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  1. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    'sake and Sevco walked over this lot twice.
  2. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    The exact words fm twitter: Corner from left somehow finds its way to the back post where Arnason nods in.
  3. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Positively balmy in Perth this evening. 93% Humidity, gentle 12 knot breeze. Pick up yer tropical shorts and 't' shirts at the turnstiles. Oh aye and the temp. 1 deg.
  4. Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    Was Scougall out on the wing again on Saturday or...?
  5. Ibrox latest...

    Sevco Director. and now an SPFL board member. I believe.
  6. Ibrox latest...

    Of course they don't, and everybody knows it. Their actions, bolstered by all their friends in the media are designed to further disrupt Aberdeen players, management and fans. It's worked a treat so far they've got themselves into 2nd place. The Dons campaign is now a shambles.
  7. St. Johnstone v Kilmarnock - Saturday, 2nd December 2017

    Just you the barman and the piano player then. Play it again Sam. Braw.
  8. St. Johnstone v Kilmarnock - Saturday, 2nd December 2017

    6 more games to go this month. Good luck to you diehards.
  9. St. Johnstone v Kilmarnock - Saturday, 2nd December 2017

    Indeed. But unfortunately you wiz spot on.
  10. St. Johnstone v Kilmarnock - Saturday, 2nd December 2017

    Goal difference continues to increase, not necessarily exponentially but....... definitely in a negative direction. FFS!
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    Oh aye, and they probably don't have the funds available to pay Aberdeen the compo for McInnes. Saints however would of course waive any compo due, in order to assist TRFC in their quest to get back to where they belong.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Gents. Mr D.C. King is not known as a Glib and Shameless L*** for no reason. Smooth tongued and well versed in getting the bears onside by continually telling them exactly what they want to hear despite the fact that none of his previous promises have come to fruition. (You'd think they would eventually twig) The fact that a large percentage of them have just voted to halve the value of their shares, and at the same time payback the soft loans provided by various board members, by voting for the long awaited Resolution 11 shows that they have fallen for his nonsense once again. Many bears don't even see McInnes as being a step forward but as long as they keep releasing 'unquestioned' PR statements through the media it keeps that ****** club in the news and therefore gives them a perceived sense of relevance. See that club...
  13. Player wages

    BBC Sport say they got it from here. Herald possibly copied and pasted from BBC?
  14. Free weekend

    Hope the missus to be disnae spot that and take it out of context Melbourne Saint.
  15. Free weekend

    Aye MS - You could be lucky on the match front as well 02/12/2017 H. Kilmarnock Ladbrokes Premiership 15:00 09/12/2017 A. Hamilton Accies Ladbrokes Premiership 15:00 13/12/2017 H. Aberdeen Ladbrokes Premiership 19:45 16/12/2017 A. Rangers Ladbrokes Premiership 15:00 23/12/2017 H. Hearts Ladbrokes Premiership 15:00 27/12/2017 A. Ross County Ladbrokes Premiership 19:45 30/12/2017 H. Dundee Ladbrokes Premiership 15:00