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  1. Indicator

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Cue another f*&^!%g international break then.
  2. Indicator

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    From the BBC website: "St Johnstone have failed to score more than 1 goal in any of their last 10 home league matches". Look at the difference he's made just being on the bench.
  3. Indicator

    Exiles Potys

    So not a major league football club then - great news. Many thanks for your time, effort and research john.
  4. Indicator

    Exiles Potys

    j.w. completely off topic but... looking for info on a Gary Gaul, supposedly spokesperson for the Canadian club 'Montreal Rangers'. Firstly - does such a club even exist and if so what league do they play in. Trying to settle a contentious point on another forum. Thanks in advance for any info. Should have said, I've done my research but can't find any information.
  5. Indicator

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    "Hearts' Scottish League Cup semi-final against Celtic has been moved to Murrayfield in Edinburgh and will kick-off at 13:30 GMT on Sunday, 28 October. Aberdeen v Rangers will take place on the same day at Hampden at 16:30. ... "It just feels as if it's assumed that Celtic and Hearts should go to Murrayfield". Apparently Celtic are not best pleased as there was no consultation - they were simply informed that their match had been moved. Assume that the other match is kicking off later, (sensible) to allow Aberdeen fans to get there in time for K.O.
  6. Indicator

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Do they ever ask any questions that may inadvertently shine an unwelcome spotlight upon anything concerning the Ibrox club. The media in any other country would be all over it.
  7. Indicator

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    But It clearly is acceptable to fans of all clubs... they keep moaning but turn up to matches anyway. It was always going to pan out like this when the establishment club was allowed to cheat liquidation. I can no longer be bothered going through all the whys' and wherefors' The opportunity to consign one of the duopoly to history was missed in 2012. Until fans make the clubs suffer financially (and there is no appetite for that) there will be no move for change.
  8. Indicator

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    Dear me. Even Dundee only managed to concede 4 ...
  9. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    If you look at the recent posters in this thread you will see that numbers have gradually, over the last six years, reduced to only a small band of people who are apparently still concerned in seeing proper fair governance in Scottish football. Whilst most others appear to have moved on or, have given it up as a lost cause. Anyway I digress. 'south inch' It appears that the SFA are in touch with EUFA to obtain clarification of what is now considered to be a 'RED CARD' offence. So maybe the outrage expressed by countless Scottish fans at the inexplicable recent decisions concerning (yes you guessed it) the Ibrox club is at least making these people uneasy.
  10. Indicator

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    It makes one wonder why the SFA went to the trouble of employing a Compliance Officer with a list of qualifications in the legal profession as long as your arm only to then place a barrier/filter in front of her in the form of three anonymous ex-referees who if they decide there is no case to answer will prevent the CO even seeing the incident. Of course it's pure coincidence that it has been two Sevco players, and another one probably returning to Sevco in the near future, who have so far been the beneficiaries of such a setup. Whatever happened to Cynical Saint by the way.
  11. Indicator

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Nah, unfortunately it's the fans that reap what they sow and as long as the fans keep turning up... nothing will change. The clubs will happily continue to take your cash.
  12. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    Not if you are a Sevco player/supporter. I was going to ask how many Sevco facing brogues are likely on the SFA's judicial panel. On reflection, I imagine most SFL Boardrooms have their fair share of members who have some interest financial or otherwise, in ensuring that an Ibrox club, in any shape or form has the best possible chance of success on the pitch.
  13. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    To put that incontext HS. It was in response to... Hat tip to St Mirren fans.
  14. Indicator

    Round 6 - Hibernian (H), 12/08/18

    Saints 1 Hibs 3 Stevenson 4780
  15. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    Former Rangers striker Steven Thompson on Sportsound "I thought the timing of Gerrard's comments weren't great... one game in, after a draw away from home. If you finish the league season above them, or even beat them on the day, then you can come out and say that but it seems a bit early to me given Aberdeen have been second for four years in a row. For me, it lacked a bit of class".