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  1. Very sorry to hear of the passing of Jim Walker. Great memories of him from that Muirton Park era. A very good Saints player. R.I.P.
  2. Zander man of the match - but great performance also from Steven Anderson.
  3. Hallelujah -- fixture list has finally been updated at last! Well done guys!!
  4. Fixture List on the new site doesn't show that we have a BIG cup tie against Aberdeen on the 22nd September --- and shows we have an away game against Hamilton the following Saturday (24th) when in fact it's now on the SUNDAY (25th)!!!
  5. Muzz and Swanson played really well tonight, but for me Darnell Fisher gets MOM and is coming on by "leaps n bounds"!! Well played tonight Darnell!
  6. Yes - "Hallelujah" with the League Table update!!!!! Wonderful what a "wee comment" and a great win can do!! Well dun Saintees!
  7. League Table (at top of the site) still shows us as having only played 25 games and with 35 points!! *No update covering the last three matches (and one point)!
  8. Agree with "Real Saints" on this. Danny was a fantastic player with us when we had him here and IMO he will provide the "missing piece" of the jigsaw we've been crying out for with his ability to hold the ball and provide the "killer pass" we've been lacking since he left us.
  9. You're absolutely spot on here Ali -- assuming he signs today (and hopefully on a year or 18 month contract) I'm sure he will play his part and contribute to the continuing success of the team. MOH was always going to be moving on in any case - as could be seen from his recent performances - and Swanson will help give the team "balance" which has been desperately missing he was last here. Let's get behind the lad and give him every encouragement !!!
  10. Correct -- I'd welcome Swanson back to the "fold".
  11. Here's hoping the "Swanson" deal is a "goer" then!!!!!
  12. If this happens to be the case (who knows!) --- then I believe this would be a good opportunity for Saints to take him on board -- despite his earlier move to the Jambos!
  13. 20 November 2005 ---- looks like I beat Denzil by a whole day then!!!!
  14. Agree. Danny Swanson will be a great signing -(assuming it happens of course) - based upon his contribution to the team the latter part of last season. He could be the " missing-piece" of the jig-saw we're crying out for.