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  1. Indicator

    Betfred Cup

    Dear me. And only one shot on target (allegedly) in 45 mins of football, at home.
  2. Have we got any reliable agents on stake out... Dundee chippys?
  3. Indicator

    Betfred Cup

    And so the prospect of blank Saturdays and/or nae extra midweek matches, when others are playing, rears its head earlier this season.
  4. That's a bit below the belt.
  5. Indicator

    Jason Kerr

    Aye, Barnsley are recruiting I'm told.
  6. Sorry for delay in replying haven't been on here for a while. I see what you are saying and if indeed things do change and Clarke does embrace the wider picture outside the two Glasgow clubs then of course it would be good for Saints and, other clubs that have players deserving of international participation on their books. My comment about being disappointed was more to do with the fact that there will now likely to be less chance of Killie taking points off the two (main) Glasgow clubs, whose very existence and the fact that we have now reverted to the old duopoly vice the recent monopoly (but one where clubs other than those two were winning trophies) has always rankled with me. If proper due dilligance had been carried out by the SFA in 2012 we would not have a club masquarading as Rangers in Scottish football. (imho) There may have been a club playing out of Ibrox but not calling itself by the name of the club currently (still) undergoing liquidation. I remember having a debate on the old Saints official site (1997) before it was shut down. The debate was about how one of the then OF clubs could be removed from the setup completely. The debate eventually petered out with no one offering any idea on how such an outcome might be arrived at. It should have happened in 2012. Apologies for the way over the top reply.
  7. Neither can Sevco but hey, if it stops another club in the league strengthening their squad they'll just get a loan off somebody.
  8. Good move by SFA. They're certainly getting one of the best managers in the SPFL. They're removing one of their most outspoken critics from the scene. They're also removing from Kilmarnock probably the one manager who might eventually have challenged the Glasgow duopoly. (imho) Disappointed to be honest.
  9. Believe Sevco have released a statement regarding the SFA's decision to investigate the incident.
  10. Never saw the match, haven't seen the incident. Tend to disagree that they will come up with a 'no case to answer' if it's as blatant as many are making out. From the very beginning of this season referees have been making 'honest mistakes' during Sevco matches, almost always erring to the benefit of the Ibrox club. It took some ludicrous decisions during a Glasgow derby to finally force some retrospective action by the SFA on one of their players. Such actions have had to be applied on numerous occasions since and the SFA are now under scrutiny by clubs who want to see rules fairly applied accross the board. A small number of managers have stuck their heads above the parapet. It is too late applying retrospective action when one club is amassing results which ultimately deprive other club(s) European football or get clubs knocked out of Cups. (Kilmarnock keeper sent off - later rescinded because Sevco player conned the ref.)
  11. Me? Paranoid! Assuming that the plan will be implemented it's fairly clear that there have been discussions taking place for some time concerning an initiative that would help sevco resolve some of its financial problems thus avoiding an administration event. I mean they do seem to keep throwing money into the furnace. I believe it is no coincidence that the Ibrox club was the first to resign from the reserve league. The thinking being, look, we need to keep stripping the other 10 clubs in the league of their best assets to ensure that we can at least get to 2nd place each season. At the same time the reserve players bench on matchdays is only so long and we cannae fit all the newly acquired assets in so... hows about we ensure that the players that can't get in the squad on a matchday at least get regular competitive games in the Championship. This would also help with further loans from south of the border as we can promise that their players remain match fit. Of course the fans over the other side would never wear it if it was only sevco so... to keep the numbers even we'll have to include the other half of the divide in the equation. Look at the way the championship attendances would increase due to picqued interest in games against the OF even if they are their reserves. More money for the OF which will ensure the financial gap gets wider. What's not to like unless, of course, you happen to support one of the other 40 clubs in the SF leagues. What happens when OF colt teams assume positions 1 and 2 in the championship as they do in the premiership. How long would fans keep turning up to support what would be nothing less than a 'fix' for the benefit of the OF.
  12. For Johnny B (Lincoln v Tranmere Rovers) A very entertaining hard fought nil-nil game in which James Norwood did look the most likely to score however, Lincoln have one of the best, if not the best defensive unit in League two. Norwood had about 2 x reasonable chances and 3 x half chances two went wide one went over and the other two were well saved by the keeper - Matt Gilks. To be honest Lincoln could well do with somebody like Norwood themselves in League-1 next season as the goals have all but dried up towards the end of this season. I'm not sure they can afford him though. Attendance: 9,658 (920 Tranmere supporters)
  13. My only question is... how the feck did we contrive to end up behind Hearts in this league.