us.
  15. It's not that I think we couldn't attract any player from those leagues (Wright and Kennedy coming here obviously prove that we can), but could we sign a prolific goalscorer from one of those teams? I'm pretty doubtful. Anyone who's scored 15 or so goals in the National League will probably have offers from English clubs that Saints could never compete with. I think it was the Motherwell manager who recently commented that his club struggled to compete with National League clubs for salaries. And wasn't it the case that Forest Green blew us out of the water when we tried to sign George Williams? I'm not saying it's impossible for us to sign those players, but I think it's becoming increasingly difficult, especially when you're talking about trying to sign a proven goalscorer. Transfermarkt doesn't seem to be a particularly accurate source of value - just had a quick look and it reckons Liam Craig, Brian Easton, David Wotherspoon and Jason Kerr each have the same market value of $400k! I'd love to see us look to the continent a bit more often, but pretty much every summer we see Tommy Wright bring in foreign players on trial and then decide not to sign them. Trakai had some great attacking players (Dorley and Maksimov) but I believe we couldn't get close to offering enough for them when we tried. We could of course unearth a gem, but when you see some of the duds that teams like Dundee have gone with, I think it shows how tough that is to do. Having worked in Scunthorpe, I completely agree with you about that though.