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  1. St Johnstone get the new Hibs manager off to a flying start..... whoever it turns out to be.
  2. Just in the door. Held out for 2 Minutes eh? EH?
  3. Lucky that was a rhetorical question because I can't see you getting many sensible answers.
  4. Should be laughing then given that the visitors will be playing in green.
  5. Lost my post when that thread was moved. Too bad - no doing it again.
  6. Thanks... but I was.... Never mind I'll get ma' coat.
  7. Hertz on Wednesday presents an opportunity to build on this excellent result.
  8. Thant's the monkey off their backs... At last.
  9. A few observations... as an outsider looking in. The Catch-22 being that if that policy results in relegation they're hardly likely to re-sign. Do the loanees come with the caveat that they have to played if fit?? Surely not.
  10. Yer joking... St Mirren have gone six games without a victory and failed to score in their last three home games. C'moaaaan!!
  11. Indicator


    Offering this job was a means of getting him away from Kilmarnock where he was seen to be a threat to the progression of Sevco. Clarke should have stayed at Killie and applied the Grass/Greener/Other side - rule.
  12. Probably. So, 7m from a holding company which has no visible means of generating cash? (Directors loans?) converted to shares that are reportedly now practically worthless? At the same time reducing the share value of those already held? Tommy Cooper used to do that sort of magic.... shust like that!
  13. Expect the can to be kicked down the road again The only saving grace might be that this litigation is being played out south of the border.
  14. Let's hope they can afford that quality this time then eh.