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  1. aye you can pay at the gate, there's a wee portacabin next to the away end
  2. I'll be there to see the big Estonian haddock strut his stuff Edinburgh festival will have non seen anything like it...……...
  3. Get a cod in to compliment the big haddock...........
  4. That big Estonian fella is a haddock. wtf was he daein in the lead up to Livis pen wi the big header up in the air goin nowhere. Man is a haddock......
  5. when you lookin to do that mate?
  6. There was a period in the mid late 80’s where celery was taken to the game and thrown on the pitch to the tune of.... ”Celery! Celery!........ah rumpy pumpy pumpy pum, stick it up your bum .......Celery! Celery!........” classic nonsense which needs to make a comeback......! there was also one that went something like “if you want to go to heaven when you die, buy a Saintees shirt and a Saintess tie, when you’re put back in the earth, tell the the big man you’re from Perth, If you want to go to heaven when you die........”
  7. What pub is the norm for Saints fans down there? If anyone is thinkin of going from Edinburgh there's a Stagecoach service 102 that leaves at 09:28 and gets in at 12:25, and there's one leaving at 18:15 hr gets back at 20:58 - £18 return
  8. Nice one Eddie you still got my mobile number? I've got a new phone and don't have yours
  9. p.s. it's a boy fae Sunderland and his 12 year old up for their first dundee game no weirdo radges ☺
  10. Don't suppose anyone has space for 3 after the Dundee game that'll get a couple of pals back to Inverkeithing to catch an 18:17hrs train?? Happy to make petrol contribution Cheers
  11. Bloke in a pub....... I've heard....... Got a mate who's got a mate who knows someone...... Blah blah blah...... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz