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  1. Indicator

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Happens time and time again but they can't see it. The lure of supposed big bucks... Sandaza, O'Halloran, May...
  2. Indicator

    Big Noise In Perth Tonight

    "Scottish Premiership managers will meet with top flight referees on Thursday evening to discuss a way forward after recent high-profile controversies… Venue is McDiarmid Park. Far be it for me to comment negatively before seeing what comes out of the meeting.
  3. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    So, according to the SFA, it appears that Mr Beaton actually saw all the Morelos incidents and simply dismissed them. Bearing in mind all the incredulous decisions since the start of the season which have benefited the Ibrox club....Celtic, and probably quite a few other clubs, want to know if the rules have changed. Statement:
  4. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    (Cagey) - They need that guy on the park. Without his services they probably wouldn't be in their current position in the league. As the nations' establishment club this will be taken into consideration by the referees panel - before it gets anywhere near the Compliance Officer who, it would be hoped, would surely have based her ruling upon sporting integrity rather than which club he plays for . (Sixties) - That club are once again attempting to win trophies and league titles by sourcing better (arguably) players than anyone else whilst using money they reputedly don't have but... it's ok, because neither the SFA nor any of the clubs are of a mind to do anything about it.
  5. Indicator

    Saints v Sevco 23rd Dec

    Sunday then.... Bass!
  6. Indicator

    Saints v Sevco 23rd Dec

    I would like to see a reaction from the players when they are reminded of the 5-1 reverse they were dealt at I...x. Sevco squandered loads of chances against Hibs yesterday evening, let's hope they're just as wayward on Saturday. Need to get out of negative equity (goal difference) let's hope it doesn't increase on Saturday.
  7. Indicator

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Stunning result. Well done Saints.
  8. Indicator

    Other games on the go

    For a 2nd Yellow!! The Ibrox club are slating the ref for getting it wrong. They say the second yellow should have been a straight red which would have afforded them the option to appeal..... Naw Naw - Just joking. (This time)
  9. Indicator

    Other games on the go

    They'll be appealing of course. It's win at all costs - any cost - results on the park are all that matter to that club. They don't have to worry about losing any reputation for fair play, or sporting integrity because they lost any semblence of those in the late 1900's such things are alien concepts to them nowadays. They have no respect for opposing clubs they release derogatory remarks about opposing managers, they circle the wagons at any sign of discipline being dispensed by the Governing bodies and incite their fans against the rest of Scottish football by regularly releasing inflammatory statements for which they are never brought to book. Arguably the club most despised by fans throughout Scotland at a guess. Just don't get me started about their chairman - whoever he is (rant over).
  10. Indicator

    Ibrox latest...

    Was that no just another "goodnews SEVCO soundbite" in the run-up to Tuesdays AGM?
  11. Indicator

    Scottish Football

    Hmmm, on a slow news day is this not just the Sun digging up an old story line - look at the key phrases/words: "A 12-team setup comprising of four sides each from the Highland and Lowland Leagues". "A further four (perm 2 from each of the E & G locations) colts teams would apparently round off the league structure". "The SPFL are said to have circulated a draft proposal among several clubs". "And the matter will reportedly be further discussed at a meeting of all the relevant sides in the next few weeks". Item listed as "GOSSIP". by Gary Taylor. I seem to remember this was thrown out by most clubs a year, or two ago. Happy to be corrected.
  12. Indicator

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Cue another f*&^!%g international break then.
  13. Indicator

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    From the BBC website: "St Johnstone have failed to score more than 1 goal in any of their last 10 home league matches". Look at the difference he's made just being on the bench.
  14. Indicator

    Exiles Potys

    So not a major league football club then - great news. Many thanks for your time, effort and research john.
  15. Indicator

    Exiles Potys

    j.w. completely off topic but... looking for info on a Gary Gaul, supposedly spokesperson for the Canadian club 'Montreal Rangers'. Firstly - does such a club even exist and if so what league do they play in. Trying to settle a contentious point on another forum. Thanks in advance for any info. Should have said, I've done my research but can't find any information.