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  1. Will this news scupper some of the Turkish chanting plans? http://www.clanadonia.co.uk/2014/05/12/clanadonia-play-trophy-scottish-cup-final-saturday/ In theory the whole idea is great but I kinda agree with The Inspiration, if it's not done by everyone, together, in the same area, at the same time, I think it's just going to look dreadful and embarrassing...
  2. Found the baldy cokeheed near the "Young Team" absolutely, hilariously cringeworthy. He probably felt he was quite right to have a go at his own fans for 90 minutes though. Absolute nonce. The young lads (I'm not old) were brilliant though. Just one request though, can someone get the drum tuned? I'll chip in
  3. Nice one, could well see you there then.
  4. Is this still the plan? And if so, is it still open to a few more Saintees?
  5. I'm driving 4 or 5 of us up, the train is far too expensive! Especially if you factor in the chances of having to stand the whole way (even if you have booked seats) and it being made a "dry" train. Nae chance. Tenner each on petrol and can get straight from my door to the stadium. MTS
  6. The kind of player that could be the difference between winning a cup and not. The catalyst in yet another European journey. Exciting.
  7. I've thought about it a few times ancient, but ultimately I like to leave, get there and stop off when I want :/
  8. [ COPIED FROM MY P&B ] I'd love to see Lee Croft in a Saints shirt again, providing he had proven his fitness. Fantastic player who had a "football brain" and some of his and Jody's link up play was beautiful last time round. Just imagine the options with a fully fit squad! Mannus Cup-Tie Ando Razor Scobbie / BEaston Cregg/Millar/Muzz Croft/Spoony/Millar Spoony/Nige/Croft/McDonald Nige/Spoony May Macca Unbelievable stuff! The movement and chances created would be sensational!
  9. I'm heading up in the car with 3 others. Normally get the train but Scotrail and their inflated ticket prices can piss aff! Cannae wait for the game MTS
  10. Couldn't agree more. We started so strongly and it wasn't until the third went in that we looked poor. Hasselbaink was tremendous 1st half. I have every confidence in Tommy Wright and our squad. On to next week, I can't wait.
  11. Breizh is always top notch. Brilliant specials board!
  12. Everyone was incredible, especially Cregg and Spoony. Went for Spoony in the end, his ball for May and some unbelievable workrate and tackling in the last 10 minutes.