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  1. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Cummins scored early on in the opening game of the season for Cork.....and then was sent off before half time.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think I saw a bit on twitter suggesting he wanted to stay and fight for a place in their first team.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Its difficult at the moment to gauge how good Mclean is. He was decent the other night, but it wasn't exactly high quality opposition. He reminds me of Scott Brown (not the Celtic one) and to an extent Caddis. Decent footballers but didn't have enough to command a place in the squad. Difficult to decide what the loanees will bring. The Man U one looked to have a good range of passing on the video I saw...but that was in reserve/U20 games. Also he didn't get much game time in Holland even off the bench. Hopefully they don't turn out to be like Morgan, Doherty etc.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Given it doesn't look like we made an eleventh hour signing, I don't understand the Paton situation. I can't really see it being down to the wages bill given Cummins leaving would probably cover McMillan and MOH going back to Rangers should cover the two loans you would think. I can understand that we have a fair few midfielders but probably only Davidson and Paton are one's you would consider as being able to put a tackle in the midfield area and Davidson isn't exactly going to be fit to play every week.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Can he not go to Hartlepool under freedom of contract? I know they are barred from making 'normal' transfers, but didn't think that stopped them making free transfers.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Going to be interesting to see where the Paton thing came from. Did he ask away, or has Tommy shown him the door. If its Tommy, there are others that should be out before Paton (e.g.Watson). While not the most talented, at least he put a shift in.
  7. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Interesting to see how the young lads got on last night. Thought Gordon looked pretty comfortable all night and Kerr had a few 'scares' in the first half but was decent. Joe looked the most uncomfortable of the three at the back. McClean came onto a game more as the game went on and took his goal well. Quite impressed with McCann when he came on, ok the opposition wasn't the best, but he didn't look out of place. Kane can't really be described as a youngster anymore, but he led the line very well and seems to have learned from his loan. Took his goals very well. A little disappointed with Alston but perhaps the wing back role was new to him. Same with Craig in the first half, although he was better in the second (thought he was offside for Kane's second). All-in-all given the run we have been on and the negative vibes around it was a good comfortable win. Not sure we will see the same line up at the weekend though.
  8. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    Cracking finishes from three players who have their critics. Hopefully it pushes them onto prove themselves in the coming weeks.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I feel quite sorry for Cummins. The other night he made several runs for the ball to be played through and the player in possession completely ignored him...after a while he stopped making the runs. That said, on the few occassions he has been played through, he hasn't taken the chance, so I'd be very surprised to see him here beyond the summer and leaving in Jan wouldn't completely surprise me.
  10. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Man that was hard to watch. Yes we improved as the second half of the first half went on, but Aberdeen had taken their foot off the pedal and were comfortable. If Davidson had scored his chance early on then who knows, but the second goal killed it with some stupid defending, Aresson allowed to run away from his marker and a simple header. Thought Scougall looked dangerous in the first half, rarely saw him in the second. Wotherspoon was dreadful in the first half but improved in the second. I feel for Cummins, he may be limited (thats being kind) but he makes run after run looking to get behind and time after time he is ignored....happened three or four times in the first half if the midfield would just play the pass he'd be away. Overall, too many off-form (Tanser!) and we were lucky it was only three.
  11. I wonder if in the cold light of day, Wright might have a different opinion on it. His comments before the game might have been just a knee jerk reaction to having his plans thrown in the air. Be interesting to see if anything comes of it in the coming days.
  12. Found the subs really strange. Fair enough Wright might be really pissed at MOH and others, but surely you don't keep him on the bench just to prove a point when the game is there to be it was we never really got started in the second half....bringing on Scougall & Wotherspoon seemed to take any attacking threat we had out of us. Hendry had a few good touches just a shame that most of them were around the half way line. Gordon was ok and Paton was the only one in midfield willing to do the 'nasty' bit of the game and at least try to put a foot in. Very poor.
  13. Saints v Ross County

    Positives: Comrie had a good game, although he wasn't asked to do much defensively. Scougall won the most tackles in midfield, which says everything about his team-mates in the midfield area....looked our only player who could do something with the ball. Paton was Ok. The rest, turgid, mind-numbing, crap.
  14. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Why do players not try and stop a cross coming into the box? Anderson's stupidity cost any chance of getting a result.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    My Russian ain't great and I'm relying on google translate, but it seems he's been cleared to go to Vardar by FIFA.