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  1. Betty Lavette

    In Memory of Dear Departed Saints Fans

    I was devastated to hear the sad news of Billy's passing SS. A true Gentleman and a true Saintee. I had some great times in the company of both him and George Mason and the joy you gave him by inviting him to the European games was priceless. They were guaranteed never to miss a game. A sad loss to the Club, Perth and most of all his family.. RIP Billy...
  2. Betty Lavette

    Pre Match Music
  3. Betty Lavette

    #30 - 17/2/10 - Saints 5-1 Hibs - SPL

    That w****r, couldn't even speak the language, none of the viewers could understand him.........
  4. Betty Lavette

    You and St.Johnstone?

    The same as it did in 1964 at my first game. I love football and I love our team.........
  5. Betty Lavette

    Article with Jody

    Similar peice in Scotsman
  6. Betty Lavette

    #24 - 27/1/10 - Dundee Utd 3-3 Saints - SPL

    Having to listen on line tonight, down in London and suffering withdrawl. It's like a wee cosy gatherin' on here. Ha! Betty xx
  7. Betty Lavette

    Honest Answers to Honest Questions

    1. Classic, what else could they be? 2. Not sure, wasn't Sheerin though, so calm down. 3. He could be mellowing ever so slightly 4. Probably Welcome back, we've missed you. L n K Betty xx
  8. Betty Lavette

    Winter at McDiarmid 2010

    Not sure, they were taken by Mark at and sent to me. Check out his site, he has some cracking pictures of Perth and Scotland in general.......
  9. Betty Lavette

    Winter at McDiarmid 2010
  10. Betty Lavette


    try contacting
  11. Betty Lavette

    January Transfer Speculation Thread

    Lovin' it
  12. Betty Lavette

    The great winters of 79 & 09

    What the Hell ar you doing in Tuk, is that not the place where they filmed "Ice Road Truckers"? It's desolate, what the hell do you do there at night.............Ha!
  13. Betty Lavette

    Game Off

    Ha! astute observation......
  14. Betty Lavette

    Avatars.. why did you pick yours..?

    Cos it's me ... Luv n Kisses Betty xx
  15. Betty Lavette

    Rusty on "off the ball" Boxing Day

    Just been told Rusty is on "off the ball" with Stuart and Tam ........... love n kisses Betty xx