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  1. Wright deserves the opportunity to sort this out. Whether he can or not is the question. It is plain to see that our back four cannot defend, but we have known that for some time and they don't seem to be getting any better. We have at least two coaches who were defenders (Cleland & Maybury) but nobody seems to be able to get them to do the basics. How many times will the likes of Ralston & Tanser simply allow crosses into the box and when they come in, we are just far to passive, Tanser in particular). We are going to get some amount of 'doings' before the end of the transfer window....we can only hope those around us also lose and we are still within catching distance of them when the window does end.
  2. Thought we were ok up their goal...then utter dog shit until Wright put two up front (some credit for that). After the goal, thought we might go on and create a couple of chances and Aberdeen weren't really that much of a threat. Davidson's looked a red to me when it happened and Hendry's was just stupid...although, I thought there should have been a foul for us just before it. Once we were down to 9 I didn't see us holding out given the defending we have seen this season....but credit to the team. Some good saves from Clark as well. Hopefully, that gives them a little bit of confidence....but Wright, if you are going to play May upfront....please give him a partner...he was completely isolated until the change in the second half.
  3. Pretty poor game, but great win. Ref was shocking. Fair play to the back four, they have taken a lot of flak in the last few weeks, but they dealt with the Hearts 'threat' (I use that word loosely). Particularly Duffy, who coped very well when the big lad tried to over power him.
  4. Really well deserved win. Had we had to settle for a point, you wonder what it would have done for morale. But scoring that goal in the closing minutes and being able to come back from being a goal down should really boost morale. McCann was very good in midfield along with Davidson snapping into tackles. The defence is still a source of worry though....we need a defensively minded coach in the door for a few months to really drill that back four into defending properly. Credit to Wright for the sub at 2-2 as well.
  5. This is one of these games where we just need to win...performance almost goes out the window. That said, if we turn in a performance and the result goes against us then at least there would be some hope....but I'd take the crap game, and three points. Have a funny feeling Alston will score though.
  6. No Holt. Duffy before Vihmann..... At least there are attacking options on the bench.
  7. STARTING XI | Zander Clark, Anthony Ralston, Scott Tanser, Wallace Duffy, Jason Kerr, Ali McCann, Murray Davidson, David Wotherspoon, Matty Kennedy, Danny Swanson, Stevie May 1 1 St. Johnstone FC @StJohnstone ยท 4m SUBS | Elliott Parish, Madis Vihmann, Callum Booth, Drey Wright, Michael O'Halloran, Chris Kane, Ross Callachan
  8. That was pish. I have rarely been as annoyed as watching that 'performance'. The defending was, as it has been so far this season, pretty laughable. Both Kerr and Gordon's passing was awful when trying to pass the ball to anyone other than each other and when they did pass to each other they seemed to take an age over it. MOH contributed very little and despite playing both MOH and Wright where you would think we would take advantage of their pace....we didn't. The penalty miss summed up the overall performance.
  9. A lesson in taking your chances. Why did we leave Tanser as the last man for the first goal...pretty obvious he is the weakest of the defending players...up to that point we defended quite well and had MOH taken his chance, who knows. We lost the plot after the second and the last two were pretty stupid.
  10. Wonder if McClean leaving is because neither Anderson or McMillan could/wanted to leave and we needed to at least balance the books slightly. He would have been further down the order with Holt coming in and McCann seems to be ahead of him.
  11. Just 'cos he is contracted to Celtic until 2022 doesn't mean he might be available before that. I'd be very surprised if he has a long-term future at Celtic given the money they have to get a better quality alternative. Would have preferred someone in permanently rather than a loan, but given Foster only left last week I can understand why we have gone down this route.
  12. I think the Thompson there is the ex Hearts one that was put on the sex offenders list. The ex-saints one is at Airdrie.
  13. Yeah, not ideal. The games with United do count for something though. I imagine some of this signing is down to wages etc. Not much of the budget left, fairly late in the transfer window...not many options out there. I am trying to remain positive, Fisher hadn't played many games and was 'rough' when he first signed.
  14. Assuming he signs, we will no doubt see, but I still think he will be more 'ready' for first team football than Duffy is. He has at least played some Championship games at his time with United
  15. Man that was grim. Never looked like scoring. Apart from Tanser, each of the defenders had their 'moments' and the goal summed up the defending so far this season. Bring back Callum to at least get them defending as a unit and making us a little more difficult to beat. Duffy might become a player, but he is a long way off based on that performance....looked very uncomfortable most of the game.