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  1. Looking at twitter - Clark keeping us in this game?
  2. Indeed it is, *sevco* could well end up in top spot this season. Uh! Oh, I'll get ma coat.
  3. Concur! It wasn't always as bad as it is now. One Glasgow club has amassed its fortune due to total domination of domestic competitions when it's rival club was LIQUIDATED. Also a near continous participation in lucrative European competitions, playing in front of large crowds. A new club masquarading as the previous *rangers* is being allowed to spend vast amounts (beyond its means - again!) and go into debt of millions in order to directly compete with it's neighbour. This is flying in the face of any notion that Financial Fair Play rules and regulations exist in Scottish football. The authorities both football and cultural deem it a necessity that the OF sectarian rivalry is maintained in Scotland - to the detriment of every other club. However in answer to the OP. Yes, even if only to provide more games. It never ceases to amaze me how the non-OF premier league clubs manage to keep their players match fit. Look at the number of blank week-ends (just this season) due to international breaks, winter break, early exits in cups, league opponents tied up in cup matches, rearranged fixtures, so on and so forth. I now attend matches at Sincil Bank (Lincoln City) rather than try and work out exactly when it would be worth travelling to Perth in the hope of there being a game on at the weekend. Most weeks first division clubs down here are involved in three matches - Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday - players are nothing if not fit and they are mostly able to handle the busy schedule. I've watched Lincoln go from being a Conference league club attracting crowds of something like 1600 to a 1st div club filling the stadium to near capacity (10,000) for most home matches. Of course there does not exist the 'Skewed' OF factor down here which sees bus loads of fans being sucked from towns and citys to follow the only two clubs of any apparent importance to large sections of Scottish society.
  4. Another win for the Greenock boys and of course, importantly, they are getting the practise in. Meanwhile elsewhere...??
  5. Hereditary - physical and/or mental traits probably passed from one generation to another. Saves him thinking for himself.
  6. No surprise but, over 14k at the Dundee match this aft.
  7. Exactly. If Saints were in the top six chasing the leaders it's likely there would be no need for this discussion.
  8. Where did he say he was a fan. He went to a football match. didn't like it, might not be back.
  9. The new Hearts manager, Mr Stendel... "His style appears to be to play what he calls 'geggenpressen', a high pressing game". Didn't a managerless Hibs employ a similar pressing game at McDiarmidd on 9th November with some success. Let us hope that Hearts are unable to quickly adapt to the new managers style.
  10. ...... whilst operating strictly within the rules of Financial Fair Play. Rules that clearly don't seem to apply to some other(s).
  11. Aye but, the crux of the matter was that his abrasive attitude did not sit well with the board.
  12. So... assuming that the best we could've hoped for was a 0-0. And... given that there's only one up front. Who could blame the Saints support for walking out at this point in time. Depressing stuff indeed.
  13. St Johnstone get the new Hibs manager off to a flying start..... whoever it turns out to be.