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  1. By jesus we were bad in the first half. Punting balls up to Kane who had no joy. MOH receiving the ball with his back to goal and not able to do anything. Swanson with no service and very quiet. The Virhman looking very dodgy when he had to use his feet...never a good sign. Once we got the goal, however, different story. Deserved the equaliser with pretty much the first decent cross into the box all day....after that the game could have gone either way and Foster is a lucky boy that Clark got him out of a hole. Don't think any of them played particularly well for the full game, but McCann deserves credit for not hiding and coming into the game in the second half. With his booking, it is telling that an 18yo (or whatever age he is) is willing to take the booking for the benefit of the team....not sure the rest of them would have done the same. Still reasons to be optimistic with the fight to see if we can improve the squad a tad.
  2. MrBored

    Betfred Cup

    Elliott Parish, Wallace Duffy, Scott Tanser, Jason Kerr (c), Madis Vihmann, Liam Craig, Kyle McClean, Ali McCann, Matty Kennedy, Danny Swanson, Callum Hendry SUBS: Zander Clark, Ross Callachan, Murray Davidson, David McMillan, Michael O'Halloran, Richard Foster, Jordan Northcott From Twitter.....chance for both McClean and McCann.
  3. MrBored

    Betfred Cup

    Decent in the first part of the first half. Get the goal, MOH hits the post...that goes in its a different game. Looked good going forward with decent off the ball runs. County score and we disappear. No running of the ball and County control the game...particularly in the second half. Kane's miss when straight through sums him up....if he has to think about a chance he bottles it. We looked like a side going through pre-season.
  4. I'd like to believe that we are working away in the background for a deal for May and the fact we are not hearing anything, doesn't mean much. I seem to recall when Wright first asked Steve Brown about May he said Brown was already on the case and had contacted it isn't that he doesn't want to know. If indeed it is down to finances I can see Brown's point. A player who has had a serious injury, probably looking for a fair amount and a longish contract. If the knee goes again? Also added to that he hasn't played that well for Aberdeen (although out of position most of the time as far as I can see). I wonder if the two defenders who were on trial were asking for a fair bit and the club preferred to keep those funds for any May deal. Like others have said, Steve Brown is in a very difficult position if the May deal doesn't come off for whatever reason. There seems to be an apathy around the place at the moment with the lack of signings etc and that can't be helping season ticket sales etc.
  5. I thought listening to Wright a week or two ago he suggested that it was Alston's idea to leave discussions to the end of the season. I thought that would be down to Alston seeing how much more game time he got....obviously he didn't get much whether due to injury or others being chosen before him. I don't expect to see him in a Saints jersey next year...thought when he signed he was exactly the type of player we should be going for, but he has never looked like nailing down a first team place and realistically is replaceable. Not sure on Joe. If he does sign again you would imagine that will limit Gordon's playing time, unless Kerr is sold. Gordon really needs to be playing if he is going to kick on. Be interesting to see what happens with Swanson through the summer....hopefully with a good pre-season he might get back to what he once was. Easton's interview on Saints TV seem to suggest he is keen to sign on again....that will come down to the terms we have offered, you would imagine they are reduced and perhaps even based on the number of games he plays. Not sure he will go for that, which would be a shame 'cos I still feel a fully fit Easton is a better option than Tanser, despite the improvements he has made.
  6. Best performance from Murray in a long time. Don't particularly like Tanser as a defender, but he did very well all game against Cadden. Motherwell were surprisingly poor with Turnbull coming very deep a lot of the time and they never really threatened that much. Only a couple of points....Wotherspoon works hard, but his decision making isn't the best. We seemed to aim the Clark kicks to MOH to try and head onto Kane....surely they should work that the other way around.
  7. Little surprised it is only a year. He is one of the young 'hopes' and there is the potential there that he runs down his contract like Hastie at Motherwell. We would still get compo...but that would be a smaller figure than if he was under contract as I understand it.
  8. Interesting the club are talking about going with a smaller squad next year. Sounds like we are thinking top six is going to be less of a likelihood in future years and therefore, the prize money will be less and so are cutting our cloth accordingly. That might change if the likes of Kerr goes, but doesn't sound like we will be pushing the boat out to replace the likes of Watt. On Joe, perfectly within his rights to see what other offers come his way .... not convinced he is the standard that he seems to think himself. Reckon he'd be quite lucky to be first choice in a division one english side, but we will see. Once Kerr has served his suspension, it would be Kerr and Gordon for me until the end of the season. Easton needs games to prove his fitness too. I read Tommy saying he needs a full would imagine that is to push Foster and Comrie is on the way out.
  9. I don't think there will be many surprised by this. Definitely has quality, but the goals scored ratio is disappointing. Thought it was quite telling early on when asked about a new contract, he said something like it was down to the club to prove how much they wanted him to the end the lack of goals means we can't justify the wage he is looking for. Be interesting to see if this opens the door to McMillan again. He hasn't exactly scored bundles with Accies...mind you, not sure he is getting much game time.
  10. I think a fair amount of this is the player trusting his agent and leaving it all with him. They seem to be waiting until the end of the season before announcing what he's up to and since Aberdeen have apparently moved onto others, I assume there is other interest from somewhere. There is no doubt his form has been affected since the turn of the year and this situation seems to be playing a part. If he does have another option lined up that is better than us and Aberdeen, he's very lucky given his form in recent times. While I think he is decent, he's not any better than say Anderson, just younger. I'd be quite happy to see Gordon given his chance to be first choice in the new season.
  11. Not brilliant, but much better than recent times. Hendry took his goal well and played well I thought. Kerr strolled the game as normal, although Joe had his moments. MOH was pretty quiet. Dundee played some nice stuff that got no where and they never looked that dangerous up front, particularly once they took Miller off.
  12. There is a difference between their general fitness and match fitness. MOH had the hamstring injury when he was down under and I wonder if he has ever got over that this season.
  13. I reckon we are where we should be. Injuries to what should be key players haven't helped us. Wright being the obvious one. Easton would have made us more defensively secure. MOH hasn't been fit...probably won't be properly fit until next season. Don't think Swanson is match fit either.
  14. Jesus that was poor, particularly in the second half. Still we are a side that has little confidence at the moment, so hopefully the win will make us feel we have turned the corner and the confidence will return. We were really struggling there in the second half, particularly after Kennedy went off.
  15. Feel Easton deserves to be given the opportunity to prove his fitness and although probably on reduced terms, should get a deal. McCann impressed me when I saw him...but McClean has to be forcing his way in soon, or he'll be another Brown/Caddis type. Joe & Watt should get new contracts, not sure we can get better players than what they offer. Although I accept Watt probably won't deserve to be the highest earner at the club (no idea if he is). Alston is a decent squad player, lack of pace holds him back. Worth a place in the squad. The other three, not for me. Haven't really been impressed with Bell. We have better already on the books than Keown and have been disappointed Comrie hasn't made more of an impression and really put pressure on Foster.