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  1. Let's hope they can afford that quality this time then eh.
  2. All SPFL clubs had a chance to knock this nonsense on the head, once and for all, in 2011 but chose not to. You/we... are therefore sort of stuck with it.
  3. Goodness me... is that St Johnstone FC having to play a football match this weekend. Has everybody drifted away during yet another closed sea... international break.
  4. It appears Sevco are ripping the gullibillies off on all fronts.
  5. O'Hara was on loan at Lincoln City for the latter part of last season and was impressive in a holding/attacking midfield role. Made a sterling contribution towards getting the Imps top spot in Div2. Agree entirely with your last sentence.
  6. Well here''s a thing BBC. When you dare approach Ibrox/SFA for the occasional comment on all the controversial and duplicitous goings on over the last 8 plus years then, and only then should you expect other clubs to furnish you with the occasional snippets of information. Don't tell them Saints
  7. "The Scottish FA and Scottish Professional Football League have declined to comment." Aye well, you have the right to remain silent but.... SFA Mission Statement: "Trusted to Lead"
  8. I imagine he will be hoping Hearts (if they're gullible enough) will take him back... until AN IBROX club decides he's playing too well for Hearts again and is therefore a danger to themselves. At which point they wave the cheque book.
  9. Dear me, has it really come to this. Will St Johnstone scouts be keeping Hibs info'd of any possible targets they come across that might interest them.
  10. Aye, ah ken, I was expecting at least double figures in this match. Whit wiz all the hysteria about.
  11. Could you have a word with wee Neil and maybe get him to give his 2nd eleven a run out.
  12. Indicator

    Betfred Cup

    Dear me. And only one shot on target (allegedly) in 45 mins of football, at home.
  13. Have we got any reliable agents on stake out... Dundee chippys?
  14. Indicator

    Betfred Cup

    And so the prospect of blank Saturdays and/or nae extra midweek matches, when others are playing, rears its head earlier this season.
  15. That's a bit below the belt.