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  1. Happy with the point and the performance. Mind you, Hibs should have scored at least twice in the first half. Wright impressive, particularly in the first half and Craig was decent in the midfield.
  2. Decent first 20 mins.....after that less said the better. Wright was decent and the two young central defenders eased through the game...not that they had much to deal with.
  3. From the unofficial twitter: Clark; Foster, Gordon, Kerr, Tanser; Davidson, Wotherspoon; Wright, Scougall, Craig; McMillan. Watt on the bench.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I can understand sending Njo-Lea back with Watt signing. With the LB, perhaps Wright is thinking that when Easton is fit there is no point in having three players fighting for that position. With the goalie, it might come down to finances and prefering to spend that wage elsewhere rather than a guy who you would expect would be on the bench most times. There is a lot placed on Watt....hopefully he has now knuckled down....or he's another Riordan.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Cheers. Be interesting to see where he ends up.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Where are we with Driver? Is he training with us or did that not happen?
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    If Watt's signing is signing, strange why we gave the trialist any game time today. Can't see both coming on board. On Watt, he must know he's in the last chance saloon. Always seemed a player to me who went in the huff when he wasn't in the team and has never stayed at a club to fight for his place. Might be being harsh on him tho.
  8. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Quite entertaining for a friendly. Very impressed with the Aberdeen Wright...our own one was quite quiet but showed a few good touches. Gordon had a good second half winning almost all the headers he went for. Quite liked the wee cameo of the trialist, although I am not sure if he's a great deal better than what we have. What he does look like having is the pace to run in behind, which McMillan won't do. Much like Habran last season, not sure there is enough for the club to take a chance, although I would have thought he'd be a much cheaper option in wages etc than Habran.
  9. New Assistant Manager required

    I can see why Callum has taken up this role, although it is quite a risk given how quickly managers and their staff get punted nowadays. I suppose even in a worst case with a pay off if he is sacked will leave him better off financially than staying with us. Still here, he is a relatively secure position, which certainly won't be the case down South. On Clelland, going to be interesting. Have read on here a few times that he is well thought off. Although having seen him on the track side of U20 games he never came across that well...but I suppose that is only a small part of the job. Could never work out whether the comments in the past from the likes of Frazer Wright about Clelland were tongue in cheek, or whether there was more to it. Still, TW will have seen Clelland at close quarters in the last number of years and must be happy with him.
  10. New Assistant Manager required

    Dave Mackay please. Frazer as well.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I reckon a lot comes down to whether Fulham get promoted. They win the play off then realistically they will be concentrating on a higher quality player than Williams and he may get cut. Lose the play off and they might think he can make a contribution in the Championship.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Happy to hear Anderson & Davidson are staying. A two year deal takes Murray to pretty much the best years of his career with us. Good news on Tanser as well. Deserves a new contract given the improvement he has made. Not convinced by his defending yet, but he's quite young. Be interesting to see how he fairs when a fully fit Easton comes back.
  13. St.Johnstone v Ross County - Saturday 12th May

    Glad to draw a line under this season. That game kinda summed up the performances at home this season, not that much entertainment on show. County were pretty comfortable until they heard the score elsewhere. We were, however, playing a pretty inexperienced line up and that goes some way to explaining how poor we were in the first half, particularly when defending.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    yeah, thanks. Bit surprised by the two year deal for Hendry. Only saw McCann in the Albion game but he did impress.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Greg Hurst, McCann and Hendry agree to stay next season. No word yet on length of contracts.