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  1. MrBored

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Yeah, having seen the first goal on the TV, I can see that he wasn't at fault. The second was due to poor defending. Two Saints players trying to mark three Hearts players as the cross came in.
  2. MrBored

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Quite an entertaining game. Not sure how Clark managed to let the first one in....seemed to have it covered. Hearts shot themselves in the foot with all the negative play, fouls etc. How Haring managed to stay on is a question. If they concentrated on the football rather than the dark arts they have a decent side. The pen seemed on the dodgy side from where I was. Thought Gordon strolled through the second half as did Kerr, who is becoming more and more confident in his defending and use of the ball.
  3. MrBored

    Drey Wright

    Really bad news, best impact I have seen from a new signing for many a year. Does this give Scougall a way back into the fold? You would imagine Swanson would be first pick to come into the team but it will be interesting to see if Scougall comes back into the reckoning now, or goes in January.
  4. MrBored

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Not many chances, but I've seen worse 0-0's. Killie do the horrible part of the game well. Whenever it looked like one of our better players would get away they were pulled down for a free kick instead of running in on goal. Probably the poorest game I've seen from Wright & Watt, but very good at the other end of the park with Kerr strolling through the game.
  5. MrBored

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    If someone had said at half-time in that Celtic game that we would go on an win five on the bounce and have five clean sheets, I would have wondered what they had been smoking. Full credit to the squad for the run, some of the passing today was very pleasing on the eye. Drey Wright won't be here for long if he keeps this form up.
  6. MrBored

    Stefan Scougall

    I wondered if there was some sort of personal issue that the club doesn't want brought up and have agreed with reporters not to bring it up. If not, I would have expected someone to bring it up by now.
  7. MrBored

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    A decent effort from us defensively. Although having said that, Celtic really should have scored more than the one goal. Clark had a very good game. I can understand why Tommy went with the defensive tactics, but came away disappointed we didn't have more of a 'go' at them and see what happens. Ok we might lose 0-4, 1-5 whatever, but we are still out regardless. I didn't see us scoring last night, Watt was isolated in the first half, Wright looked our best attacking option in the second...and came off. No doubt we will go with the same tactics in the league in a couple of weeks time and I have no problem with that given goal difference might come into play. Just feel last night we could have gone into it with a little more belief in our own attacking potential.
  8. MrBored

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Well that was an interesting night. Assuming Swanson does sign and ignoring the question of how do we play all these attacking players at one time, we certainly now have a squad full of options and a decent player in every position in the forward places. Still think we are a little light in midfield if Davidson is out for longer than thought and haven't really seen much of Callachan. I assume he got most of his Hearts games in the Cathro experiment. As has been mentioned credit to Brown, one of the things that I felt has kept crowds away from McD has been the lack of exciting football. This window should change that. He certainly can't be said to not be backing the manager this time around as you would imagine the likes of Kennedy, Watt, Wright, Scougall and Swanson will be on decent wages. On Scougall, we have never really seen him in his best position behind the attacker and with Swanson now in the door (almost) and McMillan and Alston having played there this season, will we get to see him have a run....I have my doubts. Can only imagine Tommy doesn't see what he wants to in training. Still the player can't go anywhere now (are loans now out as well?) and he'll just have to get his head down. One all the attacking options against Celtic in the cup and see where that takes us!
  9. Happy with the point and the performance. Mind you, Hibs should have scored at least twice in the first half. Wright impressive, particularly in the first half and Craig was decent in the midfield.
  10. Decent first 20 mins.....after that less said the better. Wright was decent and the two young central defenders eased through the game...not that they had much to deal with.
  11. From the unofficial twitter: Clark; Foster, Gordon, Kerr, Tanser; Davidson, Wotherspoon; Wright, Scougall, Craig; McMillan. Watt on the bench.
  12. MrBored

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I can understand sending Njo-Lea back with Watt signing. With the LB, perhaps Wright is thinking that when Easton is fit there is no point in having three players fighting for that position. With the goalie, it might come down to finances and prefering to spend that wage elsewhere rather than a guy who you would expect would be on the bench most times. There is a lot placed on Watt....hopefully he has now knuckled down....or he's another Riordan.
  13. MrBored

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Cheers. Be interesting to see where he ends up.
  14. MrBored

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Where are we with Driver? Is he training with us or did that not happen?
  15. MrBored

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    If Watt's signing is signing, strange why we gave the trialist any game time today. Can't see both coming on board. On Watt, he must know he's in the last chance saloon. Always seemed a player to me who went in the huff when he wasn't in the team and has never stayed at a club to fight for his place. Might be being harsh on him tho.